Affordable Jewellery Brands In Singapore To Complete Your Outfit!

Affordable jewellery is what everyone wants!
By: cherelle
November 2, 2021

Everyone in fashion will know that your outfit is never complete without the right accessories. These affordable jewellery brands in Singapore are about to be your go-to places to shop for affordable gold jewellery! Whether it’s rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets or earrings, we’ve got you covered and will ensure that you get all Glitzed up without breaking the bank. Even if you are starting out with a simple outfit, it can sometimes feel incomplete when you’re staring at yourself in the mirror. To finish it off and make your outfit look more fashionable and stylish, pair it with a few layered necklaces, earrings or even bracelets. Even if you are planning on wearing your pyjamas out and about, adding a few pieces of jewellery can really spice up your look. 

Gold Or Silver Jewellery?

Now how do you choose and decide between gold and silver jewellery? The best way is to look at your skin tone. The second way is just to see what you normally wear. If your current collection of jewellery consists of mostly gold, then that is what you should stick with. You wouldn’t lean towards gold jewellery if it didn’t match your outfit and fit your style right? If it’s mostly silver jewellery, you know what to do. Another thing to consider when choosing between gold and silver jewellery is whether you are allergic to plastic or not. Notice how some people only wear gold earrings? That is because their ears are sensitive to metal and plastic. 

If you still can’t decide, just follow some good ole fashion trial and error. Buy a few pieces of silver and gold jewellery, then decide on your own by pairing them with your outfits. If you really want to go by your skin tone, just know that silver jewellery tends to go well with cool skin tones, while gold jewellery fit those with warm skin tones much better. But if you can’t really tell your skin tone, check the colour of your veins. Blue veins will usually mean that you have a cooler skin tone, while greenish veins mean that you have a warmer skin tone. Now that you’ve decided what kind of jewellery you are looking for, let’s go shopping! 

Affordable Jewellery Brands

1. Embrace Jewellery

Offering a wide range of jewellery, Embrace Jewellery offers quality silver and gold jewellery. Their accessories will make you feel good as they are both distinct and stylish. Most of their jewellery started out as handmade jewellery that has been curated carefully. Get ahold of gorgeous bracelets, earrings, necklaces and even brooches. 

Where to buy: Embrace Jewellery

2. Boheme

Inspired by the world tour of the designer Vero, Boheme has a collection of jewellery that is unique and affordable. These affordable jewellery have designs that are handcrafted by a family of artists from across the world. Influencers and bloggers alike love this brand of affordable jewellery for its elegant designs as well. 

Where to buy: Boheme

3. [in]trigue

Planning on gifting jewellery but can’t find any affordable jewellery at Lovisa? Take a look at [in]trigue and you’ll be surprised. Not only do they offer affordable jewellery in Singapore, but each purchase from their collection also comes with a bouquet or gift card. Some of their most notable collections include the Reconception collection, the Reminisce collection and the Personalized collection.

Where to buy: [in]trigue

4. LeCaine Gems

LeCaine Gems are actually the only online jewellers that craft and customise striking pieces from Hong Kong and Singapore. Creating both luxurious and affordable jewellery, they also ensure that each customised and handcrafted jewellery is intricate and perfected by experienced craftsmen. Embracing modern technology, they create brittle and shiny alternatives to diamonds. Furthermore, they promise sustainability and elegance in each of their pieces. Priding themselves as leaders in  Moissanite jewellery in Singapore. 

Where to buy: LeCaine Gems

5. Tiara 

We were disappointed when we realised that Tiara didn’t actually sell tiaras. But, what they do offer are couple ring sets that you can get for your next anniversary! Their speciality lies in their wedding bands and wedding tungsten. Harder than steel and stronger than gold, tungsten is scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic. Perfect for those that are sensitive to jewellery. What’s more, is that they have a men’s and women’s collection. Featuring beautifully handcrafted rings for women, and a range for men who appreciate what they desire. 

Where to buy: Tiara


HOSEIKI is inspired by the ancient traditions and wisdom of Asian culture. They have launched a brand that moulds together modern feng shui elements with the use of exotic gemstones. Thus, they are able to create affordable jewellery pieces that empower you and your style. 

Where to buy: HOSEIKI

7. Forest Jewelry

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, Forest Jewelry sparkles and captures the light. Definitely bringing the glitz to any ordinary outfit, you are sure to be the centre of attention. One of the brand’s core beliefs is that jewellery is a way for women to express themselves while enhancing their beauty. 

Where to buy: Forest Jewelry

8. Minimalist Lab

affordable jewellery

As you can already tell from this jewellery brand’s name, Minimalist Lab is a great place to find minimalistic jewellery. Most of their silver and gold jewellery are sophisticated and sleek. Their clean-cut jewellery collection is also versatile as it goes with almost every outfit you could piece together. 

Where to buy: Minimalist Lab

9. Tessellate . Co

affordable jewellery

Another affordable jewellery brand in Singapore is Tessellate . Co, which also offers minimalistic designs. Chic and unique, they offer high quality and semi-precious gemstones for you to choose from. Whether it’s silver bracelets or diamond earrings, they have it all. Browse through their collection now! 

Where to buy: Tessellate . Co

10. The Mindful Company

affordable jewellery

Being mindful of your accessories means buying timeless pieces. The Mindful Company offers exactly that. Their accessories are modern and meaningful, as they also offer customised jewellery like the ‘I Am’ Collection. The thought of personalising your own piece of jewellery is truly special as you can engrave anything you want. A great way to honour memories or someone. 

Where to buy: The Mindful Company

11. Lucy & Mui

affordable jewellery

Get your hands on modern and feminine accessories at Lucy & Mui. Aesthetically pleasing, they offer silver and gold jewellery that are handcrafted by the local artisans in Singapore. All of which have more than 20 years of experience. So, this is a great way to support your local talents as well. Be sure to check them out! 

Where to buy: Lucy & Mui

12. Curious Creatures

affordable jewellery

For all the Curious Creatures out there, here is the place for exquisite and modern designs. Most of their accessories are also inspired by the raw beauty of geometric shapes and semi-precious stones. With silver or gold jewellery from Curious Creatures, you’ll have everyone staring and asking where you got your jewellery from!

Where to buy: Curious Creatures

13. The Ordinary Co

affordable jewellery

Don’t underestimate The Ordinary Co as they are not as ordinary as you think. Their line of gold jewellery is sophisticated and effortlessly stylish. It’ll grab your attention with its wide range of modern accessories suitable for daily wear and special occasions. What’s more, is that they offer free shipping within Singapore! 

Where to buy: The Ordinary Co

14. By Invite Only

affordable jewellery

As luxurious as it sounds, By Invite Only is a local Singaporean-based brand that creates beautiful and trendy designs. All of which appear classy when worn. Founded by Trixie Khong, she is a self-taught jewellery crafter that creates stunning pieces that are easy to wear and pair. 

Where to buy: By Invite Only

15. Wanderlust + Co

affordable jewellery

Wanderlust + Co is well-known and loved as it features bold and unique jewellery. Based in Australia, they use a wide variety of high-quality materials such as brass metal, cubic zirconia stones, stainless steel, as well as 14 to 24k gold plating. 

Where to buy: Wanderlust + Co