15 Best Pilates Studio In Singapore That Goes Gentle For Yogis Beginner

It’s not just yoga
By: agnes
July 26, 2022

Many people confuse pilates with yoga, but it’s completely different from that. Pilates is a type of mind-body exercise that tones and strengthens your muscles. Despite it being a low-impact exercise, it is extremely beneficial and burns a lot of calories.

Furthermore, it involves a lot of breathing and control, which definitely helps when it comes to doing other workouts. If this interests you then here are some of Glitz‘s choice for the best pilates studio in Singapore for beginners.

Best Pilates Studio In Singapore

1. Sky Pilates

Sky Pilates, one of Singapore’s first machine-based studios, was established by a group of veteran Pilates trainers and enthusiasts. It offers one of the best pilates in Singapore for beginners. In order to guarantee that you receive the entire attention of any of its globally trained instructors, classes are limited to a maximum of six individuals. Pilates instructors are experts in treating severe instances as well as using Pilates to hasten recovery, so don’t worry if you have any discomfort or injury.

Address:583 Orchard Road #09-01 Forum Office Tower, Singapore 238884
Operating Hours:Monday – Saturday: 9am-6pm | Closed on Sunday
Contact Information:+65 6100 7597 

2. Options Pilates Studio

You’ll notice a difference in your energy levels, lower back pain relief, and posture after just a few sessions, which is typical of most pilates workouts. Thus, it’s why Options provide the best pilates in Singapore for beginners. The range of sessions at Options allows you to challenge yourself on either a mat or a reformer. Additionally, there are prenatal and postnatal classes with less intensity.

Address:Click here for list of locations
Operating Hours:Everyday: 8am-8pm
Contact Information:Options Pilates Studio Singapore

3. PowerMoves Pilates

Those who wish to work out in the verdant surroundings of Dempsey should consider signing up for a class at PowerMoves Pilates, which has won numerous awards. There are many classes that can help you show off your moves, improve your body’s strength, and enliven your mind. All of the exercises are carefully planned to ensure that you build strength and flexibility as well as a sense of poise and control. Therefore, we believe they offer one of the best pilates in Singapore for beginners. Furthermore, solo and duo classes are available if you want a more intimate learning environment.

Address:6 Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249683
Operating Hours:N/A
Contact Information:Pilates in Singapore

4. Pilates Fitness

As the first pilates studio in Singapore to offer classes tailored to specific lifestyle demands, this one is well regarded. In addition to prenatal and post-partum workouts, the studio offers weight-loss workshops like the HIIT Pilates series. Furthermore, you can also find recuperation-focused sessions like the Body Aches class. If you’re joining Pilates Fitness for the first time, you also get a free reformer introduction session. Truly, they provide the best pilates in Singapore for beginners, equipping them with everything they need.

Address:85A Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555981
Operating Hours:Monday-Sunday: 8.30am-6.30pm
Contact Information:+65 9184 7622

5. Pilates Bodytree

If you’re looking for more than just a great workout, Pilates Bodytree’s team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals while still having fun. Pilates Bodytree classes are designed to help you improve your range of motion while also strengthening your core. As a studio that offers the best pilates in Singapore for beginners, you can also opt for personal training. In addition, you can attend online classes too.

Address:Click here for list of locations
Operating Hours:N/A
Contact Information:Pilates BodyTree 

6. Pilates Flow @ 2nd

Get familiar with some of the most popular songs of all time! The trainers here don’t use any new-age approaches; instead, they adhere strictly to Joseph Pilates’s basic teachings. Thus, if you’re looking for a place that sticks to the status quo, then this is it. Furthermore, it provides the best pilates in Singapore for beginners as it focuses on strength and control. Personal training, pair sessions, and small-group mat classes are all available, no matter your fitness level or body type.

Address:Second Ave, Bukit Timah Rd, #02-06 Junction, 733, Singapore 269748
Operating Hours:Everyday: 8am-9pm
Contact Information:+65 6469 4126

7. Upside Motion

Upside Motion offers a variety of Pilates and Xtend Barre sessions that will help you improve your range of motion, tone your muscles, and strengthen your core. If you’re looking for the spot that offers the best pilates in Singapore for beginners, then this is it. The Xtend Barre session is our recommendation, as you get to hear exciting pop songs while exercising. I mean, what’s better than bopping out to your favourite tunes and working a sweat? 

Address:36 Armenian St, #02-03, Singapore 179934
Operating Hours:N/A
Contact Information:+65 6636 6859

8. Central Pilates

Looking for a little post-partum exercise or a place for the best pilates in Singapore for beginners? To guarantee that your specific needs are met, Central Pilates offers private one-on-one lessons in a fully equipped gym under the watchful eye of a trained instructor. Along with Duo and Trio lessons, group reformer classes are becoming increasingly popular. Take part in their pilates mat and dance conditioning exercises if that isn’t enough to get you in shape.

Address:10 Winstedt Rd, Singapore 227977
Operating Hours:N/A
Contact Information:+65 6735 5918

9. Advantage Pilates

Pilates studio Advantage Pilates’s purpose is to inspire everyone to work out without fear of criticism, intimidation, or pressure. If you ask us, that’s definitely a place for the best pilates in Singapore for beginners. You can achieve your health goals including balance, strength, flexibility, and mobility at a speed that is right for you. The one-on-one sessions offered by Advantage Pilates are also tailor-made to meet the specific needs of each individual client. Furthermore, the beginner-friendly equipment and mat lessons are suited for the elderly. So they can join in on the fun too!Address: 20 Cecil St, 05-02 Plus Building Formerly GSH Plaza, Singapore 049705

Address:20 Cecil St, 05-02 Plus Building Formerly GSH Plaza, Singapore 049705
Operating Hours:Everyday: 8am-8pm
Contact Information:Advantagepilates.sg | +65 8838 2448 

10. Core Fitness Physiotherapy & Pilates

To get to the root of the problem, this physiotherapy and pilates studio does all they can. Exercises such as scoliosis and back care are among the many topics covered in Pilates lessons on mat and reformer. In addition, no more than five students can be present at a time in a group lesson. Truly, it’s the place for the best pilates in Singapore for beginners, especially those who are recovering from an injury. 

Address:583 Orchard Road, Forum Office Tower #05-04, Singapore 238884
Operating Hours:Everyday: 8am-8pm
Contact Information:+65 6737 3406 | corefitness.com.sg

11. Pilatique Pilates Studio

Pilatique is a day-to-day training facility that caters to the demands of individuals in need of rehabilitation, general fitness, and athletic performance. It is clear that Pilatique is Singapore’s best pilates training and education centre because it has trained and certified more than 750 instructors from across the world. Furthermore, it’s also the spot for the best pilates in Singapore for beginners. To ensure this, they have a long-term clientele thanks to their instructors’ excellent teaching and relationship-building abilities.

Address:8 Gemmill Ln, Singapore 069250
Operating Hours:Monday-Saturday: 7am-9pm | Closed on Sunday
Contact Information:Welcome To Pilatique Pilates & Physiotherapy Studio | +65 9820 2686

12. Momentum Lab

Lynn’s life took a dramatic change when she had knee pain from even the simplest of tasks, such as going down the stairs. The answer to her recuperation was pilates, and she’s never looked back since. At Momentum Lab, you’re not only working out your muscles, you’re also working out your complete neuromuscular relationship. Thus, we believe Momentum is the place for the best pilates in Singapore for beginners.

Address:Sixth Avenue Centre, 805 Bukit Timah Rd, #01-06, Singapore 279883
Operating Hours:Monday, Wednesday: 7.30am-8.30am | Closed on Tuesday
Contact Information:Momentumlab.sg | +65 6339 2210

13. Breathe Pilates

Breathe Pilates’ fusion sessions go above and beyond the standard mat and reformer classes. Thus, you can select from a wide range of workouts based on your degree of experience. Breathe Pilates provides the best pilates in Singapore for beginners as they allow you to start slow. You can burn fat through ballet-inspired moves and cardio while stretches on the reformer will relieve body pains.

Address:Click here for list of locations
Operating Hours:Click here for schedule
Contact Information:Click here to reach out

14. Fitfoo Pilates

The goal of Fitfoo’s Pilates sessions is to make people feel good about themselves, which is why they provide the best pilates in Singapore for beginners. To provide a well-rounded workout that targets all planes of movement and different muscle groups, Fitfoo designs each session to meet the specific needs of each client. Fitfoo believes that regardless of your fitness level, each session will leave you feeling taller and more functionally powerful.

Address:79 Anson Rd, Level 21, Singapore 079906
Operating Hours:Everyday: 7.30am-8pm
Contact Information:+65 8807 8771

15. Pilates Plus

In order to help its clients reach their fitness goals, the Pilates Plus instructors provide instruction in both the basics and more advanced techniques. If you have never done Pilates before, then this is the best pilates in Singapore for beginners. People of all ages and fitness levels are welcome to take part in their classes. Group and private sessions are available in packages. Furthermore, they have a beginner’s programme that will teach you the basics of Pilates.

Address:10 Anson Rd, #17-13 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Operating Hours:Monday-Saturday: 7am-8pm | Closed on Sunday
Contact Information:+65 6221 1845

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