”Am I Addicted”, Singapore’s Largest Indoor Pottery Studio & Vegetarian Café Merge!

Your next weekend spot
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
January 24, 2022

The new year promises new beginnings as the newest addition to the local lifestyle & dining scene—Am I Addicted Pottery Studio & Vegetarian Cafe—opens its doors to the public. Taking over 6,000 square footage of space inside the prime location of Capitol, Am I Addicted comprises a full-service pottery studio along with a Korean vegetarian cafe, making it the perfect spot to spend weekends in, learning a new skill and detoxing the gut flora.

Korean Pottery Studio

Am I Addicted Pottery Studio

Korea is known to have a rich history with pottery, dating back from decorative ancient earthenware in 5000 BC up until the modern times’ most common kitchen staples: clay pots, dinnerware and even ttukbaegi (뚝배기), Koreans’ classic serveware for global favourites like bibimbap and jjigae. For this reason, Am I Addicted (AIA) continually sources clay from South Korean makers, which makes AIA the only studio to provide high quality Korean clay to local potters in the Singaporean scene.

Starting out with the goal of becoming the country’s premier pottery centre, Am I Addicted—along with its Korean ceramicists—comes fully-equipped with the best of the best pottery studio apparatus, imported all the way from the most reputable brands in Germany, Japan and Korea. The studio is fit with:


  • 31 Shimpo potter’s wheels from Japan
  • 5 Nabertherm kilns from Germany
  • 4 Nidec pugmills from Japan
  • 1 slab roller

Raw Materials

  • 130 unique glaze variations
  • 5 different types of clay:
    • Beige clay (K2 Korean Porcelain) – the standard house clay used for wheel throwing
    • Green clay – the standard house clay used for handbuilding
    • Super clay, white – a premium clay reserved for Am I Addicted members which can be used for both wheel throwing and handbuilding
    • Black clay – used for handbuilding 
    • Brown clay – used for handbuilding

Both pros and anyone curious enough to learn a thing or two about the art of pottery can feel confident to walk into the studio, as the professional-grade pottery haven offers a diverse array of beginners’ classes, advanced classes, freestyle sessions, as well as children’s workshops.

Wheel-throwing classes start at $50 per pax; freestyle studio usage packages start at $20 per pax; advanced class packages start at $743 for 5 sessions.

Korean Vegetarian Cafe

Am I Addicted Vegetarian Cafe

From healthy nibbles to nutrition-packed mains, Am I Addicted’s vegetarian menu is made delicious with signature Korean-western fusion cuisine that adds unique, punchy flavours to plant-based dishes. The cafe menu consists of refreshing drinks, raw and cooked vegan plates, and cafe staples made guilt-free with alternative vegan ingredients — all original recipes by AIA’s in-house chef that promises not to compromise taste while keeping everything nutritious.

Chung (청), the signature beverage lineup of Am I Addicted Cafe, is 100% handmade by the kitchen team. Chung is a kind of preserved marmalade made with only 2 ingredients: fresh fruits and sugar. Chung can be served in many ways, such as in drinks like ades or mixed together with milk, as well as toppings for bread and desserts to add a bright, fruity taste.

See full cafe menu here.

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