12 Best Speakeasy & ‘’Hidden’’ Bars in Singapore To Enjoy Your Secret Beverages

These speakeasies, stashed away from public, are a secluded haven…
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
August 26, 2022

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Hidden bars—also known as speakeasies—were more of a demand than a trend during the American silent era, but that has all evolved. The modern-day speakeasy bar phenomenon has taken up all around the world, and the Asian region is no exception.

Ever since nightlife professionals realised that people are willing to spend more than $10 for a glass of beer the phrase “speakeasy” has lost any significance. You no longer need to worry about grandiose entrances. Simply dim the lights and serve a gin drink, and you’ve transformed your establishment into a Prohibition era. 

Glitz wants to honour the pubs that have a little suspense, which is why we compiled this list of the top hidden bars in Singapore.

1. Roxy

The Roxy Bar may be found by entering an obscure entrance in the loading bay of the Sail at Marina Bay. The concealed cocktail bar and liquor area are symbolic of Manhattan’s back alleys and rock and roll nightlife of the 1970s. Tash Nayar, the head bartender, curates its spirit-forward cocktails, which are influenced by legendary singers such as David Bowie and Sting.

Operating Hours:Wed-Sun: 5pm – 12am
Contact Information: Website | +65 9382 5147


2. The Dragon Chamber

The Dragon Chamber, hidden beneath a kopitiam’s mini bar, is a pleasantly enormous 93-seater restaurant that takes pride in its unique guerilla-style food. Its wonderful yet quirky Chinese cuisine is as distinctive as its alcohol offerings. The Land of the Rising Sun, a delectable combination fashioned with yuzu-infused whiskey and elderflower liqueur, is one of fan favourites—making them come back for more. 

Operating Hours:Tues-Sun: 5pm-10.30pm
Closed on Mondays
Contact Information: Website | +65 6950 0015


3. Mama Diam

Look for a mom shop or an antique supply store to get to this hidden speakeasy. The entrance to Mama Diam is concealed behind a shelf loaded with old trinkets; peel away shelves of retro periodicals and CDs, and enter into a vintage gathering area. The choices of drinks here are a feast of comfort foods: drink burnt halia ($16), a supercharged ginger tea featuring honey and citrus; or Mamarita ($16), a tequila and kaffir leaf cocktail.

Operating Hours:4pm – 12am daily
Contact Information: Website | +65 8533 0792


4. Gibson

Step onto the second level of this 80-year-old landmark building to discover Emerald City. The illumination from the intricate designs illuminates the stunning green marble long bar. Behind the scenes, bartenders will be busy mixing your classic drinks with Asian spices. The Gibson drink, paying tribute to the bar’s moniker, is always a good choice for first timers. The alcoholic drink crafted with Roku and Ginjo sake-vermouth, harkens back to Japanese exquisite elegance.

Operating Hours:Wed-Mon: 6pm – 12am
Closed on Tuesdays
Contact Information: Website
+65 9114 8385


5. Live Twice

Jigger and Pony’s Live Twice, which occupies the footprint of the now-defunct Flagship, takes you to another realm comparable to Wong Kar-wai films, from the gloomy shade to the hardwood furnishings to the diverse mix of music blaring. Consider trying their famous Mizuwari drink—a mix of Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky and Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky immersed in Hokkaido mild water for a couple of days. 

Operating Hours:Wed-Mon: 6pm – 12am
Closed on Tuesdays
Contact Information: Website | +65 9011 8304


6. The Secret Mermaid

The Secret Mermaid, tucked away from the usual Singapore crowd, is the sister to the famous Shinkansen, a CBD design-your-own salad bar. Around six o’clock in the evening, the common area, which is furnished with black louvres and brass tubing, transforms into a divot cocktail bar. Jars of notable and high-class liquors like gin, rum, vodka, and whiskey fill every corner of this tiny hideaway, and the bar also boasts one of the most valuable assets of American artisan spirits.

Operating Hours:Mon-Fri: 5pm – 11pm
Closed on weekends
Contact Information: Website


7. Junior The Pocket Bar 

This modest 10-seater bar began in Tanjong Pagar’s secret lanes, quickly climbing to its own reputation with its unique concepts and ever-changing drink selection. It has since grown to a larger 25-seater, hidden beneath Maxi Coffee Bar. In order to get in, you need to find a side door and be ready to be greeted by the cosy atmosphere that the pub is known for. The menu varies almost every day. They keep the menu interesting so you don’t have to settle for the same drink each time.

Operating Hours:Mon-Fri: 6pm – 12am
Closed on weekends
Contact Information: +65 8121 1462


8. 28 Hong Kong Street

Singapore’s famous 28 Hong Kong Street Hidden Bar is not so hidden anymore, as most locals typically hang around this spot on weekends. It launched in 2011 with little attention on the bottom level of an ancient shophouse. The pub maintains a cloak of anonymity: there are no flashy hoardings to announce its presence. Nonetheless, it is one of the early pioneers of the regional cocktail culture. 

Operating Hours: Mon-Sat: 6.00pm – 12.00pm
Closed on Sunday
Contact Information: +65 8318 0328


9. Taylor Adam

A hidden speakeasy behind the facade of a tailor at Raffles Place in Singapore is exactly what we are searching for. At Taylor Adam, you’ll have no trouble finding a drink that suits your needs. Some of its signature cocktails are inspired by trade, travel and history. Chat it up with the bartender and you’ll get a drink that is tailored to your needs. 

Operating Hours:Mon-Sat: 10am – 12am 
Contact Information: Book Here
+65 8878 3395


10. The Elephant Room

The Elephant Room is hidden away on the second floor of a shophouse located in Keong Saik. Tucked above Burned Ends, This speakeasy includes subtle nuances of Indian culture within its interior. With jaali-patterned surfaces, vermillion-coloured walls and traditional sarong coasters. They also have innovative cocktails like Ayurveda, and the King of Toddy. Both are definitely a breath of fresh air. 

Operating Hours:6pm – 12.30am daily
Contact Information: Website
+65 9111 5131


11. Bar Stories

Blink, and you’ll probably miss Bar Stories hiding at Haji Lane. Bar Stories is said to be one of the first bespoke cocktail bars in Singapore. What’s more, there is no menu at this cocktail bar. Every drink is made especially for your palette and the bartenders sure don’t skim on presentations. So if you aren’t sure what to order, just ask behind the counter and they’ll whip up something magical for you. 

Operating Hours:Tues-Sun: 5pm – 10.30pm
Contact Information: Website
+65 6298 0838


12. The Other Room

One of the few speakeasy bars in Singapore that is truly hidden is The Other Room. They keep a low-profile online and a mysterious website to add. You would have to really be looking and paying attention to spot this hidden speakeasy bar. As a “drinking house for the discerning”, it offers cocktails that are expertly crafted. Paying homage to classic drinks, with a contemporary twist. 

Operating Hours:Tues-Sat: 6.30pm – 2.30am 
Contact Information: Website
+65 8300 6085


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