2D1N Soju Bang Review: If You Love The Show Then You’ll Definitely Love The Food

To fulfil your grill cravings
By: Nina Shahriman
January 8, 2022

Because of its bustling rows of bright Korean restaurants, bars, and stores, Tanjong Pagar is known as Singapore’s “Little Korea Town.” Aside from its history and attractive architecture, this location is notable for one thing: the long lines of hungry customers waiting outside the restaurants. 2D1N Soju Bang is one of those eateries that has developed a loyal following of both residents and visitors. Therefore, today, Glitz is uncovering everything we know about 2D1N Soju Bang to make it your pit-stop to fulfil your KBBQ cravings.

What Is 2D1N Soju Bang?

2D1N Soju Bang is named after the well-known Korean variety programme of the same name, which has a significant fan base. The buffet line constantly snakes down the stairwell and spills out onto the sidewalk. It is handled by Korean chefs who specialise in traditional Korean cuisine while also incorporating unique modern recipes with an emphasis on meat.

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What You Can Expect

Short ribs and thin-sliced bulgogi are among the pig, poultry, and beef pieces available for $20. While the marinade is great and the pork is soft, we would have liked more taste variation. Cold, fresh fish is also available, which is a usual event for Korean BBQ for individuals who want variety.

Wagyu loin steak, beef short ribs, and black pig belly are among the delectable delicacies available. All-beef, beef-pork combo, and chicken-pork combo are all options. Any bundle you pick includes complimentary items as well as the obligatory banchan.

Korean cuisine can never be dull because of its depth and richness of tastes. It becomes much more spectacular at 2D1N. Bulgogi fries, carbonara Tteokbokki, and kimchi pajeon (pancake) are some of the modern-blend meals to try. Add a bunch of close friends with big appetites, a few bottles of soju and Hite beer, excellent service, and a joyful environment to the mix, and you’ve got the ideal recipe for a fantastic supper.

2D1N Soju Bang Menu

How To Get To 2D1N Soju Bang

Because the buffet does not take reservations, it’s best to arrive before 6 p.m. on a weekday, especially if you want one of the private rooms. If you can’t get out of work early, make sure to write your name at the front of the line when you arrive. Big tip: don’t plan something fancy for the evening since your clothing will smell like cigarette smoke.

Address: 46 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088467

Operating Hours: Weekday (5pm – 1am), Weekend (11am – 1am)

Contact: +65 6227 6033 | Chope | Food Panda | Deliveroo