Angela Tay And Diana Ong, Former Beauty Queens Turned Organizers Who Spearhead The ERM Singapore

Beauty with a heart
By: balqis
January 4, 2023

With expansion across other countries, ERM Singapore is a renowned pageantry organisation in Singapore. They continue to amplify the local scene with critically esteemed pageants, which include Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant, Manhunt Singapore, Mrs Singapore Pageant, Little Cinderella & Little Manhunt Singapore. For Angela Tay and Diana Ong, their experience as former beauty queens has inflamed their passion to empower other women through ERM Singapore. We chat with Angela Tay and Diana Ong as they share the inspiration behind the organisation and its ethos, “Beauty With A Heart” which reflects its never-ending commitment to societal change.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Angela: I am Angela Tay,  Queen maker of ERM Singapore Marketing Pte Ltd. an organisation that builds platforms for empowerment. I am married with three children.

In my younger days, I was a cabin crew with an Airlines for a good eight years, which not only strengthened my capability in emergency response but also heightened my skills and ability in relationship management. I left the aviation industry after having my first born.

In 1998 I joined my husband in his events management company in marketing, conceptualizing planning and executing trade exhibitions, conventions, corporate events and many more.

Diana: Hi, I am Diana Ong, Opportunity Creator of ERM Singapore Marketing Pte Ltd who connects the client and the community together. Also handling the Marketing, Sales and PR for the company

A Hotelier at the age of 18, a total of 16 years of experience in Sales & Marketing. Being a hotelier gave me endless opportunities to develop people skills through customer experience interactions and teamwork. After leaving the hospitality industry, I started the next year in Events & Exhibitions heading the Beauty & Wellness sector and joined ERM in the year 2018

How did your journey into pageants begin?

Angela Tay

Angela: When I was a child I was not a fan of Disney but a Beauty Pageant fan. I grew up watching beauty pageants on TV.  I told myself, one day I will get that crown. Since the young age of 17, I have been actively involved in various pageant held across Singapore. With a strong determination to clinch the long awaited title, my dreams came true. I was crowned Miss Singapore Globe 1991. Not marking a stop to my pageantry journey, I continued my participation in pageants throughout the years, earning numerous titles. I was crowned Miss Union (NTUC) and Miss Singapore Tourism Queen in 1993, and Mrs Singapore Globe in 2003. 

Angela Tay

Diana: To be a beauty queen has always been my dream. However due to work and family commitment, I wasn’t able to fulfil it until the age of 33 when I chance upon the Mrs Singapore World audition. It was a decision that I have never regretted. In 2015, I was crowned the 1st runner up for Mrs Singapore World 2015 and also competed in the International stage. An experience and memory that last a lifetime.

What’s the inspiration behind ERM Singapore  and why did you decide to found the organisation?

ERM Singapore was founded by the late Mr Alex Liu, he was aspire to inspire women to showcase their abilities and talents of what they can contribute to society. His purpose of beauty pageants is to empower women and to enable them to bring about a change to rediscover themselves and to promote community service with our motto,”Beauty With A Heart”.

In 2012,  he extended his invitation to me and I decided to embark on this fulfilling journey while following my passion, introducing new ideas for exploration in pageantry. Since then, I had organised events such as Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant, Manhunt, Mrs Singapore Pageant, Little Cinderella & Little Manhunt Singapore. Besides overlooking ERM’s pageantry business locally, I have expanded the pageantry business beyond Singapore into the international market with offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam and China. 

I am a qualified judge and judged hundreds of international pageants & model competitions. I am also a pageant groomer and an image consultant. 

Since its inception, ERM Singapore has significantly grown over the years by organising numerous events yearly, including the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant, Mrs Singapore, Classic Mrs Singapore and Manhunt Singapore. The organisation has also introduced new pageants like the Classic Mrs Category. Can you tell us more about it?

Classic  Mrs Singapore is for ladies from 46 to 65 years old, giving these ladies who had missed their chances when they were younger. This is an opportunity for them to display their “inner beauty,” talents, and elegance, the Pageant honours the achievements of senior women, embraces their experiences, wisdom, dynamism and beauty and motivates and encourages them to utilise their full potential to share a positive outlook on life with others.

ERM Singapore has also expanded to other countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, and China. How has the journey been, and is there any plan to expand further?

Before the pandemic, we were so busy organising international events, I was travelling monthly. As the world was locked down, it has affected so many lives and livelihoods and it has affected business and society.

Now the world economy starts to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, the time now is for our partners to look beyond and to set their sights on a more profound challenge: getting restart and building a future that delivers growth and sustainability and inclusion.

Charity is also one of the core values of ERM Singapore, why is it significant to the organisation?

We believe that helping our community gives our contestants confidence and a new perspective. It also helps to foster compassion, build leadership skills, and create a positive environment for all. This is a wonderful way to serve as a positive role model.

Charity harnesses the power of community. When people come together, they can make a big impact. The power of community proves that when people care and come together, change is more than possible. This inspires others around the world and encourages more participation in charities.

What are the key criteria for being crowned the beauty queen?

Pageants have now evolved to include inner beauty, with criteria covering judging of personality, intelligence, talent, character, and charitable involvement, through private interviews with judges and answers to public on-stage questions.

As former beauty queens, could you share your secrets for winning the pageant with our readers?

There were no secrets but make sure you know the agenda for the competition and follow it diligently. Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed.  Groom from head to toe, carry yourself well and look your personal best. Be eloquent, speak with your heart and be real, be yourself.
Cultivating a beautiful heart and blessing those around you with love, charity and consideration is what really makes a true beauty queen.

What’s the best advice you can give for people who are interested in a pageant but feel apprehensive about it?

Angela: You never try you will never know, if you change your mind, you change the world!

Diana: As a woman of today, we have to be better than yesterday. Accept new changes and be ready to challenge! 

What’s in store for ERM Singapore this year? 

We have several pageants in store this year including Mrs Singapore Pageant 2023, Mrs Singapore World 2023, Mrs Singapore Chinatown 2023 and Miss Singapore 2023. 

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