HanSsik Korean BBQ: This Halal Spot Is Highly-Rated By Meat Lovers in Singapore

Satisfy your inner carnivore cravings
By: balqis
December 29, 2021

If you have been watching K-dramas, you will surely notice that there are quite a few scenes that the actors are seen grilling marinated meats at Korean BBQ restaurants. As viewers, we could only imagine what the juicy meats taste like. Honestly, it is super tempting to try it out by wrapping the meat with lettuce and adding several side dishes like Kimchi or raw garlic to enhance the flavour. Oh, don’t forget to take a few shots of soju just to wash it all down. Well it is definitely a sign for us to stop imagining the taste, right? Ask any meat lovers, finding the best atas Korean BBQ in Singapore is always on top of their list (count us in). However, for those who are Muslims, there is actually limited options for them to enjoy an authentic Korean BBQ. Fret not as HanSsik Korean BBQ Restaurant is actually halal certified by MUIS and it can only mean one thing, satisfy your cravings with a big plate of juicy marinated meats now. Below, Glitz has gathered all the essential deets that you need to know about HanSsik Korean BBQ Restaurant.

HanSsik Korean BBQ Restaurant

Previously known as DaeSsikSin, HanSsik Korean BBQ Restaurant is managed by the Ministry Of Food. If they sound familiar, you might have heard about them through their other eateries like MOF My Izakaya and LENAS. Unlike other Korean BBQ places, HanSsik Korean BBQ Restaurant offers between 10 and 12 types of marinated meats. So visitors can expect an array of fish, prawns, spicy octopus, marinated chicken, beef bulgogi and what not. 

What’s more, they operated on the all you can eat concept. It’s definitely a perfect halal spot for those who want to indulge in a smorgasbord of authentic Korean delicacies without any limitation. Additionally, this buffet restaurant also offers a free flow of beverages, dips, banchan or commonly known as side dishes and plentiful hotpot options for their patrons. 

If you haven’t been to HanSsik Korean BBQ Restaurant, fret not we will guide you on the essential information.  The customers usually select their preferred dishes and hotpot selection. Afterwards, you can simply grill the juicy meats or plates of seafood that you have picked. If you need to refill any dishes, beverages or even banchan, their friendly staff will surely assist you with that.

The decoration is actually kinda similar to what we have seen in Korean dramas. Plus the tables included a built-in grilling section or known as Galbi which is actually a perfect way to spend time with your loved ones while chit chat.  However, make sure to ask their staff to change the white sheet on the grilling section once it changes to brownish or black colour as it may actually make it harder for you to grill the meats.

We highly recommend you to try out their dips, especially the creamy cheese dip as it is a perfect combo with juicy meats. Since Koreans love to complement their dish with banchan, it is only right that you fill up your plate with a myriad of side dishes. Amongst the list of banchan that customers can select are Kimchi, pickled radish, green chilli, tomatoes, onion sauce and enoki mushrooms. 

One pro tip, if you a fan of premium meat cuts, make sure to head out to HanSsik Korean BBQ Restaurant for dinner time. They are offering marinated short ribs and even ribeye as additional dishes for the buffet menu. Needless to say, these lip smacking dishes will surely tantalize your taste buds with fiery hints and juiciness. 

Is HanSsik Korean BBQ Restaurant Halal? 

As we have mentioned earlier, HanSsik Korean BBQ Restaurant is actually halal certified and they are the go-to spot for Muslims in Singapore. If you ever feel sceptical, know that they are certified by MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura). You can also simply check on the MUIS website or download the MuslimSG application so that you can easily access a full list of Halal establishment directories.

HanSsik Korean BBQ Restaurant Buffet Price

The buffet price at HanSsik Korean BBQ Restaurant is vary depending on the day and time. So if you are on a tight budget, we suggest that you pick the time slot that is affordable. Plus, don’t forget to make a reservation since the place can get quite crowded. They also often offer promotions and deals for the customers, make sure to keep your eyes open on that by following them on social media. At HanSsik Korean BBQ Restaurant, there are leftover charges for up to $20, depending on the amount of waste. Hence, to avoid any food waste and extra charges, we suggest that you only take a small portion of each dish if you’re not a big eater.




Lunch$26.90++ $16.99++

HanSsik Korean BBQ Restaurant Location


  • Clementi – 3155 Commonwealth Avenue West, #05-17/18 The Clementi Mall, Singapore 129588 (Temporarily closed)
  • Kallang – 1 Stadium Place, K10 Kallang Wave Mall #01-21, Singapore 397628

Opening hours:

Open daily; 11.30 am – 9.30 pm

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