Best Men’s Sportswear In Singapore You Should Check Out Right Now

For your workout fits that double as athleisure wear
By: agnes
February 17, 2023

Hey boys, did you know that sportswear isn’t just for looks? Sportswear actually has specific functions that support you during your workout. In fact, they help delay muscle soreness and allow you to move more freely. Compared to working out in regular clothes, you may find it a bit more difficult to move with ease.

Outside the gym, however, your sportswear also doubles as a casual fit that you can wear to most occasions. This is also known as athleisure fashion, a combination of fashion and sports as an aesthetic and personal style. What was once a fashion trend, became a lifestyle choice for most that made them look good, feel comfortable, and move freely.

Therefore, Glitz is setting you up for success with the best men’s sportswear in Singapore. You won’t go wrong with these brands that offer you tons of choices from workout to athleisure wear.

10 Best Men’s Sportswear In Singapore

1. Mulawear

Best Men’s Sportswear

Want some trendy Korean-style sportswear with a long lifespan and great functionality? Then Mulawear is a brand you will want to know about. Mulawear provides some of the best men’s sportswear in Singapore thanks to their ‘miraculous leggings’ made from their own fabric. That’s right, they developed a fabric of their own which allows their sportswear to last up to six years. Thus, for men who work out almost every day, Mulawear is truly the brand to go for. Some of our favourite pieces include the ‘compression 2in1 layered short pants’ and ‘premier overfit short sleeves’.

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2. Lululemon

You’re not Singaporean if you’ve never heard of Lululemon. It’s probably one of the more popular sportswear brands there is in the little red dot. Other than comfortable and super stylish women’s athletic clothing, Lululemon also has an impressive men’s collection. In fact, we think it’s one of the best men’s sportswear in Singapore that you can find. Take your pick from joggers to training tights and short sleeve or long sleeve shirts. In addition, you can find lightweight jackets that you can wear for a run in the rain if you’re up for the challenge. To make things better, they also have a wide selection of athleisure clothing. So you can be ready for the gym anytime anywhere. 

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3. Nike

If you’re looking for a more internationally known brand then Nike is your go-to. Nike provides some of the best men’s sportswear in Singapore that is complete with style and functionality. It’s truly the place to be for almost anything – shoes, shirts, pants, socks, joggers, and more. But the best part is that everything is sectioned off for you. So you don’t have to worry about getting lost in their website or stores. Want shoes specifically for basketball? Just head to the basketball section. How about running sportswear? It’s already labeled for you. With such an easy shopping experience, it’s no surprise that many would turn to Nike for men’s sportswear. You can even pair the sportswear with this watch that’s made for extreme sports!

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4. Champion

Following suit the internationally famous brands, Champion is one you can look out for here in Singapore. This is because they provide some of the best men’s sportswear in Singapore, especially if you like the contemporary design. Champion’s sportswear is simple at best, with top-notch functionality. Featuring block colours and the iconic Champion logo, the pieces you can find here will guarantee to support your workouts. And leveling up from wearing the brand’s sportswear just for sports, you can also wear them casually. So feel free to lounge around in their comfortable sweatpants or hoodies. 

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5. Adidas

Calling all runners, if you’re looking for the best men’s sportswear in Singapore then try Adidas. Adidas features unparalleled technology when it comes to their men’s sportswear. Thus, you can find specific sportswear for specific activities like yoga or run. So if you’re planning to run it out from all the k-bbq you had, just check out the running sportswear. The brand also has items that are created specifically for seasons. Therefore, if you’re on the lookout for items fit for summer or winter, you will definitely find them here. Other than that, Adidas’ men’s sportswear can also be worn with your athleisure outfits if you’d like.

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6. Public Rec

Are you trying to find a brand that specialises in men’s sportswear? Then worry not as we’re here to introduce you to Public Rec. You may have already known this brand. But it’s definitely one of the best men’s sportswear in Singapore that you should check out. Public Rec produces some of the most versatile pieces we’ve ever seen. It’s truly taking athleisure to the next level. The sportswear here is contemporary yet functions with ease, ensuring that your workouts are with support and utmost style. 

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7. Under Armour

Here’s another brand that has high credibility internationally. So if that is something you are searching for then Under Armour is your go-to brand. With brand faces like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Stephen Curry, you better believe that their items are worth purchasing. One thing we love most about Under Armour is the breathability that comes with their sports shirts. In addition, the shoes help support your exercise so much better. It’s without a doubt that Under Armour produces one of the best men’s sportswear in Singapore.

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8. Alo Yoga

The LA-based active wear brand, Alo Yoga, despite its name, offers more than clothes for yoga. The brand is all about creating contemporary clothing for mindful movement, elevating practices, and being comfortable and fashion-forward at the same time. Every piece of clothing from their collection is designed to look good inside and outside the studio. Their signature Alo fabrics are not one to miss for how soft and comfy they are, too. 

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9. Hoka

If you want to add more colour and vibrance to your workout slash athleisure closet, Hoka offers comfy, performance clothes to match their popular running shoes. They offer multiple colourways and colour combinations for you to choose from – so you can mix and match according to your style. Not to mention, their clothing is built to help you improve your run with each wear, so you could move at ease.

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10. Rhone

Developed for higher-performance with a unique anti-sink technology, Rhone is one of the best men’s sportswear in Singapore engineered to be extra supportive and durable. Whether you’re on-the-go after your workout or dressed to go straight to the gym after clocking out work, Rhone’s clothing is designed for those with active lifestyles who want to integrate athleisure items into their daily wardrobe. Versatile, modern, and performance-driven is what Rhone is all about. 

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