Join Grityard HIIT Group Fitness Classes With Your Besties And Sweat It Off!

Sweat it off at Grityard!
By: Cherelle Lim
September 29, 2022

Working out is an activity that is best done with friends! With friends, you’ll feel much more motivated to continue exercising and putting your all into it. Compared to working out alone, working out in groups is much more exciting. Not only can you encourage each other to keep going, but you will definitely have more fun! But if you don’t know where to start, Glitz might have an idea! Grityard has HIIT Group Fitness Classes that will definitely have you sweating for a healthier body. Furthermore, Grityard is one of the best gyms in Singapore that has some of the most qualified trainers and the best classes! If you still aren’t sure, here is why you should join Grityard and their team for a HIIT Group Fitness Class. 


Grityard was co-founded by 3 former team Singapore athletes, Lim Yao Peng, Lim Yao Xiang and Teh Chong Nyen. The trio have represented Singapore in track & field, water polo and swimming. As they have spent a lifetime dedicated to fitness and sport, their main mission at Grityard is to offer accessible and authentic fitness to everyone. 

Aside from that, Grityard came from the trio’s desire to fill a gap in the fitness industry, by utilising their high-performance background. By applying their knowledge and concepts to mainstream workouts, they hope to benefit more people. Yao Xiang stated that it was like, “a Michelin-starred chef who leaves his or her high-paying job and opens a cafe or a hawker stall, so they can share their dishes and cuisine with a wider population”. 

With at least 50 years of training spread out among the trio, it is no wonder they see themselves as “Michelin stars of fitness”. As for how the name Grityard came into existence, the trio of co-founders wanted something that they could all identify with. Grit represents determination, motivation and consistency. Words that truly describe our golden athletes. While Yard refers to your playground to get fit! Thus, Grityard was born. What’s more, Grityard is a place for you to join like-minded people, learn from experts, move with purpose, level up your fitness and gain knowledge! 

The Team

Empowered by knowledge, movement and expertise, the team at Grityard are committed to helping you achieve all your fitness goals. Whether it is through their HIIT Group Fitness Classes or Personal Training, the team of excellent trainers will assist you. Furthermore, you can also get a free consultation with their trainers as well! Just drop them a query on their official page and you’re well on your way to starting your fitness journey. 

Since there are two Grityard outlets in Singapore, you can easily visit the one closest to you. What’s more, is that both outlets drop their class schedules every Wednesday, complete with the trainer teaching the class! So, you can definitely pick and choose on your own terms when you want to sweat it off and with who. Furthermore, Grityard’s quality trainers provide close attention to everyone in class. Constantly offering feedback to help people achieve their fitness goals.

Even in a group class setting, you’ll get a level of guidance similar to that in a personal training session. Showing how Grityard’s HIIT Group Fitness Classes are compatible with everyone. With two outlets at Outram and CBD, there are a number of different trainers at each too. According to their weekly schedule, you can choose to attend one of their HIIT Group Fitness Classes with Lim Yao Peng, Joy Kuan, Claudia Tan, Ryan Ang and more! So, be sure to check out their weekly schedules and make your booking. 

HIIT Group Fitness Classes

The thing that makes Grityard’s HIIT Group Fitness Classes unique is that they are based on the 5 basic pillars of the human body’s functional output. Strength, Power, Agility, Core and Endurance are all equally important. Besides that, these 5 pillars are suitable for all levels of fitness enthusiasts, whether you are just a friendly beginner or a high-performance athlete. The trio of founders designed this high-touch program and approve of its values as well. With their HIIT Group Fitness Classes, clients will definitely feel better, fitter and even better! Thus, improving your body’s ability to respond better functionally and physically. 

As an all-around fitness programme, Grityard’s HIIT Group Fitness Classes incorporate the 5 pillars condensed into 30 to 45-minute sessions. Grityard believes that everyone has an ability ratio split between the 5 pillars. Even though every workout at Grityard is different, they are all designed to activate the 5 pillars in your body! 


When it comes to the HIIT Group Fitness Classes, Grityard has split them into 7 classes. Fundamentals, Mobstrong, Juggernaut, Reignman, The Blitz, Hell Fire and The Long Haul. The Fundamentals class is designed to aid you in acclimating to the other Grityard programmes. Laying down the foundation for more advanced and combined movements. Juggernaut trains strength and is where resistance meets functional movement patterns. This is a unique resistance-based HIIT training system that will have you cut like a diamond in no time. 

Reignman trains power and is inspired by Shawn Kemp, one of NBA’s greatest. This HIIT programme will have you challenging both your mind and body with speed work and plyometric exercises. The Blitz trains agility and focuses on speed, agility and power drills. This is one of the most efficient ways to burn fat too! Hell Fire trains core and tests your structural limits with controlled movements. Target your core area with burns from hell! Lastly, The Long Haul trains endurance. It uses minimal equipment and plenty of functional movement patterns. 

Personal Training

If crowds are not your thing, you can always opt for Grityard’s personal training. It is great if you need help starting and progressing towards your personal fitness goals. At Grityard, they help curate, customise and work together with you to design the best workout that suits you! With highly experienced and professional trainers, rest assured that you are in excellent hands to help you towards your fitness goals. For more information about their prices, just drop them a query here and get a free consultation! 


Grityard Outram:

“The trainers are dedicated to ensuring you get the best workout possible. Their experience of training and competing at a high level clearly shows and they repeatedly emphasise the importance of proper form with any exercise. A few good reps are always better than many bad reps. I would highly recommend this gym for anyone looking for a fun and effective workout.”

Sudhershen Hariram, Google

“One of the most personable gyms in Singapore. Trainers come with years of experience in competitive sports. It is a workout community that encourages each other to overcome their own Mt. Everest. There is no judgement here no matter what age, skin colour or fitness level you come from. I made new friends and it made Singapore feel closer to home because of the members and trainers it has.”

Chin Sarah, Google

Grityard CBD:

“a really nice gym with great equipment + facilities and super patient instructors who focus on form and try to cater the workout for varying abilities.  flexible and understanding with their extension policy and overall a supportive, non-judgmental environment. location is really convenient too!”

Natalie Teo, Google

“Suitable for everyone from various fitness levels. Coaches always look out for everyone and tailor workouts to suit each individual. Always a great workout with Grityard!”

Jia Xhin Yeip, Google

More Information

Despite all their high-quality service and highly experienced trainers, Grityard programmes are quite affordable! Trials begin from as low as $35 for a week of unlimited access. While packages range from $250 for 10 sessions to $1,000 for 40 sessions. Grityard also offers monthly unlimited packages as well. For more information on class packs, click here

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