Burger King Fan Favourite Returns For Taste Of Singapore

The iconic Rendang Burger makes a comeback for National Day
By: agnes
July 25, 2022

Fans of Rendang Burger, rejoice! For its annual Taste of Singapore promotion on this National Day, BURGER KING is bringing back the cherished burger! The Taste of Singapore menu, which will be available at all BURGER KING locations island-wide starting on July 26, 2022, will include two tried-and-true favourites, the Double Rendang Beef Burger and the Rendang Tendergrill Chicken Burger, as well as a brand-new heavyweight: the Rendang WHOPPER.

United We Makan

Singaporeans can finally come together with their entire kampung to celebrate our country’s 57th birthday over a Rendang Burger feast after spending the previous two years keeping a safe distance from their loved ones. The fabled Double Rendang Beef Burger requires little introduction; Singaporeans have appreciated its flavour for over 30 years. Feel the shiok-ness in every mouthful with these two flame-grilled beef patties sandwiched between toasted sesame seed buns and topped with fresh onions and Sedap Rendang sauce, a BURGER KING exclusive. The Rendang Tendergrill Chicken Burger, constructed with succulent Tendergrill chicken thigh patties liberally coated with Rendang sauce and garnished with freshly sliced onions, will satisfy your appetite for chicken.

The all-new Rendang WHOPPER, dubbed “the burger to rule them all,” offers a traditional Singaporean twist on a hamburger. With a real meaty flame-grilled WHOPPER beef patty, delicious mayo, crisp leaf lettuce, fresh onions, and BURGER KING’s Rendang sauce, fans of the WHOPPER can expect the complete works. Don’t say we bo jio because the Single Rendang Beef Burger and Rendang Chicken Burger value meal will be offered from August 9 to 12 at a special National Day price of $5.70 in honour of Singapore’s 57th birthday.

Starbuys & Sides

When you can finish your Rendang Burger meal and gorge on more mouthwatering sides, why enjoy your Rendang Burger alone? Fans can add more shiok-ness with our Starbuys or enjoy the delectable Rendang Burgers as a value meal with a side of crunchy fries and an iced SJORA. Burger King’s delectable Rendang Sauce can be shaken together with BK Nuggets & Fries to create the Rendang Shake, which blends the best of both worlds. If you like drumlets, try the Rendang Drumlets Shake, which includes everyone’s favourite Mexican drumlets topped with Rendang sauce for a flavorful kick.

The Share Share Bucket from Burger King has 12 pieces of BK Nuggets, 5 pieces of Mexican Drumlets, and Large Onion Rings, making it ideal for sharing with your entire kampung. Combine your favourites with sauces and dips like BBQ, Japanese Curry, and Rendang to create new flavour combinations that will tempt your palate.

The coconut and black glutinous rice-filled Pulut Hitam Pie will add sweetness to your National Day celebrations. Burger King will introduce the Godzilla Float as a tribute to our passion of chocolate malt. It is an iced chocolate malt beverage presented with a 3-in-1 sachet for more malty pleasure and topped with a creamy vanilla soft serve.

The King Gives Back

Join BURGER KING in an online campaign to raise money for Club Rainbow during the month of August. For each gift made, contributors will get a digital piece of art. The artwork, which was produced by design firm Tell Your Children in association with a Club Rainbow recipient, shows Singaporeans erecting the Rendang WHOPPER collectively, evoking a sense of camaraderie and kampung spirit. 

The artwork makes a comparison between Singapore’s multicultural melting pot and all the special spices that go into a delicious Rendang sauce. Just as each ingredient adds to the sauce’s complexity of flavours, every community in Singapore contributes significantly to the development of a vibrant and diverse country. 

By working together, BURGER KING, Nestlé Singapore, Club Rainbow, and Tell Your Children want to strengthen the communities that frequently straddle social boundaries and advance the cause of a more inclusive society. Hosted on Giving.sg, the fundraising campaign will go live on 1 August 2022.

If you’re planning to drop by your resident BURGER KING restaurant during the long weekend before National Day, don’t forget to upsize your meal as BURGER KING and Néstle Singapore will together donate $0.50 to Club Rainbow for every upsized order. All proceeds and donations will go directly to Club Rainbow.

Karen Nai, Head of Marketing at BURGER KING Singapore said, “Since the first BURGER KING opened in Singapore in 1982, we’ve felt so much love from our fans so it’s only right that we give back to the local community and support the causes that are close to our hearts. In the spirit of this year’s theme of ‘Stronger Together, Majulah!’, we’re returning the love by rallying Singaporeans to come together in support of Club Rainbow’s beneficiaries, to make this National Day more special for all.”

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