Best Gift Cards And Vouchers In Singapore For 2022

Gift cards that people would actually use
By: agnes
March 25, 2022

To be completely honest, I enjoy buying gifts for people. Whether it’s for their birthdays or Christmas, I enjoy putting together gift packages or care packages. However, gift shopping is extra difficult when you’re shopping for people you don’t really know personally. I’m pretty sure we’ve all come across parties or gatherings where there’s a gift exchange. And you’re tasked to buy a gift for a random person. The first thing that comes to mind is usually food, am I right? But food is perishable and sometimes doesn’t really leave a long-lasting impact. Well, lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect gift idea – gift cards and vouchers! Here, we list the best gift cards and vouchers in Singapore for 2022.

1. Sephora 

Here’s one of the best gift cards and vouchers in Singapore for those who love beauty products! I’m a beauty enthusiast myself and I can spend hours in Sephora looking from one shelf to the next. The only problem is that I can only buy a maximum of 3 products because let’s face it – it’s pretty expensive. Thus, if anyone were to buy a Sephora gift card for me, I would be swooning! Depending on the amount that you choose, your receiver can purchase more items of their choice. Furthermore, it’s also a gender neutral gift because you can even find men skincare or fragrance products at Sephora. What’s not to love?

Amount: $20 – $100

Where to buy: Sephora outlets or online

2. Ikea

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they start getting married and moving into a new place. Well, that’s when a gift card from Ikea will surely come in handy. Truly, we feel like it’s one of the best gift card and vouchers in Singapore that you can get this year. Furthermore, even if they don’t feel like spending it on shiny new furniture, the gift cards can be used for food. And who doesn’t love Ikea meatballs and the sweet almond cake? However, if they do use it for furniture, they will surely thank you for taking some of the load off. Plus, one great thing about gift cards is the fact that they can buy whatever they want. 

Amount: $20 – $1,000

Where to buy: Ikea outlets or online

3. CapitaLand Mall 

If you’re looking for a more general gift cards and vouchers in Singapore, how about the ecapita voucher? The ecapita voucher is a gift that you can send via the CapitaLand Mall app. After sending it to your receiver, they will be able to use it at any store in CapitaLand Mall. Therefore, if you’re unsure whether the person likes beauty, fashion, food, or even tech, this is the perfect gift idea for them. In addition, it’s also eco-friendly as it doesn’t require a physical card. Furthermore, it’s extremely convenient and flexible as there isn’t an expiration date to the gift voucher. 

Amount: $10 – $200

Where to buy: CapitaLand Mall online

4. Cotton On

Looking for more gender-neutral gift cards and vouchers in Singapore? How about a gift card from Cotton On! Fashion enthusiasts will get ‘all the feels’ after receiving this e-gift card from you. But that’s not even the best part. The best part is that they are able to use this gift card in various Cotton On sister companies. That’s right, your receiver can use this in Cotton On Body, Typo, Factorie, and so many more shops. Trust us when we say whoever receives this will love it very much.

Amount: $10 – $500

Where to buy: Cotton On online


While Cotton On is a pretty regular spot that people would adjourn to for fashion pieces, we shouldn’t overlook ASOS too. ASOS is one of London’s most popular fashion brands that provides amazing gift cards and vouchers in Singapore. Therefore, if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd with your gift, why not buy an e-gift card from ASOS. You get to choose which colour you prefer your e-gift card to be and the amount in it. We recommend $50 but you’re free to go higher if you’d like!

Amount: $20 – $100

Where to buy: ASOS online

6. Decathlon

If you already know who you’re shopping for and it’s someone who enjoy sports, we recommend the Decathlon gift card. Decathlon is probably the best place for sport items and they also give out some really cool gift cards and vouchers in Singapore. You can buy almost any sports equipment from Decathlon, including camping essentials to gym needs. However, it’s important to note that the Decathlon gift card cannot be used to purchase bulky items. This includes bikes, fitness machines, tennis tables, and more. 

Amount: $10 – $250

Where to buy: Decathlon outlets

7. Starbucks

Here’s one of the best gift card and vouchers that will surely put a smile on anybody’s face all year long! Starbucks has become a staple spot for Singaporeans to get their coffee fix. We’re pretty sure most of you own a Starbucks card of your own. Not only is it fun to collect the different and seasonal designs that they have, but the cards are also pretty useful. You’re able to collect points via the card and redeem them for free drinks. In addition, you also get some pretty cool freebies on your birthday month. 

Amount: $10 – $100

Where to buy: Starbucks outlets

8. Steam

So we’ve introduced you to various gift cards and vouchers in Singapore, but this has got to be the best for gamers. Steam is a famous gaming platform where gamers can buy a variety of games. Thus, if you’re shopping for an avid gamer, a Steam gift card will be your best bet. With this gift card, they can purchase whatever games they want, alongside items in their games. The amount on the gift card will be credited into their account and they will be able to use it from there. And psstt… this also makes for the perfect anniversary gift for your boyfriend or husband!

Amount: $20 – $100

Where to buy: Steam online

9. Amazon

Gifting someone an Amazon gift card is akin to giving them money. Therefore, it is one of the most versatile gift cards and vouchers in Singapore. It’s going to be difficult to narrow your choices down to just a handful among the millions they provide. Gift cards from Amazon are also super fun, as they come in a variety of choices. Gifting your card in a pop-up box helps it appear more like a traditional present, making it more appealing to the recipient. Furthermore, you can add a picture or you can also include a personal message – how cute!

Amount: $1 – $500

Where to buy: Amazon online

10. Popular

Whether you’re shopping for someone who is still in school or someone older, bookstore gift vouchers are always nice. Popular does offer some pretty good gift cards and vouchers in Singapore. With their gift vouchers, you can purchase books, stationery, and more. In addition, if you happen to have a Popular card or e-card, you can credit the amount into your account. Thus, you will not need to carry around the gift voucher whenever you go out to shop. If someone younger happens to get your gift, they’ll be able to purchase stationeries for school. And if someone older gets it, they will be able to purchase storybooks – we recommend the award-winning ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ for sure.

Amount: $5 – $20

Where to buy: Popular outlets or online

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