Baby Shower Gifts Any New Momma Would Love!

Baby shower gifts to get.
By: Cherelle Lim
October 13, 2021

At what age did you realise that it was completely normal for your friends and family to call you and announce that they are pregnant? When you get to that age, the one thing you need to worry about whenever someone tells you they’re pregnant, is what baby shower gifts you should get. All of us have probably been flustered as we have a hard time picking out what exactly is the perfect baby shower gift. If we aren’t already a mom, we tend to ask ourselves, what do soon-to-be mom’s and babies need? Well, don’t you worry. Here are some of the best baby shower gifts that any new momma would love to receive. Whether it’s a simple baby bottle or cutesy baby clothes, we’ve got you covered at Glitz.

Baby Shower Gifts to Buy


A hint of luxury is always a pleasant surprise to receive. If you want to get baby shower gifts that are high quality and sustainable, RAPH&REMY has it all. They offer a variety of baby products such as towels that are breathable, silky and soft. As well as being stylish, you can even personalise the baby gift items! Their products are also designed with tropical climate in mind, so it is perfect for the humid weather in Singapore. Since most of its products are made with all-natural materials, they are perfect for babies. 

Where to buy: RAPH&REMY

2. Noel Gifts

Still don’t know what to buy for your best friend’s upcoming baby shower? Head on over to Noel Gifts as they offer a huge selection of baby gifts in Singapore! Having been in the baby shower gifting industry for over 45 years, Noel Gifts is your one-stop baby shower gift solution. Browse through their selection of toys, travel essentials, diapers, bottles, organic clothes and much more! What’s more, is that you can also put together a little something for the new mom with Noel Gifts Nourishing Mum hamper. 

Where to buy: Noel Gifts

3. Okimochi Box

If you don’t have time to curate baby shower gifts and are nearing the date of the occasion, try opting for a surprise baby shower gift box! With Okimochi Box, they save you the hassle of thinking and shopping for baby shower gifts. They do it for you with their surprise gift-giving service. All you need to do is give the company enough information about the recipient, and they’ll curate a special and personalised gift box for them! Furthermore, they curate their boxes for both the newborn baby and new mummy too! Packed in a Japanese style, the gift box will come with items that are functional and of high quality.

Where to buy: Okimochi Box

4. Little Bearnie

A little birdie told me that a local homegrown brand in Singapore caters to offering unique baby gifts for baby showers! Little Bearnie is known for creating products and designs for babies that will definitely stand out. Whether you need swaddles, bibs, teethers, baby gifts, bundle sets or educational toys, they can offer it all. Aside from that, their teething accessories are incredible Instagram-worthy as well! They even offer personalised teething clips that are all the rage with new mommies right now. Using toxin-free and 100% food-grade materials, their teething products are completely safe for babies. 

Where to buy: Little Bearnie

5. Lovingly Signed

baby shower gifts

Everyone loves personalised gifts. Even babies! A great baby shower gift is a beautifully embroidered keepsake for both the new mummy and baby. Lovingly Signed offers different baby gifts such as baby hampers, personalised baby shower gifts and more that are perfectly packed in a luxury gift box. Each of the gifts you pick can be embroidered with the baby’s name on it for them to cherish it forever. Furthermore, Lovingly Signed offers free local delivery, as well as a handwritten gift card with a message of your choice! 

Where to buy: Lovingly Signed

6. Kaiby Box

baby shower gifts

Another wonderful surprise gift box to bring to a baby shower is a Kaiby Box! Specialising in baby gifts, they can help deliver stunning toddler and baby toy gift boxes. Packed in a cute little box, these toys can really help get a child’s education started! Allowing them to start their learning journey with baby newspapers, a rattle, cloth books and even a personalised wooden toy. What’s more, is that Kaiby Box offers same-day delivery as well. Thus, it’s also a great emergency last-minute gift idea! 

Where to buy: Kaiby Box

7. Lamkins

baby shower gifts

One of the best places to get baby gifts in Singapore is Lamkins. They were the first few brands that successfully provided exceptional online shopping experiences for kids. They have a wide variety of products ranging from baby toys, reading systems, playmats, walkers, accessories and much more. With all the big brands in one place, you are guaranteed to find the perfect baby shower gift right here. 

Where to buy: Lamkins

8. Hegen PCTO™ Breast Milk Storage 

baby shower gifts

A great baby shower gift for the new mummy is a storage place when it’s time for feeding! The Hegen PCTO™ Breast Milk Storage is the perfect gift for that. It is a life-saver when it comes to saving up all that breast milk. Just simply attach the breast pump to the lids. Now, the new mummy will be able to feed her hungry baby whenever they’re out in public! But, these storage bottles/containers can also be used to store foods and juices as well. As well as being air-tight, it’s also microwave and dishwasher safe.

Where to buy: Hegen

9. Mothercare Little & Loved Sleeping Bag 1 Tog

baby shower gifts

Another useful and great baby gift is a sleeping bag for the baby. We all know that babies can pretty much fall asleep anywhere and anytime. So, a sleeping bag would be the perfect gift to ensure that the baby is comfortable, no matter where they are. Mothercare’s Little & Loved Sleeping Bag 1 Tog is one of many sleeping bag products they offer. All in different designs and sizes. 

Where to buy: Mothercare

10. Diapers

baby shower gifts

Diapers are an essential item for every newborn baby. So, it would be no surprise if you gifted diapers for a baby shower. The parents would most likely be happy that they don’t have to spend a fortune on diapers! As we all know, babies need their diapers changed quite often. Some great brands to get your diapers from are Merries! 

Where to buy: Infanity Singapore

11. Nuts & Bolts Natural Wood Baby Gym

baby shower gifts

Babies love playing around, so what better gift than a baby gym! The Nuts & Bolts Natural Wood Baby Gym features an A-frame that is collapsible. The A-frame legs and locks on either side unscrew and slot in easily. Thus, you can change it out for your baby’s favourite grasping toys! 

Where to buy: Nuts & Bolts

12. Mothercare Skip Hop Forma Backpack Diaper Bag – Jet Black

baby shower gifts

Now you can just carry diapers in your handbag now can you? So, a diaper or changing bag is yet another perfect baby shower gift to get! The Mothercare Skip Hop Forma Backpack Diaper Bag – Jet Black is lightweight and full of storage. With a spacious interior, you can stuff almost anything from extra diapers to snacks for the baby. This diaper bag even has insulated side pockets to store bottles and stroller straps for convenience! 

Where to buy: Mothercare