These Affordable K-Fashion Brands That Are Loved By Your Favourite K-Stars!

Best k-fashion brand to get your fix without breaking your…
By: Nina Shahriman
November 8, 2021

From our favourite k-idols to heroines in k-dramas, the clothes they wear always look drop-dead gorgeous. I’ve found myself multiple times asking myself where to find pretty clothes like that, especially in Singapore. With that, Beauty Insider has scavenged the internet to find the best k-fashion brand to get your fix without breaking your bank!

So What’s Up With K-Fashion? Let’s Talk About It

The diversity of the fashion business, new designers, the Korean Wave, and improved retail infrastructure are all factors in the success of Korean fashion. Both new high-quality businesses created by young designers and the quick fashion markets represented by the Dongdaemun fashion district are rising rapidly. This is on the basis of fast IT infrastructure and the Korean Culture Wave (Hallyu) symbolised by K-pop.

Many Korean women and men are interested in their fashion styles, and you can witness a variety of styles in Gangnam and Hongdae. The fashion town of Dongdaemun is the core of this variety. Fabric businesses, sewing factories, wholesale and retail stores make up the Dongdaemun fashion market, which produces tens of thousands of new goods every day.

Additionally, it was also the beginning place for several well-known companies and large retail malls in Korea. This integrated fashion complex provides not only for the purchase of high-quality apparel at a reasonable price but also for a quick design modification.

Best Affordable K-Fashion Brands

1. YesStyle

YesStyle is the place to go if you’re seeking Korean-inspired apparel. Korean fashion clothing is available for ladies, men, and children. While visiting the Korean clothes online buying site, you will find hundreds of inexpensive Korean clothing brands to pick from.

2. 66girls

Looking for things that fall into the category of cottagecore or girl next door? Look no farther than 66girls to discover exactly what you’re searching for. We’re all in for it, so bring on the affordable, all-ages-welcome, cool-girl vibes outfits. If you’re looking for some of Korea’s most popular trends, go no further than this site, which is based in Korea and finds curating inspiration in the style of ladies in Seoul.


Simple lines, strong patterns, and a hint of the nostalgic blended in with the finest of street influence. You’ll discover everything from basic to runway-worthy products at Aland. Additionally, the company has a lot of celebrity admirers!

They feature hundreds of distinct lines from independent Korean designers, which is why their stores are full of unique, one-of-a-kind items. If you reside in New York City, one of their main stores may be found in Williamsburg!

4. Stylenanda

For good reason, it’s a K-fashion fan’s favourite. Stylenanda is known not just for its great Seoul store, but also for its lively, urban, vintage designs, which some believe to be the ideal mix of Seoul streets and LA beaches. While their costs are a touch more than their competitors, they are still on the inexpensive side when it comes to clothing and cosmetics. Keep an eye on their social media platforms since they host free international shipping events a few times a year!

5. Chuu

It’s a lovely and user-friendly Korean fashion online buying site. Strawberry milk, Dali hotel, HELLO KITTY, and their own brand, Chuu, all have collections. The brand is known for its -5kg Jeans, which are designed to make you appear slimmer. They feature an unlimited supply of bags, accessories, and jewellery, as well as a large selection of low-cost Korean clothing.

6. Kooding

Kooding began as a method to bring individuals from all around the world together to discuss Eastern trends. This brand ships to over 70 countries and offers a continually updated selection with something for everyone’s taste. On their website, you’ll discover everything you need at affordable costs, from colourful dresses to skirts, purses, and shoes. You’ll find everything from new labels to well-known ones, as well as trends in urban, minimal, and classic/modern designs on the platform.

7. Naning9

If there were limited words to describe Naning9 it would be simplicity at its finest. We’re not talking about basic t-shirts and straight jeans but rather a diverse, contemporary, normcore atmosphere that some of us adore. Affordable rates, high-quality materials, and a variety of shapes for everyone make it simple to fill your shopping cart in a matter of minutes.

8. MixxMix

Mixxmix is packed with stylish treasures for the lady who isn’t afraid to go a bit further. This is where you’ll discover that perfect blouse, skirt, pair of jeans, or accessory to take your look from the street to the runway. On the bulk of their collection, fun designs, interesting prints, and a hint of urban flair join the Mixxmix world and leave it looking fantastic and ready for the photo.