Bring Your Kids To IKEA For Free Eating Promotion On Oct 17th

IKEA kids eat free feat. animal-themed buns & cakes
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
October 4, 2022

Parents, rejoice: IKEA’s much-anticipated campaign is back this month. 

Children Eat Free Promotion 

That’s correct, as part of the Children’s Day celebrations this month, IKEA’s Kids Eat Free Promotion will return on October 17th. 

Additionally, Smland will reopen on the same day in IKEA Tampines, allowing parents to shop while their children play in the indoor playground. 

The meals, which cost $3.00 apiece, will be offered to children for free during the promotion time, however it seems probable that they will only be accessible with the purchase of an adult’s main course.


There are three options available: 

  • Kids Swedish meatballs with mashed potato
  • Kids plant balls with mashed potato
  • Kids organic spaghetti with tomato sauce

In addition to the complimentary meals for children, there will be animal-themed buns. There’s also a Rainbow Cake that will have your kids coming back for more.