Inside Bird Paradise: Jurong Bird Park Penguins Flourish Ahead Of Grand Opening

To the new haven
By: Iffah Salleh
May 5, 2023

Prepare for a wonderful adventure as Bird Paradise opens for their grand opening on May 8! The arrival of news that a colony of 32 penguins has already begun settling into their new home in Mandai created a buzz of anticipation among bird enthusiasts. 

The penguins’ transition from Jurong Bird Park to Bird Paradise has been meticulously planned to ensure their well-being and happiness. 

Extra time and care have been taken to condition the penguins for this epic move, ensuring their seamless transitionto Bird Paradise. As the final residents of Jurong Bird Park make their way to this remarkable new avian haven, the anticipation for the grand opening reaches its peak.

State-Of-Art Habitat

This state-of-the-art habitat is designed to replicate the penguins’ natural environment, encouraging them to engage in instinctual hunting behaviours. Moreover, visitors may get up close and personal with four different penguin species, including 11 gentoos, 12 kings, eight humboldts, and one northern rockhopper.

The new Penguin Cove exhibit, featuring two mesmerising see-through saltwater tanks, allows these captivating birds to dive to incredible depths of seven metres.

Get lost in the Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove, and you’ll be enthralled by the lighting that mimics the sub-Antarctic Falkland Islands’ day and night cycles. This unique feature helps the penguins synchronise their biological clocks with the Southern hemisphere’s seasons.

To further enhance their natural hunting instincts, feeding devices have been strategically placed within the underwater rockwork, delivering thawed frozen fish. The captivating sight of these penguins diving and chasing their prey is a spectacle you won’t want to miss.

Bird Paradise’s TMI

Bird Paradise, formerly known as Jurong Bird Park, is a captivating avian sanctuary in Singapore. This haven showcases a diverse collection of exotic bird species from across the globe, inviting visitors to witness their beauty and remarkable behaviours. 

Immerse yourself in lush habitats that mirror their natural environments, and engage in interactive experiences that brings you closer to these magnificent creatures. 

From vibrant macaws to majestic eagles, adorable penguins, and graceful flamingos, Bird Paradise offers a kaleidoscope of feathered wonders. 

Educational journeys deepen your understanding of avian conservation, while captivating shows demonstrate the intelligence and agility of these birds. 

With meticulous care and a commitment to excellence, Bird Paradise creates an unparalleled sanctuary, where the wonder of flight takes centre stage. 

Embark on a remarkable adventure in the realm of Bird Paradise, and let the magic of avian beauty and conservation inspire you.

Ticket Prices And Promotions

Admission tickets for Bird Paradise can be purchased starting from April 24 for visits from May 8 to 26. Booking a time slot is essential, as is bird feeding if desired.

WildPass provides additional savings of up to 20% for local residents, so sign up for free before purchasing your Bird Paradise tickets!

Join us on May 8 for an incredible celebration of nature’s wonders and the extraordinary world of Bird Paradise.

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Children (3 to 12 years old)$33

All the images and videos in this article are from Mandai Wildfire Reserve

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