Professional Matchmaker Shares Gift Recommendations Based on Your Partner’s Love Language for Valentine’s Day

Not everyone has the same idea of ''love''
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
February 9, 2022

Providing an unforgettable gift for our loved one is always a good idea to express our love. Price does not really matter, as long as the gift is personal, sincere and prepared with the receiver in mind. Jewelry, luxury watches, branded products, expensive flowers, imported chocolates and so on might be perceived as the best gifts, but is that true?

The fact is, expensive gifts only will create sparks for a slight second. After the picture or video of the gifts has been uploaded to the receiver’s social media, the happiness will gradually decrease as time goes by. There’s no specific meaning or memories that the receiver can take away from. Especially for those who have a different love language than “receiving gifts”.

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, Violet Lim, Chief Cupid and CEO of dating agency Lunch Actually, spills her tips for couples to think of gifts as a way to show their love based on each other’s love language. Glitz by Beauty Insider dips in. 

“I have friends or even coaching clients who have been married for years but still do not feel loved. That’s because each of us has a different love language, and we’re often guilty of showing our love to our partner based on our own love language, not theirs,” Violet said.

Here are Violet’s suggestions on the best gift you should give based on your partner’s love language

1. Staycation – if your partner’s love language is Physical Touch

Instead of buying them a luxurious gift, what matters the most to people with this love language is the feeling of closeness and intimacy. Surprise him/her with a staycation while you both can spend your time chatting while cuddling, watching movies or series while lying down, sharing about your day while playing with each other’s hair would be the best way to make them feel loved.

2. Plan a fun day out without technology – if your partner’s love language is Quality Time

For someone with Quality Time as their love language, it’s truly the moments you both spend together that matters the most, no matter what you do! To make them feel loved, plan a fun day out like a picnic, visit a theme park, go cycling or check out a new exhibition in town. The surprise? You have to ditch your phone for the whole day! This may seem trivial to you – but your partner will feel special knowing that you are only focusing your attention on them. 

3. Write a handwritten love letter or card – if your partner’s love language is Words of Affirmation

Just like the name suggests, hearing or reading about how much you appreciate and love them is what’s going to make your partner’s heart flutter the most. Try writing them a love letter to tell them how much they mean to you or what you love most about them! Reading a simple “I love you” note or card could mean the world to people whose love language is Words of Affirmation.

4. Handmade Gifts – if your partner’s love language is Receiving Gifts

If your partner’s love language is receiving gifts, why not do something special and craft a handmade gift? Make them scrapbooks, homemade artificial flowers, knitted scarves, and so on. The more effort you put in to prepare this gift for them, the more they will remember it and feel loved. You will spend less money, but you need some more time to work on that gift.

5. Homemade Meal –  if your partner’s love language is Acts of Service

For someone whose love language is Acts of Service, action truly speaks louder than words. So for Valentine’s Day, you can spoil them with your own homemade meal! Your effort to buy the ingredients, cook the meal, set up the table with beautiful decorations, and clear everything up afterwards will be a special memory for them to remember. The most wonderful memories often are not the most luxurious or extravagant, yet they are thoughtful, sincere and can convey your appreciation for your loved one on a special day like Valentine’s day.

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