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High-quality meals as you heal
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December 29, 2021

After hours of being in labour and pain, the need to think of nutritious meals every day only adds stress. While many people tend to hire confinement ladies, most of us prefer taking care of our babies on our own. The only help we need is with cooking. Lucky for us, Angel Confinement Meals is here to do exactly that. As one of the best confinement meal providers in Singapore, your confinement will guarantee to be hassle-free. Here at Glitz, we’re giving you a full review of Angel Confinement Meals and their offerings!

Behind Angel Confinement Meals

Taking care of women who have given birth to a new baby is a priority for Angel Confinement Meals. Thus, they want to make sure that every mothers’ needs are met. Using only the highest-quality, TCM-approved Grade A herbs, they are proud to feed mums only the freshest, organic products. Angel Confinement Meals wants to help women get through their postpartum confinement time. 

With this, they prepare each meal with the intention of nourishing and mending these new mothers. Angel Confinement Meals understand that food served in confinement should be delicious and nutritious. Thus, their in-house chef and nutritionist have these skills. Postpartum moms can rely on Angel Confinement Meals to ensure a speedy recovery from childbirth. As they place a high value on meeting their nutritional requirements. 

Meet The In-House Chefs And Nutritionist

1. Chef Chan Wai Keung

Chef Chan began his culinary career in Hong Kong as an apprentice to a Cantonese Masterchef at the age of fifteen. He embarked on his own culinary adventure throughout the years, honing his skills and knowledge along the way. From humble beginnings, Chef Chan has risen through the ranks. Today, you can find his delightful culinary skills in the Cantonese dishes delivered to you. It’s without a doubt that you will miss his dishes once your confinement is up!

2. Chef Kam Chee Lai

Chef Kam found his passion for cooking as a child. Since then, he has worked at internationally famous hotels and restaurants for over three decades. He has developed a strong enthusiasm for Chinese cuisine, which shines in the menu at Angel Confinement Meals. A true chef at heart with great expertise in TCM herbs cooking, Chef Kam leads Angel Confinement Meals with utmost passion and innovation. He creates dishes that best suit the various nutritional needs of their consumers. Thus, not only do the dishes taste magnificent, but are filled with all the good stuff too.

3. Nutritionist Ms. Fiona Chia

Fiona is one of Singapore’s most well-known nutritionists. She owns certifications as an Accredited Workplace Health Consultant by the Health Promotion Board. In addition, she has over a decade of experience in the field of food and nutrition. With her expertise, new mothers can be assured that every meal is balanced and healthy. These meals do not overpower and provide you with just the right amount of nutrition. 

Angel Confinement Meals Signature Dishes

1. Pig’s Trotter in Ginger & Vinegar

Did you know that pig’s trotter has high protein and calcium content? This actually helps the bones and joints of new mothers. Imagine after the energy used for labour, your bones and joints need some healing. Other than that, the collagen in the pig’s trotter is thought to boost milk production. But that’s not all as they also promote the health of the skin and hair. Aside from warming the body, ginger also aids with digestion, purifies the bloodstream, and stimulates the female’s appetite. Overall, this dish has just enough spice from the ginger and isn’t too sour, considering vinegar was used. The pig’s trotter is succulent and tender, and incredibly tasteful as well. 

2. Dang Gui & Bei Qi Black Chicken Soup

The ability of Dang Gui to nourish and energise the blood makes it an excellent remedy for menstrual irregularities and postpartum exhaustion. Furthermore, it promotes qi, which improves bodily functions and energy levels. Black chicken is also full of antioxidants, which can help prevent colds. This is incredibly important during confinement as the woman’s body is more prone to falling sick. We have to say this chicken soup intrigues us. From the first spoon up to the last, every bite was flavourful and warm. Although the chicken did not have much meat, we were fine with it as the soup definitely covers for it. 

3. Fenugreek Green Papaya Milky Fish Soup

Breastfeeding mothers benefit greatly from fenugreek, green papaya, and fish, which are all known to stimulate milk production. Iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and folate, a natural source of vitamin B, are also found in green papaya. Other than that, you can also find immune-boosting vitamins like A, C, E, and K. If you’ve never had milky fish soup then we highly recommend you try this dish. It’s unlike other clear soup bases, as this has some depth when it comes to flavours. The papaya also has some bite but is soft enough to digest easily. All in all, we enjoy this milky fish soup and will definitely reorder!

4. Liu Wei Nourishing Pork Rib Soup

This well-known confinement soup feeds the spleen, which in turn helps digestion and the body’s “qi” vitality. Antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory properties are found in the plants and substances employed. Moreover, it also helps improve lung and renal function. We’ve definitely tasted this soup before and this one by Angel Confinement Meals is just as good. If you’re someone who likes lean meat as we do, then this soup should definitely be on your list. When eaten hot, it truly warms your entire body. 

5. Cordyceps Blossom Stew Chicken With Benedictine Herbal wine

Benedictine Herbal wine coupled with Cordyceps will boost the mother’s immune system. It will also replenish her “qi,” or vital life force. In addition to its muscle-building properties, chicken is also a nutrient-dense protein that’s easy on the stomach. Like how all confinement food keeps our body warm, this one was particularly delightful when eaten hot. It keeps your body warm while nourishing it with the right amount of Chinese herbs. The chicken was soft and juicy, after absorbing the herbal soup. We definitely recommend this dish if you’re looking to get something from Angel Confinement Meals.

6. Huang Qi & Dang Shen Pork Rib Soup

The immune system, lungs, and spleen can all benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of Huang Qi. While the blood-nourishing properties of Dang Shen help the body produce more healthy red blood cells. Additionally, this soup has antibacterial characteristics that aid digestion. We definitely think the pork shines in this dish. But that doesn’t take the spotlight away from the complementing vegetables. They were soft and easy to chew, honestly perfect for confinement. 

7. Lotus Root & Peanut Chicken Soup

Lotus root’s fibre and complex carbs aid digestion and help maintain healthy levels of blood sugar and cholesterol. Together with peanuts, they are an excellent source of a wide range of nutrients. This includes potassium, magnesium, and zinc. Because it contains as much protein as chicken, this is definitely a filling dish. Small eaters can rejoice as this soup will surely fill you up. So you will not need to order any other extra dishes. It’s also a common dish in Chinese cuisine. Therefore, if you’re someone who is less adventurous with food, this will suit you. 

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