8 of the Best and Comfiest Baby Carriers in Singapore to Keep Your Baby Safe

Check out our list on some of the best and…
By: Aina Shamshuri
January 30, 2023

Strollers can be really useful, but sometimes, you just need to hold your little one close to you. It’s also much more portable, and you’ll still have your hands free to do other things! That’s why you’ll need something really durable, so you can carry your baby for long periods of time without sacrificing your back health. We know that there are lots of things to consider before getting a new baby carrier, so here’s Glitz’s review on eight of the top baby carriers that are available in Singapore.

Frequently asked questions about baby carriers

What’s the difference between baby carriers, slings, and wraps?

Baby carriers are sort of like backpacks; they’re structured, have straps and padding, and are usually worn on your front, whereas baby slings are typically made of soft fabric for you to position from shoulder to hip. Baby wraps on the other hand, are a long piece of fabric made from a material similar to baby slings, that you wrap around your body to create a pouch for your baby. Baby carriers are typically what most new parents choose, as they’re super user-friendly.

Are baby carriers safe for newborns?

The short answer is: yes! However, some carriers may be better suited for certain age ranges. Furthermore, there are precautions that parents should take to ensure the baby’s safety while being strapped in a baby carrier, like making sure that the baby’s airway is always open, their chin is always off their chest, and that air should always circulate around the baby’s nose and mouth easily. The baby carrier also needs to be positioned in a way that supports the baby’s neck and back.

Is it safe for my baby to sleep in a baby carrier?

Babies need to sleep a lot, so it may be unavoidable for your baby to fall asleep in the carrier. However, some experts say that it isn’t safe for babies to sleep in the carrier as there is possibility of asphyxiation or suffocation, but some other experts also say that it is in fact, safe because it’s incredibly easy for you to monitor your baby as you only need to look down to see your baby. All things considered, it is up to you to decide if you would let your baby sleep in a baby carrier.

So, now that you know all about baby carriers, check out our list on some of the best baby carriers available in Singapore.

The Best Baby Carriers in Singapore

1. Ergobaby 360 Cool Air Mesh Carrier

A very popular choice amongst parents, the Ergobaby 360 Cool Air Mesh Carrier’s top feature is its breathable mesh fabric which helps to regulate your baby’s body temperature, perfect for the Singaporean heat. This award-winning baby carrier is also designed in a way that lets the wearer position it in four different ways, so you can find a position that is most comfortable for you and your baby. It even has a privacy hood with UPF50+, so you can protect your baby against the sun.

Why we love it:

  • has cushy shoulder straps for your comfort
  • features a forward facing option for the baby
  • provides lumbar support for the parent’s back

Price: $287.10

Where to buy: Mummys Market

2. BabyBjorn Move Carrier Mesh

Suitable for newborns and can be used until 15 months without any infant insert required, this baby carrier is great for parents who want to carry their baby for long periods of time. Lightweight, sturdy, and ergonomic, it features back support, a waist belt, and padded shoulder pads, so you can carry your baby with ease. The head and neck support is fully adjustable, so your baby will always be comfortable. You can also position the BabyBjorn Move Carrier so your baby can either face inwards or forwards, perfect for new adventures.

Why we love it

  • has adjustable seating area
  • has a built-in back support, waist belt, and padded shoulder pads for comfort
  • comes in a two-part design to easily lift out a sleeping baby

Price: $299

Where to Buy: mothercare sg

3. Tula Free To Grow Carriers

As the name suggests, the Tula Free To Grow Carrier is suitable for newborns up until they’re four years old. This baby carrier has a novel body panel where you’re free to adjust three different width settings, as well as two height settings, so it will grow with your baby, so you don’t have to worry about having to get a new one as your baby gets bigger! It also has a removable hood to support the baby’s head as they sleep, or you can use it to protect your baby from the notorious Singaporean sun, or use it for privacy while breastfeeding.

Why we love it:

  • made in a soft and lightweight fabric for both baby and parent’s comfort
  • has an ergonomic seat to support your baby
  • fully adjustable to grow alongside your baby

Price: $255

Where to Buy: PramFox

4. Lenny UpGrade Carrier

The carrier with the widest range of design choices on our list, the Lenny UpGrade Carrier is perfect for parents who want a cute, yet functional way to carry their baby. It’s ideal for small babies and will grow alongside the baby too! This carrier has soft shoulder straps as well as a hip belt which are all fully adjustable, so you won’t have to worry about comfort with the Lenny UpGrade Carrier. It also has an adjustable internal panel, so you can fit the carrier perfectly to your baby’s changing size as they get bigger.

Why we love it:

  • has a removable hood for privacy and to protect your baby from the weather
  • has a pocket on the waist belt with magnet fastener to carry items safely
  • great for smaller babies

Price: $229

Where to Buy: Mummys Market

5. Lillebaby Complete Airflow 3D Mesh

Made of super lightweight and breathable material, Lillebaby’s Complete Airflow 3D Mesh is the perfect carrier to beat the Singaporean heat. The single layer 3D mesh feature provides maximum airflow, ensuring that your baby will always be at a suitable temperature. It has zippered pockets for you to keep your hands free to do other things, has a removable hood and adjustable seat, and is even machine washable! You can wear the padded shoulder straps either straight or crossed, and you can wear the carrier six different ways to fit your child’s needs as they grow.

Why we love it

  • suitable for newborns until toddler
  • provides extra head and neck support for the baby, great for taller babies
  • has lumbar support to prevent back strain on the parent

Price: $189

Where to Buy: Pupsik Studio

6. Onya Baby Cruiser

Not only is the Onya Baby Cruiser a baby carrier, it also converts to a baby chair harness to make any seat safe for your child! The carrier features an “x” strap that you wear across your back to create a comfortable weight distribution, and it has large zippered pockets, toy loops, as well as a key ring so you can carry your things incredibly easily. It’s machine washable, has a hood that you can tuck away, and even a sternum strap with an adjustable slide rail for your comfort. It’s also foldable, so you can store it away in a diaper bag whenever it’s not in use.

Why we love it:

  • has a lot of storage items for you to keep your things inside the carrier itself
  • can be worn as a front pack, a backpack, or on your hip
  • pulls double duty as a baby carrier and a chair harness

Price: $137.40

Where to Buy: Pupsik Studio

7. Manduca XT Baby and Toddler Carrier

A super ergonomic option, the Manduca XT is a great carrier for those wanting to carry their babies up til toddler age. Designed to grow with your baby, this carrier is able to carry a 20kg child! The carrier panel can also be downsized, so it can support your baby at any stage of growth. Parents can opt to wear this carrier in three different ways; front carry, back carry, and hip carry, so you’re spoiled for choice.

Why we love it:

  • made with organic cotton
  • super adaptable and easily fits a baby at any stage
  • suitable for even four to five year olds

Price: $279.90

Where to Buy: Agape Babies

8. Mimosa Airplush Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Designed specifically with warm weather in mind, Mimosa’s Airplush Ergonomic Baby Carrier is the perfect carrier for the tropical Singaporean heat. It can be used as both a front pack and a backpack, has a belt buckle for extra security, and a mesh front panel for maximum ventilation. This baby carrier features a thick waist belt, so you can enjoy carrying your baby without feeling too much weight on your back.

Why we love it:

  • machine washable
  • adjustable chest and waist strap to fit your body
  • has a removable sleeping hood to support your baby’s head

Price: $119

Where to Buy: mothercare sg