12 Confinement Centre In Singapore For The New Mumsies To Rest Good

Offering quality choices based on your lifestyle and financial requirements
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
November 22, 2022

Childbirth may be a thrilling event for some new moms, whereas others fear the confinement period that precedes. Confinement centres have been formed in recent times to assist new moms in transitioning to the parental role and caring for your infant. So whether you agree or not, confinement centres are immensely useful to new mothers, particularly those who are concerned about after-birth norms and limitations.

With so many confinement centres in the industry, which are the finest confinement centres within Singapore? Worry not, Glitz  highlights the Best Confinement Centres in Singapore in our Best of Mom column, delivering excellent suggestions according to your lifestyle and economic demands.

Confinement Centre In Singapore For Mums

1. SingJoy Confinement Centre

While recuperating after childbirth, you may master how to breastfeed effortlessly with expert midwives at the Singjoy confinement centre, housed at the magnificent Shangri-la Apartments. Packages begin at $13,800 for a 14-day stay in a two-bedroom house, which allows parents and other children to be close while giving the new mom and baby some solitude and privacy. Extra features include prenatal yoga, psychotherapy, and pelvic treatment by a physiotherapist.

Address:7500A Beach Rd, The Plaza, Singapore 199591
Contact Information:Call +65 8889 1958
Operating Hours:Open daily

2. PEM Confinement Nanny

PEM Confinement Nanny has been in industry for 30 years and is MOM-certified. Their carers have 150 training hours before being appointed, so you can be certain that you’re in great company. As part of the deal, they also include a free nanny substitute in case something goes wrong throughout your confinement period. PEM nannies are also trained by an in-house qualified midwife on proper latching procedures and various breastfeeding postures, so they can help you if you’re experiencing difficulty nursing.

Address:167 Woodlands Street 11, #02-23, Singapore 730167
Contact Information:Call +65 6293 9249
Operating Hours:Everyday, 10am-7pm

3. The Clover Suites

This beautiful confinement centre is meant to seem like a luxury resort, giving you and your baby the best care imaginable. Professional carers will guarantee that your newborn baby’s requirements are met while you relax and recover with delectable confinement foods, herbal hair cleaning, and postnatal therapies. Those opting for a shorter stay at a remand centre might consider The Clover Suites, a premium three-story hotel in Siglap (from $7,888/14 days). A professional baby picture session is provided, complete with decorations and attire.

Address:697 E Coast Rd, #02-01, Singapore 459060
Contact Information:Call +65 9722 5076
+65 9722 5076
Operating Hours:Open 24 hours

4. Kai Suites

If you absolutely want to luxuriate in superior confinement care, reserve a sumptuous stay at Kai Suites. This brand-new confinement hotel isn’t cheap, costing $27,000 for 28 days, but you and your kid will be well taken care of. As a recuperating mother, the on-site spa and wellness services will treat you with facials and postnatal and prenatal therapy. The average package at Kai Suites is $12,000 and includes a three-month prenatal programme, a seven-day stay, and a three-month post-natal programme. 

Address:26 Dunearn Road, S309423
Contact Information:+65 8877 0222
Operating Hours:

5. Madam Partum

Madam Partum is a well-known supplier of Confinement Care Centers, as well as Pre- and Post-Partum Care. Madam Partum employs the force of meridian massage (Tuina), that has been utilised in TCM for generations, and is backed by Chien Chi Tow, a famous TCM firm in Singapore. Madam Partum is committed to delivering the greatest care for its moms at every stage of their pregnancy and parenthood journey, from meridian therapies to maternity care items and postpartum treatments.

Address:192-196 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 436995
Contact Information:Call +65 6663 3933
+65 6663 3933
Operating Hours:Weekdays: 10am-10pm
Weekends: 10am-6pm

6. NannySOS

Perhaps you want to spend some quality time with your spouse and plan a lengthy romantic evening, or maybe you both have important chores to do and can’t bring the children along—if you need to employ a confinement nanny for less than a month, you’re on a tight budget, NannySOS‘ confinement care starts at $1,999/14 days. They do provide confinement meal service ($35/trial meal) and pre-and postpartum massage ($168/session).

Address:750 Chai Chee Rd, #01-07A, Singapore 469000
Contact Information:Call 65 6817 2479
Operating Hours:Everyday, 9am-7pm

7. AP Confinement

The very last act you’ll want to do after giving birth in a hospital is return to one. Relaxing at AP Confinement’s centre will appear to be a well-deserved break because it is situated at PARKROYAL Serviced Suites alongside Beach Road. Their packages comprise 28 days of herbal baths, coordinated care by a professional nannies, and nursing guidance. After you’ve returned, they offer add-on services such as newborn cognitive therapy and home vaccinations.

Address:33, Ubi Avenue 3 #08, Vetex, Tower B 08b, Singapore 408868
Contact Information:Call +65 8877 3488
Operating Hours:

8. My Queen

My Queen is a firm that offers prenatal and postpartum to women who are expecting to become moms. They believe that a woman’s prenatal care experience should commence the moment she finds she is pregnant. Parenthood is both stressful and rewarding for a woman. They want to offer women the atmosphere, training, and knowledge they need to emphasise self-care and adjust to the obstacles of their new journey. They will engage with the mothers and help them for at minimum a month after the child is delivered.

Address:23 Beach View, Palawan Ridge Sentosa Island, Singapore 098679
Contact Information:Call +65 8028 8186
Operating Hours:Open 24 hours

9. Singapore Muying Service

Source: Muying

Singapore Muying Service, headquartered in International Plaza, is a family-style confinement facility that offers exceptional postpartum care to new moms and babies. They are also informed about baby care and can answer questions about eczema and jaundice. Their postpartum recovery programme, which includes physiotherapy, detoxifying, and other therapies, supports new moms in recovering and recuperating after delivering. Not to mention that their confinement diets are produced fresh and contain adequate nutrition.

Address:8 Burn Rd, Singapore 369977
Contact Information:Call +65 9172 5200
Operating Hours:

10. Confinement Angels

If you need a professionally trained nanny to help you with your confinement journey, trust Confinement Angels to assist you with your baby care and post-partum needs. You may not be comfortable with freelance nannies, which is why Confinement Angels gives you peace of mind to hire someone who is professionally trained in all areas to help your life easier. If you decide to go with them, they have a free consultation to help answer your queries as well as free welcome packs!

Address:29 Tai Seng Avenue, #07-16, Singapore, 534119
Contact Information:Call +65 8822 9131
Operating Hours:Daily 9am – 7pm

11. NewLife Confinement Services

Photo from New Life Confinement Services

Established in 2016, New Life Confinement Services offers postnatal consultation and assistance, confinement rooms to stay at, confinement home services, and herbal confinement services. If you choose to book a room, you’ll get the advantage of having more privacy as well as your own nanny – since each nanny is assigned per room. They will be assisting you from the hospital straight to the confinement centre where the nanny assigned will be caring for you and your baby.

Address:Link @ AMK 3 Ang Mo Kio St 62 #03-16, Singapore 569139
Contact Information:Send a message +65 9173 8162
Operating Hours:Always open

12. Star Confinement Nanny

From short-term babysitting to 24 hour baby care, Star Confinement is one of the best confinement centres in Singapore to help you adjust to your motherhood. They also serve confinement herbs and tonics according to the recommended diet for proper recovery and nutrition.

Address:8G Yio Chu Kang Road, ICB Shopping Center S545522
Contact Information:Call +65 9889 7985
Operating Hours:Weekdays 9am – 6pm

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