Must-Have Back To School Supplies To Start Your Semester Right!

Everything you need to start the school year right!
By: Cherelle Lim
February 24, 2022

Who remembers watching those back to school supplies shopping videos on Youtube? Who else remembers the countless back to school giveaways that Youtubers were hosting on Youtube? Be honest, have you ever joined one? Well, we can tell you that we certainly did! In fact, it was all we could ever hope for. Winning one of those US giveaways. Yet, we always forget that these Youtubers were already out of high school and some even out of college! But, we can’t lie that they always managed to get the cutest and glitzy back to school supplies. So, when it comes to back to school supplies shopping, we’d always turn to these back to school hauls for advice and cute school supplies! So, here are essentials that you have to get before the school holidays are over and you’re back in school. 

Must-Have Back To School Supplies

1. Pens & Pencils

Pens and pencils are basic back to school supplies essentials everybody needs. No matter what grade you are in or whether you are in school or not, you always stock up on pencils. Even when you are just out and about, it is always a good idea to carry a pen around. While primary kids might still only need pencils to write and draw, secondary and college kids need extra pens lying around. You wouldn’t want your pen to run out of ink while you’re taking an exam, do you? 

2. Pencil Cases 

Pencil cases are also an essential back to school supply. It is on every back to school supplies list and most students change their pencil cases every semester. The only reason for this is either their pencil case is worn out and broken, or there are just cuter and way better pencil cases available in store. As we all know, Typo is stationery heaven. Any stationery addict will know to visit Typo before the school year begins. The best part is that Typo constantly has sales throughout the year and has aesthetically pleasing stationery. 

3. Folders & Binders

Folders and binders are yet another back to school supply that everyone should have. Well, maybe more so for those in high school and college. As you embark on your education, you’ll be getting more and more past papers and notes to carry around. Sometimes, a notebook just isn’t enough to fit everything in. Or, some people just like to take notes on scrap pieces of paper! So, to ensure that you will never lose your notes, or mix them up with other subjects, store them in a binder or folder. The best part about binders and folders is that you can label and customise them to your taste! Colour coordinate based on colour, or have a specific shape to identify different folders easier. What’s more, is that it is much easier to bring along to class. 

4. Notebooks 

Speaking of notebooks, it is next on our back to school supplies list! Come on, a notebook is the most important back to school essential you should get. The best place to get aesthetic and cute notebooks is Typo. not only that, but Typo tends to offer many promotions when it comes to their notebooks. With different sizes to suit your needs, choose from A4 notebooks or A5 notebooks. Choose from a spiral notebook, or a hardback notebook. With cute or sarcastic quotes brandished on the cover, you’ll be sporting the best-looking notebooks in school! Most times, you can get up to 3 notebooks at a fairly decent price. 

5. Food Containers 

Although this may not seem like a big deal, most students prefer to bring their own lunch to school. Thus, it is important to get a cute little food container that matches your vibe. After all, you’ll be carrying this food container for the rest of the school year or semester! When picking out food containers, we recommend choosing functionality over looks. But, if a container looks cute and offers a ton of functionality, then you’ve got a winner. It is also best to go with food containers that have separate compartments so that you can store more food. Or at the least, get a food container that is big in size. That way you won’t be munching on bite-sized pieces of food. 

6. Water Bottles

Staying hydrated throughout the day is an important part of keeping our body healthy. So, it is only natural that water bottles are on our must-have back to school supplies list. Brands such as Typo and Tupperware are famous for being the go-to water bottle brand. But there are also a ton of water bottle options you can choose from. Depending on how much water you drink in a day, there are also different litres of water bottles available. If you want to drink 2L of water each day, it also doesn’t mean you have to bring a 2L bottle to school. You can always refill your water bottle at school! So, pick one that is easy to drink out of instead! 

7. Storage Boxes

back to school supplies

Storage boxes tend to be more essential to home offices and study areas. Storage boxes for both stationary and books can come in handy at home! It helps with organising all your stuff, and can even help you study better. By separating subjects into different storage boxes, it becomes easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Or, if you just don’t have enough space at home, storage boxes are a great way to free up space and pack things away nicely. 

8. Arts & Crafts 

back to school supplies

Art lovers will definitely be putting art supplies on their back to school supplies shopping list. Whether it’s colour pencils, crayons, chalk, paint, sketchbooks or more, they are all essentials for art students. At the beginning of each school semester, some art teachers might even ask students to buy certain art supplies. Thus, students can be prepared for class and have something fun to do during their free time. 

9. Backpack

back to school supplies

A backpack is the first thing every student looks for when shopping for school supplies. Whatever the reason, we simply can’t resist wanting to get a new backpack for the new school year! Besides that, some of us might just need a bigger backpack because our workload has increased. Although you might be tempted to buy a branded backpack, we would suggest getting something practical instead. You’re going to be throwing it on the ground, stuffing it with books and slinging it over your shoulder. So, a comfortable and spacious backpack would suffice. 

10. Highlighters 

back to school supplies

Highlighters are a must-have back to school supply when it comes to taking notes. It makes it all the more easier and is also fun in the process. Get yourself a set of highlighters so you can highlight all the important notes in your textbook and notebook. What’s more, is that you can use the highlighters on sections that you don’t understand. So, when you reread and go through your notes again, you’ll know to ask for help!

11. Planner 

back to school supplies

A planner is a great school supply to students. You can document all your schoolwork and assignments in one place. A planner is usually helpful to those that wish to be organised. It is also a great way to become organised. It helps you remember the deadlines that you have. Especially when you have many assignments and projects due in the same week. Writing everything down in your planner can help you prioritise which needs to be completed first. It also helps keep track of your appointments and you can even put your timetable in there. The best part is that you can even customise your planner to your own style. 

12. iPad

back to school supplies

In today’s day and age, many college students are using iPads to take notes, do assignments and even study. Ever since the pandemic, many students were offered online studying. Thus, every student needs a laptop, or in some cases an iPad. This is because iPads are a lot like laptops. They can do almost anything a laptop can, but are just smaller and lighter. It is easier to bring around and comes with several accessories to help students study better. You can even take notes with a pen and feel like you’re writing on paper. It is much more convenient to bring an iPad around campus, then trudge around with a bulky laptop.