Top Gourmet Grocers In Singapore To Stock Up Your Kitchen!

The best gourmet grocers with everything you need!
By: Cherelle Lim
October 27, 2022

Having trouble finding a specific brand of cheese or premium cut wagyu at your local supermarket? Then, it is time to visit these gourmet grocers in Singapore instead! These gourmet grocers are stocked with all the niche products and fine foods that you’ve been looking for in that Gordan Ramsy recipe. Providing quality produce from around the world, you can find many healthier and fresher alternatives that may boost your culinary skills to the next level. 

Top Gourmet Grocers In Singapore

1. Six Eleven

For everyone who is lactose intolerant, you are going to love Six Eleven! Featuring many non-dairy milk options, this is one of the best gourmet grocers to get your alternative milk needs. It is an online supermarket that houses brands such as Happy Happy Soy Boy, Rude Health and Minor Figures. Furthermore, you can also easily shop for specialty products like Hunted+Gathered and Dash Water!

2. Eater’s Market – Boutique Butcher and Grocer

If you are looking for gourmet grocers that sell premium meats, then Eater’s Market – Boutique Butcher and Grocer is your spot. This is the latest gourmet grocer in Siglap where you can get premium groceries and meats. What’s more, is they have a gorgeous interior to stop you in your tracks. If you head straight to the butchery section, you’ll see the pride of Eater’s Market. Featuring a range of sustainably sourced, hormone-free and restaurant-quality meats from around the world. Whatever type of meat you’re looking for, whether it is Australian dry-aged beef or Japanese wagyu, this gourmet grocer is sure to have it all. 

3. Meidi-Ya

For everything Japanese, Visit Meidi-Ya and shop to your heart’s content! This is one of the best gourmet grocers to get all of your favourite Japanese snacks and products. Furthermore, there is also a section dedicated to all things imported from Hokkaido called the Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza. Shop a range of sweets, milk and yoghurt beverages as well. Its food plaza is also packed with foods such as authentic Hokkaido ramen and gyoza imported directly from Sapporo. 

4. Culina at COMO Dempsey

If you are looking for one of the top gourmet grocers to shop at, visit Culina at COMO Dempsey. It occupies over 15,000sqft at Dempsy. Culina offers some of the best specialty ingredients from all across the globe. As you enter, take a whiff of their freshly baked loaves of bread and you’ll know you’re in heaven! Explore their premium seafood, meats, cheeses, pastries and even wine. If you are feeling tired after shopping through this gourmet grocer, you can also have a meal at their modern bistro. 

5. The Source Bulk Foods

Featuring an in-house bakery, The Source Bulk Foods allows for packaging-free shopping. Shop through their rows of organic and raw whole foods at their flagship outlet located at Scoop Wholefoods. Many of their products are actually sourced sustainably and ethically. All of which include pasta, spices, tea, rice and fruits. One of the best gourmet grocers to shop at, grab a freshly baked snack or churn your own nut butter! 

6. Da Paolo Dempsey Restaurant and Bar

Don’t be deceived by Da Paolo Dempsey Restaurant and Bar because there is actually a hidden gourmet grocer inside! If you walk past the dining area, you’ll find lines of fridges that are displaying quality Italian produce. You can even get fresh pasta made on the spot! Furthermore, you can select from their seasonal selection of cheese, such as chocolate liqueur, ocelli wrapped in chestnut leaves or blue cheese. This is definitely one of the few gourmet grocers you should visit. 

7. The Fishwives

If quality fish is what you’re looking for, then The Fishwives is the high-end supermarket you should visit. Despite its name, its outlets do also offer a range of deli products, poultry and meats. They also house more specialised items such as camel milk and gluten-free bread. Besides that, their fishmonger section has a wide selection of white fish, trout, prawns, as well as other seafood. The Akaroa Salmon is one to take note of as it is air-flown all the way from New Zealand twice a week. 

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