Casio Announces MT-G With New Exterior Design You HAVE To See!

The perfect edgy addition
By: agnes
November 12, 2021

Casio is announcing the latest additions to the G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches. Casio is presenting the new MTG-B2000 YBD and MTG-B2000XD which will be part of the MT-G collection. This line of watches features a construction that makes the most of the properties of both metal and resin. It also features a bezel component made of multilayer carbon. Glitz has everything you need to know about the new additions so keep on reading!

An Overall Look At The New Timepieces

The MTG-B2000 YBD and MTG-B2000XD take a basis from the MTG-B2000. They feature a Dual-Core Guard structure that gives an addition of strength while highlighting the appeal of the materials. The new watches employ a newly developed bezel frame and top made of carbon materials. This creates a beautiful exterior design while also reducing the weight of the watch. So you get a lightweight timepiece and style all in one. 

The Casio MTG-B2000YBD


The MTG-B2000YBD has a bezel frame at its sides. This is created by layering and machining multiple carbon and fiberglass sheets. The new bezel frame is actually 77% lighter than the stainless steel one used in the MTG-B2000. The top-layer carbon sheet wraps around the side while cylindrical carbon sheets wrap around the lugs for extra durability. Other than that, a polygonal crown complements the bezel design. Fiberglass layers in G-SHOCK red provide a stylish accent around the sides of the case. The watch also features red indicators accenting the watch’s face. 

The Casio MTG-B2000XD


The bezel on top of the MTG-B2000XD has a complex shape. This is made by using advanced pressing and cutting processes on the multilayer carbon material. The side view of the bezel reveals fiberglass layers in an all-new original green. This gives the watch a sporty and refined look. Perfect for those looking for an edge that enhances their overall outfit.

What Else Should You know?

Well, both new watches feature a layered-composite band made from both metal and fine resin parts. The band is even lighter weight thanks to the new hollow metal components.  What you should know is the components are crafted with specialized molding technology. These enable more resin to be used in the back of the band, delivering an even better fit. The best part is that the watch still retains the look and luster of metal where it counts.


What’s more, the MTG-B2000YBD and MTG-B2000XD deliver full-on functionality. This includes radio-controlled time-calibration signal reception and Mobile Link pairing with a dedicated smartphone app. It also has an automatic time correction when the paired smartphone is near. A high-brightness LED light also maintains watch readability in the dark for optimum convenience.

The MTG-B2000YBD retails for $1,839 while the MTG-B2000XD retails for $1,699. They will be available for purchase on Casio G-SHOCK’s website and at all G-SHOCK stores from 17 November 2021.

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