We Tried A Genderless Hoodie From Finix And We’re In LOVE

All clothing should be genderless from now on
By: agnes
February 18, 2022

If there’s one thing we love, it’s fashion. But not just any fashion, fashion with purpose and meaning. Back in the day, fashion was used to categorise genders. However, as we evolve as a society, gender does not just mean one or another these days. In fact, gender is fluid and gender is love. You don’t need a specific type of fashion item to define your gender. And local athleisure label Finix understands this, which is why they have launched their first main collection: Freedom. Glitz got the opportunity to speak to founder Leonard and to try one of their pieces ourselves. Here’s what we have to say!

The Freedom Collection

Authentic self-expression, movement, and mindfulness were all catalysts for freedom. The collection features versatile highlight pieces that complement today’s thoughtful movement. With gender-neutral design gradually making its way into popular culture.

The Freedom Noragi Jacket (S$118) is a casual relaxed version of the kimono built for comfort and mobility. While the Freedom Harem Joggers (S$98) and Shorts (S$78) move with the body and take the modern-day jogger to a whole new level of hippie-chic

On the other hand, the Freedom Scoop Neck Sweatshirt (S$82) features a wider, dropped-cut neckline that dancers love. Furthermore, the bold and edgy Finix’s current pre-launch looks include brilliant and colourful shirts made in unorthodox cuts. This create seamless looks with a flowy, relaxed silhouette when worn together; all of which compliments the Freedom collection. Along with gender neutrality, the collection emphasises sustainability by using high-quality, environmentally friendly textiles like TencelTM and Odell ice cotton.

A Chat With Founder Leonard

You will never truly get to understand a brand until you hear it from them firsthand. Thus, we got the chance to sit down with Finix founder Leonard to speak about what the Freedom Collection means to him. In addition, we dug deep into the Finix process and what Leonard hopes for the future of genderless clothing. Keep reading to find out more:

1. Hi Leonard! Can you share with us what this new collection means to you?

This new collection is very personal to me as it is a culmination and reflection of my personal journey towards discovering and understanding myself on a deeper level. Why I chose the theme of “Freedom” was because it was a lot about letting go – freeing myself from the shackles of my past – and allowing for the new to enter. This meant a lot of digging deep and coming face to face with my own inner demons. It was definitely a very cathartic experience but also a very liberating and eye-opening one.

2. How was the process of creating/designing the collection like?

I knew right from the start I wanted to create a collection where comfort, ease and fluidity of movement were central in my designs. This formed the basis of my collection. Subsequently, I centred the theme of my collection around the notion of freedom. I began looking at my life and my past, and tried to recall moments where I truly felt expansive and free, and moments where I felt trapped and silenced.

This brought me back to those days when I was navigating my way as a queer kid in Singapore, my days as a dancer, my time living in Japan and my solo trips to Bali. This formed the reference point from which I came up with my designs like the Freedom Noragi Jacket, the Freedom Harem Joggers and Shorts, the Freedom Scoop Neck Sweatshirt and Rise Cropped Hoodie – all of which embody this idea of being free to express, move and be yourself.

3. The Freedom collection is all about expressing yourself, can you share with us on how you like to express yourself?

Growing up I always loved expressing myself through the arts and fashion – particularly in design and dance. These spaces gave me an avenue to dream and take risks. It allowed me to push certain boundaries in my life and also come to understand myself better. 

I always liked incorporating colour, often those that were not typically seen on men such as pinks and pastels, into my outfits. But I also loved mixing and matching more fluid, oversized silhouettes for comfort and mobility – and this came a lot from my time as a dancer. I also enjoyed accessorising from jewellery to scarves, and also experimenting with my hair, makeup and body art. 

Granted some of my fashion choices back then didn’t quite sit well with some of my peers and loved ones but it certainly helped shape the person and designer I am today.

4. Which item out of the collection is your favourite and why?

This is a tough one. All my designs feel like my babies. But if I had to choose it would have to be either the Freedom Noragi Jacket or the Rise Cropped Hoodie and Freedom Harem Joggers combo. I feel these pieces stand out the most to me and they certainly set you apart whether you’re at the studio or day out with friends.

5. What is your hope for genderless clothing in 5 years to come?

I definitely hope to see more fashion brands and businesses embracing genderless fashion in a meaningful way. It definitely will transform how the industry sees fashion. Think about it, not only are you opening up a whole new category of clothes for fresh designs and a new type of customer to emerge but you’re also breaking down the gender divide that currently separates men from womenswear. Gone would be the stigma of someone shopping in the section of the opposite sex; and clothing designs would be so much more accessible on a broader level. Introducing genderless fashion also has the ability to pave the way for more diversity and representation in the fashion market. Individuals who don’t particularly identify themselves within the fixed gender binary would feel empowered, confident and safe to be themselves.

Our thoughts

When we first came across Finix, we were very excited to hear about the Freedom Collection. So much so that we just had to try one of the pieces out ourselves. We got the Rise Cropped Hoodie from Finix and immediately tested it out in the tropical weather. To our surprise, the hoodie kept us warm in air-conditioned rooms but also did not make us sweat outside. Just as Finix mentions, fleece hoodies don’t make sense in warm climates. Therefore, they use the Odell ice cotton terry which kept us cosy throughout the day. 

In addition, it’s honestly a good item to have in your post-workout kit. As it keeps you warm after an intense workout sesh. Plus, it’s incredibly stylish which is a definite plus point. In terms of material, it’s actually very impressive to know that it’s made of sustainable textile. This is because the hoodie is extremely soft but sturdy at the same time. We can definitely see this piece lasting for decades and it easily fits any outfit. 

The style of the hoodie is also very complementing to any body shape. It features a short front and a long back, alongside bright gold ‘Finix’ embroidery. Furthermore, the adjustable drawstring also sports a gold tip. Overall, we love love love this genderless hoodie and will definitely be looking forward to any upcoming Finix collections!

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