Everything You Should Do When Visiting Changi Bay Point

Take a stroll down to Changi Bay Point!
By: Cherelle Lim
April 4, 2023

Who has visited Changi Bay Point? Or at least the surrounding area? If you haven’t, now’s the time! Changi Bay is a gorgeous planning area in the eastern region of Singapore and offers numerous experiences for you to try. Changi Bay Point is a great chill-out spot with views of the sea. There is even a connecting route to Changi Beach Park and East Coast Park. If you are planning on taking a trip to Changi Bay Point anytime soon, Glitz has a few ideas of what you can do while you’re there! Whether it is cycling on the beach or visiting a museum, we’ve got something for everybody. 

To get to Changi Bay Point, park at Changi Beach Park Carpark 7 and just walk or cycle over. To get to Changi Bay PC by bus, take bus 35 from Bedok or Tanah Merah Station, and get off at the bus stop near Carpark 6 at Changi Beach Park. You can either bring your own bicycles, rent SG bicycles near the bus stop, or rent from the bike hut at Changi Beach Park!

Fun Things To Do At Changi Bay Point

1. Cycling at Changi Bay Point Park Connector

Changi Bay Point

Cycling enthusiasts will be thrilled to hear that there are not one, but two 80-metre slip-resistant cycling bridges at Changi Bay Point. The bridges connect Tanah Merah Coast and Changi Coast Road. It would just feel divine to cycle during sunset or sunrise if you are up for the challenge as the view would be magnificent. Furthermore, this park connector actually makes up a part of the Eastern Loop that is the Round Island Route. The RIR is a 150km network of park connectors that allows you to go around the island. So from Changi Bay Point, you can definitely cycle up to Marina Bay, or even Coney Island! 

2. Photo Op With Lone Trees

Changi Bay Point
image credits – Tiffany Tan at SG PCN Cyclist

You might have heard of the famous lone trees at Upper Seletar Reservoir and Jurong Lake Gardens that are Insta-worthy. But now, Changi Bay Point trumps them both with a few lone trees standing by. One of the most incredible feats at Changi Bay Point is the “floating” tree. During high tide, this little tree appears to be floating in the sea with its roots planted on the shoreline. It really is an Insta-worthy sight, especially since it reminds us of New Zealand’s iconic Wanaka Willow! If you’re finding it hard to get a photo with this mystical tree, head on over to the other lone trees scattered about. We suggest the best time for a photo op is when the sun is setting. 

3. Changi Beach Park

While you’re in the area, why not take a trip down to Changi Beach Park! Did you know that it is actually one of the oldest beach parks in Singapore? That alone is a reason to visit Changi Beach Park. If you’re afraid of getting lost, don’t worry because there is a map that shows you exactly what is where. The park is lined with benches, shelters, barbeque pits and even a cycling track. So, a picnic is definitely an activity that sounds like a good plan when visiting the Bay area. There are also two play areas for the little ones, and you can cycle along the entire track, so don’t worry about having to haul your bicycle around.

4. Take A Stroll On The Boardwalks

image credits – @mackymuy

When you’re feeling a little down, why not take a walk here! Strolling on the boardwalks allows you to admire nature and the scenery. It is also good to note that the Changi Bay Point Park Connector spans 3.6km long. So, you don’t have to worry about running out of a path to walk on. What’s more, is that you’ll be walking with a seaside view that lets you admire the ocean without getting your shoes wet.

At certain points, you’ll also veer off onto a wooden boardwalk and one of the boardwalks connects to a half-sheltered area with vending machines and toilets. Perfect for a short snack break! After a long trek, you’ll be glad to plop down on one of the benches at the lookout pavilion. This is a great spot for sunset photos as well!

5. Refuel Your Tummy

Photo by Bronze Digitals on Pexels

Once you have arrived at the Changi Beach, make sure to take some time to refuel your energy at the restaurants located along the area. For foodies, the place is a hidden gem as there is a whole plethora of restaurants offering local and international delicacies. If you’re unsure where to dine, The Seagrill is a bistro bar that is conveniently located near the beach shore. It is a perfect spot if you want to sink your teeth into its signature fish and chips or simply indulge in a glass of pina colada. The Coastal Settlement is ideal if you want to be surrounded by lush greenery and memorabilia from the past while relishing your taste buds with contemporary cuisine. However, our personal recommendation would have to be a trip to the Changi Village Hawkers Centre for the affordable yet amazing food.

6. Visit the Changi Museum and Chapel

Take a trip down the memory lane by visiting the Changi Museum and Chapel which was initially situated at the Changi prison before being relocated to Changi Village. The museum displays artefacts and memorabilia from the wartime during the Japanese occupation between 1942 and 1945. Visitors can choose to explore the museum with a guide or audio tours. Additionally the Changi Chapel which is modelled after St George’s Church, is actually built by the prisoners of war during their captivity. One pro tip, we advise you to pre-book your admission early to avoid a long waiting time.

7. Feast Your Eyes with the Breathtaking Views and Natural Wonders

Along the Changi Bay Point, there are a few spots where you can rest before resuming your walk. The lookout pavilion at the boardwalk provides a picturesque view of the sea during sunrise and sunset. While near the shoreline, the pathway is surrounded by lalang grass and flower patches which makes it a perfect place for a picnic. If you want to be close to the sea, there is a dirt path that leads visitors to the breakwaters. The perfect photo-op, you should definitely head over to Changi Bay Point to witness the sunset at least once in your lifetime.

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