A Handy Guide Before Starting Your First Singapore Round The Island (RTI) Experience

A guide to preparing for your first RTI cycling route
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
June 28, 2022

Congratulations, you have finally agreed to participate in the legendary Round The Island circuit that almost everyone raves about in this city. During the COVID-19 epidemic, one of the hobbies that exploded in popularity in Singapore was none other than leisure cycling. Locals had found interest in riding activities and soon collected a greater number of members than ever before.  

Presently, as cyclists gained confidence on handling their two wheels, it’s no surprise that they wanted more challenging routes and trials to accomplish. The Round the Island (RTI) bicycle route is amongst the most renowned and sought tasks for cyclists. And as more Singaporeans take up riding as a sport or as a way to interact with their loved ones, it’s not surprising that some may find struggle along the way.

For amateur cyclists, we know it is difficult to get used to this new activity, but we here at Glitz assure you that proper planning is all you need before beginning your journey. When you want to start riding—especially long-distance cycling—you need to work on your durability, tempo, strength, pace, and endurance just like any other activity. Make sure to monitor your tempo every now and then. Not sure where to start? We gotchu covered. 

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Plan Your Route Ahead

This is self-evident, though. Take this pointer very seriously. Completing the RTI will put even the most skilled riders to the challenge. Cycling at a good 15km/h to 20km/h rate will take you more than 8 hours, not including rest areas. Regardless if you are fit and healthy, we ’d advise with shorter rides and work your way up to your RTI. This will strengthen and acclimatise your body to riding lengthy journeys effectively. You don’t want to waste your vacation day or weekend travelling blindly, or worse, wind up on the freeway because you took the incorrect exit.

Begin with pedalling small distances such as 15 km, then increase to 5 or 10 km to each subsequent cycle until you achieve your goal mileage. To put this in context, the RTI route is 155 kilometres or greater. To get started, start with riding around the Coney Island Loop, Central Urban Loop, and Southern Ridges Loop.

Best route for beginners

  • Coney Island Loop
  • Central Urban Loop
  • Southern Ridges Loop
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What Timing Is Suitable To Start The Journey?

A morning journey will have you engaging in human traffic – favouring on the good and bad side – and of course the weather is sunnier. However, additional stores and malls are available throughout the day, which is another key pointer. Increasing your chances to get good food, using the restrooms, and finding supplies. Night travels on the other hand, are cooler and have calmer roads, but they need more extensive preparation for pit stops. Furthermore, if you are not used to staying up late, this may provide difficulties. 

Some more seasoned cyclists prefer to pedal on nature trails instead of PCNs in the daytime since it is less crowded and less heated. The choices are yours, make sure you find the most convenient time for you.

What To Bring Along With Your Journey?

The more stuff you carry, obviously, the more organised you will be, but that also indicates you will be dragging more weights on your travel. The most important is a tool kit. One of the riders vividly mentioned that he used to forget that and would have to take public transportation home if something occurred to his bike. He eventually had one affixed to the rear of his bike with Velcro. Decathlon supplies a set for S$20, and it’s great value for money. You should also pack some wet wipes because repairing the bicycle might get messy.

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Next, don’t forget to pack energy bars and drinks. These two items are popular among riders. A good suggestion is to replenish yourself before your fuel runs out. And remember to stay hydrated. Always refill your water bottle. Finding wonderful restaurants is key to the riding experience. Despite how safe Singapore is, enthusiastic bikers stated they prefer to dine at food stalls since they can ensure no one steals any piece of their bicycle, such as the pedals or bags.

Find A Friend

We recommend that you bring a companion. The more the better. And can ensure your protection, particularly if you are a woman. Having teammates ensures safety since you can constantly check out for one another while retaining morale high over lengthy, arduous sections of the route. In any event, applications like Strava’s Beacon live wireless sync may keep your loved ones at home updated on your journey.

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