Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Review 2022: It’s A ‘Meh’ From Us….

By: agnes
May 11, 2022

Just last week, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was released. And while it was one of the most anticipated movies this year, many felt a little let down by the outcome. As of now, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has scored a total of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite the film raking up $4.3 million at the Singapore box office (the biggest opening since Avengers: Endgame), the film came up with mixed reviews. To be completely honest, I watched the film with a bunch of friends and some of them loved it, while some of us didn’t. But before we head onto the Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Review 2022, here’s a little background on what the story entails. 

Note: If you’re avoiding spoilers for this movie, we would recommend you stop reading right now. But if you’ve already watched the movie, do continue!

The Story

Dr. Stephen Strange is at the wedding of Christine Palmer when chaos breaks out in the street. A huge creature that looks like an octopus is chasing a girl, whose name is America Chavez. The creature chases her through different dimensions, making trouble as it goes. Here, Strange and Wong jump into action to save the girl. At first, America didn’t really want to tell Strange and Wong what was going on. But after some persuasion, America explains. She says that she and a different version of Strange were trying to get to a magical spell book called the Book of Vishanti. However, that version of Doctor Strange turned against her and tried to take her power instead of letting it fall into the hands of the demon that was chasing them. But that Strange died. 

Now both Strange and Wong understand that America is being hunted because she can move between different universes, but she can’t really control when she does this. Strange thinks witchcraft might be involved, so he goes to Wanda, who is still upset about losing her children. This is when watching the Disney+ show “WandaVision” comes in handy. If you have never watched the series, you may be a little bit lost on what is happening. But back to the story – Wanda is upset and is looking to do everything in order to live in the universe where she has her children. She then becomes the Scarlet Witch and this causes chaos for Strange, Wong, and America.

The Action

Throughout the film, you will see Strange and America trying to get away from Wanda. Wanda starts “dream walking”, which actually goes against the witchcraft rules. But through dream walking, Wanda is able to find Strange and America in whichever universe they were in. At this time, Strange is in a universe called Earth 838, where the other Dr Strange is no longer alive. Now here’s the big spoiler: he then meets with the “Illuminati”, which consists of Captain Carter, a different variant of Captain Marvel, Black Bolt, Reed Richards, and Professor X of the X-Men series. 

The Illuminati tell Strange that Strange-838 laid his hands on the Darkhold during their war against Thanos and went completely crazy. When he realised how much damage he had done, it was too late. Thus, the other people in the group were forced to kill him. It seems like they had planned to do the same to Dr Strange but the Scarlet Witch dream walks into the body of Wanda of Earth 838. She then kills the entire Illuminati, except Mordo. Mordo then decides to let Strange go so that he can save America from Wanda.

The End

In the end, America is finally able to control her powers and figures that the only way to stop the Scarlet Witch is to give her what she wants. America opens up a portal where Scarlet Witch meets Wanda’s children. They become afraid of her and run to try to find Wanda, their “mummy”. Strange did ask Wanda earlier what would she do with the real mother of the boys, but she was unable to answer. It seems that even the Darkhold’s evil power cannot deal with the real situation. She’s turned into a monster, which her own kids find scary. She tries to convince them, begging and pleading but it doesn’t work. 

Scarlet Witch finally realises that her children view her as a monster and it opens her eyes to her wrongdoings. She decides to let her children be with Wanda and destroys Wundagore Mountain, which is the origin of the dark hold. It is rumoured that she killed herself while doing so, as we see the ruins come tumbling down on her. But with the existence of so many other universes, it’s not surprising that she’s very much alive somewhere else. Or maybe she didn’t even die at all. But who knows? 

Our Verdict

In our Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Review 2022, we enjoyed the plot twist of Wanda being the villain in this film – it truly shocked us. And we definitely feel for her and understand why she would want to live with her children. However, we felt like the movie was a little bit draggy and a bit too horror-ish for our liking. There was action for sure but the jump scares and horror elements just didn’t sit right with us. This is most likely due to the fact that we are not fans of horror movies so we may not enjoy them too much. Nevertheless, our friends who are fans of horror films actually enjoyed the movie. 

Overall, we feel like this was a good continuation of WandaVision as well as Spiderman: No Way Home. And of course, it assured us that there will be another Dr Strange in the near future. However, in our Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Review 2022, it’s unfortunate that we feel like Dr Strange wasn’t exactly the main character in this film. It’s as if the focus was more on Wanda and America and even the Illuminati. We would have liked more limelight on Dr Strange – after all, it is his own film. But this film is really subjective on whether you enjoy it or not. Personally, this isn’t a movie that we would watch again but maybe there are better Dr Strange films in the future. And we’ll be waiting.

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