10 Best Florists Selling Preserved Flowers In Singapore

The best florists selling preserved flowers in Singapore
By: Cherelle Lim
May 10, 2022

Flowers are the easiest and best gift you can give to someone. Whether it is for friends or family, flowers are one thing everyone loves. Especially on special occasions such as birthdays, Mother’s day, Teacher’s day or even Father’s day! Sometimes, we all just need a little bouquet to cheer us up and there is no fault in getting flowers for yourself! View it as a form of self-love where you treat yourself like the queen that you are for a day. Furthermore, who doesn’t love flowers? Flower arrangements can be the prettiest to look at sometimes. But, if you are afraid that you can’t keep them looking lively for long, preserved flowers might just be the gift for you. 

Nowadays, there are plenty of unique flowers being sold at florists. Besides the usual fresh flowers, there are also soap flowers that will never wilt! But if you don’t want the short lives of fresh flowers or soapy flowers, check out some of the best florists selling preserved flowers in Singapore. Preserved flowers are the perfect alternative to artificial flowers as well as they don’t need complicated care, yet are still stunning to look at. So, take a look at this list from Glitz for some of the best preserved flowers in Singapore.

10 Best Florists For Preserved Flowers

1. Moon Fleur

Memories are one thing we as humans love to preserve. Hoping to make memories last a lifetime, Moon Fleur is a florist that helps you create everlasting memories through beautiful flower arrangements. Specialising in preserved flowers and dried pieces, many of their creations are made to order. Thus, no two pieces are ever alike! Furthermore, Moon Fleur sources unique pieces that are practical. They also offer unique flower arrangements such as ring boxes and photo frames. 

Contact+65 8892 5221 | hello@moonfleur.sg
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2. BloomBack Singapore

Looking for gorgeous preserved flowers and dried flowers to gift? Then BloomBack Singapore is one of the best florists you can visit. Offering many premium gift sets, they handcraft preserved flowers into an LED Bluetooth speaker for a precious gift. What’s more, is that you can also curate your own playlist for your special someone to hear. The premium gift set features a cute BloomBear, along with a chic bag accessory that includes a preserved flower. To make it more special, you can also include a personalised text add-on to add a name or message.  

Contact+65 8749 4806 | happiness@bloomback.org
Operating HoursMon-Fri: 10am – 7pm | Sat&Sun: 10am – 2pm
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3. LavieFlo Singapore

LavieFlo Singapore is one of the best florists you can visit for personalised bouquets with laser engraving messages. At LavieFlo, they curate gorgeous bouquets using vibrant colours that will melt your heart. The unique thing about their flowers or preserved flowers is that you can include personalised messages that will be laser-engraved on a gold plate. Making it a perfect symbol of eternal and unfading love. For a more romantic touch, you can also opt for complementary fairy lights.

Contact+65 6344 3912 | +65 8893 3900 | order@lavieflo.sg
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4. Blanc Artisan

Romance lovers are going to love getting preserved flowers and fresh flowers from Blanc Artisan. Why? Because they offer elegant floral jewellery boxes and dainty rose domes. This is one of the best florists if you are planning to propose to your significant other. You can definitely hide the ring within one of Blanc Artisan’s elegant jewellery boxes with stunning preserved flowers! Their dainty rose domes will also look perfect sitting on the table. 

Contact+65 8580 9956 | hello@blancartisan.com
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5. Floral Garage Singapore

Mother’s day is coming up soon and you still don’t have a gift? Visit Floral Garage Singapore for cake and flower bundles! At Floral Garage, you can get some of the best preserved flowers in Singapore. What’s more, they are collaborating with Zee & Elle’s Cakes, so their preserved flowers are paired with either the luscious Chocolate Crunch Cake or the refreshing Honey Yuzu Fresh Cream Cake.

Contact+65 9387 8871 | service@floralgaragesg.com
Operating HoursMon-Fri: 9am – 5.30pm | Sat: 10am – 5pm | Sun: 10am – 1pm
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6. Windflower Florist

Windflower Florist offers some of the best preserved flowers in Singapore. Whatever type of flower you’ve been searching for, Windflower is bound to have it. With a variety of styles, their flower arrangements are cheap and affordable as well. Customise your preserved flowers for a personal touch or get one of their many options. Including flower baskets, cakes, jars and boxes. 

Contact+65 9785 2570 | Hello@windflowerflorist.com
Operating HoursMon-Sat: 9am – 5pm | Sun: 9am – 2pm
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7. SJÖ Flora

SJÖ Flora has the love of nature, Iceland and minimalism to create dried and preserved flowers that make you happy. Moving beyond flower bouquets, SJÖ Flora offers flower arrangements in jewellery boxes, vases, mirrors, flower stands and frames. All of their products require highly skilled craftsmanship and are meticulously produced. Furthermore, you will also be able to personalise many of their products. 

Contact+65 9817 7708 | support@sjoflora.com
Operating HoursSun-Fri: 9am – 6pm 
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8. The Daily Blooms

The Daily Blooms is one of the best florists selling preserved flowers in Singapore. They are most well known for their beautiful arch boxes that accentuate the beauty of their flowers and arrangements. Aside from that, they also produce scented candles alongside their weekly flowers. 

Contact+65 9455 1240 |  thedailybloomssg@gmail.com
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9. Flower Chimp

For gorgeous yet affordable flowers in Singapore, Flower Chimp is your go-to! The best part is that they offer nationwide delivery so you don’t have to worry about anything. Aside from that, they also provide a large variety of desserts and flowers. So if you are thinking of any last-minute gift ideas, this is it! 

Contact+65 3158 2120 | info.sg@flowerchimp.com
Operating HoursMon-Sun: 9am – 6pm
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10. Urban Meadow Flowers

Urban Meadow Flowers is best known for their preserved flowers and fresh daily arrangements. Offering long-lasting daily surprises that won’t break your bank, Urban Meadow Flowers is the florist to visit. Furthermore, this florist sources from local natural areas and handcrafts using the most vibrant blooms in Singapore.

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