Make Date Night More Memorable Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket With These Restaurants

Whether it’s your anniversary, Friday date night or you’re trying…
By: Nina Shahriman
September 16, 2021

Whether it’s your anniversary, Friday date night or you’re trying to impress someone on the first date; a romantic restaurant with good food and a warm sultry atmosphere will get the mood going. However, I myself have gone on many date nights where the prices are too far from my budget. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of all the best affordable restaurants that have amazing food and Instagram ops.

These restaurants are perfect for date night couples that don’t want to spend their money on caviar, champagne, and expensive dinners. They’re all priced below $50 with amazing comfort food and incredibly romantic vibes to swoon your significant other. Plus, when you save from food there is more money for wine (but you didn’t hear that from me).

1. Longtail Asian Brasserie & Bar

ADDRESS70 Collyer Quay, #01-03 Customs House, Singapore 049323
OPERATING HOURSWeekday (11:30am – 11pm), Weekend (Closed)
CONTACT+65 6532 1319

The bay view at Longtail Asian Brasserie & Bar will wow your date. The restaurants, which is located within Customs House, provides a distinct twist on Asian food. Spaghetti, pork knuckle, and other Asian-inspired dishes are on the menu. Are you one of those exhausted souls who has had enough of modern European or Italian food and craves a delicious plate of an Asian persuasion?

Additionally, Grandma Chicken Rice is my boyfriend’s favourite dish from this fantastic restaurant. It comes with lean chicken breast cooked for three hours in a secret chicken broth, a fried egg, and Chinese pork sausage for $20.00.

2. Zorba, The Greek Taverna

ADDRESS3A River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, #01-02, Singapore 179024
OPERATING HOURSTuesday to Friday (12pm – 10pm), Weekend (9am – 10pm), Monday (Closed)
CONTACT+65 8879 0688

Zorba, The Greek Taverna, located along the riverfront of Clarke Quay, is the ideal place for those searching for an unusual restaurants experience on date night to eat on modest Greek snacks. Additionally, the Greek Baklava is a popular treat that costs about $12.00. Enjoy the crisp layers of filo pastry melting in your tongue, emitting a nectarous sweetness and nutty smell from the substantial number of mixed nuts used.

3. Platypus Kitchen

ADDRESS200 Victoria St, #01-90/91 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
CONTACT+65 6333 4434

Gourmet eating, according to Platypus Kitchen, should be inexpensive and accessible to everyone. As a result, the restaurants at Bugis Junction is easily accessible and can accommodate a large number of customers. Impress your date with delicious cuisine and the ability to confidently accept the bill.

Furthermore, the food is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea, and there are no preservatives or chemicals added. For $16.50, the Truffle Carbonara Tagliatelle includes double-smoked bacon in a creamy truffle egg-yolk sauce, and the restaurant is said to have Asia’s largest range of pasta and risottos.

4. PS.Cafe

ADDRESS390 Orchard Rd, #02 – 09A, Singapore 238871
OPERATING HOURSEvery day (11:30am – 10pm)
CONTACT+65 6708 9288

PS.Café, which now has five locations, continues to create stylish, refined cafe settings that are just wonderful to visit. The inside is also dimly lit, which is sure to instil a sense of romanticism. Because of its accessible location in town, I picked this branch to highlight.

To begin, PS.Café is famed for its Truffle Shoestring Fries, which come in a large amount and are topped with truffle oil. For dessert, get the Sticky Date which comes with butterscotch and vanilla ice cream to complement the warm pudding.


ADDRESS50 South Bridge Rd, #01-00, Singapore 058682
OPERATING HOURSTuesday to Sunday (5:30pm – 10:30pm), Monday (Closed)
CONTACT+65 8921 3818

It’s difficult to find places for romantic dating evenings. LUMO is the place to be if you’re searching for a darkly lit booth seat for just you and your companion, with calm lo-fi music playing in the background.

The bar and restaurants, which is located on South Bridge Road, is a hotspot where unusual drinks are served and food is given a creative touch. If you like steak or seafood, the Hokkaido Scallops, Burnt Leek, Spinach Velouté ($30) is a must-try. It’s enough to share, and the distinct flavour will leave an indelible impression.

6. Olivia Restaurant & Lounge

ADDRESS55 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089158
OPERATING HOURSTuesday to Sunday (12pm – 10:30pm), Monday (Closed)
CONTACT+65 6221 0522

Olivia Restaurant & Lounge, bringing Spanish cuisine to Keong Saik Road, brings a taste of Barcelonian-inspired dishes to the table. With rustic tiling and light wooden elements that will surely have you and your date in the mood.

Moreover, for $32.00, choose the Dry-Aged Galician Beef, which is marinated for 45 days for a full blast of flavour and is regarded to be the finest beef in town. This meal would definitely delight your Valentine’s date with its wonderful beef flavour, as well as the fatty edges that were satisfyingly gooey and made biting every piece rewarding.

7. 1-V:U

ADDRESS10 Artillery Ave, #07-01, Singapore 099951
OPERATING HOURSEveryday (11:30am – 9:30pm)
CONTACT+65 8879 8765

Enjoy a romantic evening viewing the sunset at the water’s edge while listening to lounge music in the background. 1-V:U, located on the rooftop of the Outpost Hotel in Sentosa, is undoubtedly a location where you can let your hair down while enjoying delicious meals. The V:U Wagyu Patty Melt, which costs $25.00 and melts in your tongue, is a must-try for diners and grubbers.

8. Voyage Patisserie

ADDRESS249 Outram Rd, Singapore 169048
OPERATING HOURSTuesday to Sunday (11am – 11pm), Monday (Closed)
CONTACT+65 6223 2490

You will be on a trip at Voyage Patisserie that reflects Chef Jonathan’s journey as well as the experience that the team behind Voyage Patisserie aims to provide you with via the numerous meals offered. ‘Voyage’ is embossed on white flooded walls, extending the usage of nautical colours. Moreover, the concrete flooring contrasted with wooden accents is elegant and understated, ideal for Valentine’s date that doesn’t push too hard.

Additionally, I enjoy coming here because of their vegan choices, such as the $15.00 Wild Mushroom Macaroni. The mornay sauce evenly coats each piece of macaroni without becoming too rich. The dish’s aftertaste was delicious, with a distinct mushroom scent that lingered.