Halloween Events In Singapore For The Ultimate Spooky Season

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By: agnes
October 27, 2021

One of the most anticipated celebrations in October is none other than Halloween! It’s a super fun time where children and adults get to dress up as their favourite characters. The kids would typically go trick-or-treating while the adults would usually celebrate the spooky event with parties. Of course, we’re sure a lot of you will be dressed as squid game characters this year. Are we right? But dressing up is just the tip of the iceberg. Nowadays, there are many events to attend where you get the full Halloween experience. Can’t quite understand what we’re talking about? Fret not, just check out our list of Halloween events you should be attending this year and try them out yourself!

Halloween Events In Singapore You Should Be Attending

1. Fright Night At The Museum by Xperience Singapore

There’s nothing more chilling than real-life horror stories. But if this is something that excites you, then a tour of The Museum by Xperience Singapore is the ideal event for you to spend Halloween. To give you an idea of the experience, the tour is about 90-minutes long and takes place outdoors and indoors as well. The tour mainly talks about Rose, a Nyonya lady who tragically died in Joo Chiat. The tour starts at the former Joo Chiat Maternal and Child Health Clinic before leading you to Koon Seng Road. 

But the creepy night actually starts at the Peranakan Museum. This museum was Rose’s former house, where she committed suicide. Until today, it is believed that her spirit haunts the house and paranormal activities have been sighted by the caretaker. Those who are interested in this event can also opt to add on a staycation at Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy Hotel. This hotel is roughly 15 minutes away from the haunted Peranakan Museum, adding more spook to your night. Also, don’t forget to dress right for the occasion as it will take place outdoors. So remember to pack your umbrellas if you need to. 

Price: Starts from $60

Where to book: Click here

2. Halloween Horror Nights Exhibition by Universal Studios Singapore

Halloween Horror Nights by Universal Studios Singapore has long been a staple for Singaporeans. If you didn’t know Halloween Horror Nights actually started its first edition nine years ago. That’s nine years of iconic horror characters and unforgettable scares. This year, Universal Studios Singapore is hosting a unique exhibition that takes you back through all the years of Halloween Horror Nights. So those who are intrigued to know how all these nights are planned and executed can look forward to this event.

The exhibition starts with a photo tour, before taking you through the making of Halloween Horror Nights. Passing through the making section, you will be met with The Hall Of Icons and later, the Scare Zones showcase. But of course, the exhibition would not be complete without a section that talks about the shows, scaremony, and haunted houses. In addition, you will get to spot all your favourite iconic characters throughout the exhibition. Truly, you would be surprised to know how much work goes into ensuring this spooky event goes smoothly. 

Price: Starts from $49

Where to book: Click here

3. Murder At Old Changi Hospital by Sight Lines Entertainment

It’s no secret that the Old Changi Hospital is one of the creepiest spots in Singapore. The supposedly haunted hospital has gained much recognition after viral pictures and videos circulated around. Many have also experienced real-life ghost sightings when staying nearby the hospital. If you’ve always been curious about the hospital, this is your chance to experience it via ‘Murder At Old Changi Hospital’ – an escape room adventure written by award-winning scriptwriter Chong Tze Chie. Be warned, this is certainly not for the faint of heart so make sure you are fully ready for it. 

This particular chilling story talks about Farah Aiyah, a canteen worker who was allegedly murdered in the hospital. It is believed that Farah’s ghost had trapped four commandos who were supposedly involved in her murder. In this thrilling and spine-chilling event, you will be on the hunt for Farah’s murderer, to finally end the case. To make this Halloween event even better, you can experience the mystery in the comfort of your own room. But those who are looking for the real-life thing can opt to try the live escape room, where you can hunt the murderer down with your friends.

Price: Starts from $45 for virtual experience and $210.55 (5 pax) for live experience

Where to book: Click here

4. Superspook by SuperPark Singapore

For the first time ever, SuperPark Singapore will be hosting a special Halloween Horror Maze in order to celebrate the spooky day. But worry not, as all the other usual amusement and theme park activity stations are still open for your children who do not feel like going for the horror maze. However, those who are looking forward to the Halloween special can expect a series of events that tells the tales of what happened during the British occupation.

Take a walk through the cemetery, land of mischief, and an abandoned church – all while being surrounded in darkness. Event-goers can also look forward to intense scares and over-the-top Halloween decorations that are sure to make a great addition to your Instagram feed. But that’s not all, as the best part is being able to enjoy all the free treats available at the treat station. With two sessions available, hurry up and start grabbing tickets for you and your friends.

Price: Starts from $39.90

Where to book: Click here

5. Ghost Ship Cruise by Royal Albatross

If you’re an avid fan of Halloween events in Singapore, then this one should be no stranger to you. Last year, the Ghost Ship Cruise by Royal Albatross was sold out on all days. This year, Royal Albatross has decided to add on an extra date due to high demand and is now selling off their last few tickets. If you’re unsure of whether you should join this unique experience, let us give you a little insight. 

It’s no surprise that there have been rumors about Sentosa Triangle. This place is known to be cursed and has been the spot for many missing ships. The missing ships in Sentosa Triangle are said to float aimlessly while the cries of ghosts can be heard throughout the night. If you’re brave enough, hop onto the Ghost Ship Cruise as they voyage into Sentosa Triangle. There is also a haunted Captain’s cabin to be uncovered – all you have to do is ask the crew “Where’s the ghost?”. Plus, you also get to enjoy a 3 or 6-course dining experience outside with a spooky twist. Does this seem up your alley? Well, then get to booking now before all tickets sell out!

Price: $195

Where to book: Click here

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