Doraemon X Kipling Collection, Where Nostalgia Meets Curiosity

Doraemon X Kipling invites you to explore this colourful &…
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
September 28, 2022

Kipling just announced the latest Doraemon x Kipling Collection. A collection led by a longing for discovery and adventure. An icon in Japan and renowned worldwide, Doraemon embarks a whole generation on a journey back to their childhood memories.

Doraemon x Kipling: Where Nostalgia meets Curiosity

Over the past 30 years, both Doraemon’s and Kipling’s iconic stories have transcended generations and international borders. The dream of flying and exploring uncharted worlds is what the cartoon series is all about, and its childhood-like curiosity is right up Kipling’s alley. The campaign brings the spirit of exploration and curiosity to life through a series of bright pops of colour. Doraemon x Kipling invites you to follow along and explore this colourful and exciting world.

Jessi Miller Webster, lead designer on this project, treasured working on a collection that is deeply rooted in nostalgia, “we never forget beloved characters from our childhood. They remind us of happy times and that is what we wanted to convey in this collaboration.”

Delia $219 & Hiphurray $99

Talking about the inspiration, the collection is based on a juxtaposition of playful and chic. Both youthful and sporty details were included and executed through the red webbing, embroidered patches, PU trims, metal jewellery-like hardware, and an unexpected, Doraemon-printed, feminine lining. 

The cherry on top is the unique, metallic charm: an abstract interpretation of Doraemon’s collar bell. To represent Doraemon’s playful universe, the collection comes in the fictional character’s main colours: red and blue. A deep navy blue was chosen for the bags’ base tone to maximise elegance and femininity.

Superfun $199 & Gablemini,$169

The Doraemon x Kipling Collection price range starts from $65 to $219, and will be available at all Kipling boutiques starting 26 September 2022.

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