Hermes Bag Collection 2021 That Are Timeless

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By: agnes
December 21, 2021

Take a guess – how many Hermes outlets do you think there are throughout the world? Well, they have a total of 306 outlets in 45 countries! It is a family-owned, autonomous, and socially responsible brand that has kept true to its handcrafted model and humanist beliefs since 1837. They are forged by the freedom to create, the constant search for attractive materials, and the transmission of outstanding know-how. All of which enables the development of functional and elegant things that stand the test of time. In this article, we look at some timeless Hermes Bag Collection 2021 that you’ll want in your collection.

1. Opli Chaine 24 Bag

This leather has a finely defined grain and a heart that is appealingly responsive. “Novillo” means “bullcalf” in Spain, where this leather comes from. 2015 was the first year that it was featured in a Hermes collection. It has a satin finish with a fine and homogeneous grain. In addition, it has a waxy feel, which is great for people who like the sleek design. Over time, you will realise that the Opli Chaine 24 Bag becomes more supple and satiny. Just like Chanel bags, this is a Hermes Bag Collection 2021 that’s timeless and luxurious. 

2. Birkin 30 Bag

Hermes Bag Collection 2021

This Birkin bag is crafted from Barénia Faubourg cowhide. Which is actually one of Hermes’ first saddle leathers. The durable leather attachment is inspired by the bridle used in horseback riding, but it’s meant to keep your Birkin safely secured. It is also silky smooth and develops a patina with time. This gives the bag a beautiful, worn-in appearance. Proving that the Hermes Bag Collection 2021 is still stylish throughout the years. Other than that, you may now carry the iconic bag with a shoulder strap in addition to the top handle. 

3. Perspective Cavaliere Bag

On the Hermes Spring/Summer 2021 catwalk, the revolutionary Perspective Cavaliere bag was among one of two bags. The bag was developed with a sense of everyday ease by a modern working woman herself. It’s made of Togo calfskin, a lightweight but durable and scratch-resistant leather. The bag’s deceivingly flat appearance also has a humorous undertone. But it’s definitely a bag from the Hermes Bag Collection 2021 that you will want to have. It’s available in small and large sizes. In addition, you can get classic colours like red, black, and brown.

4. Trim 31 Anate Bag

Hermes Bag Collection 2021

The first time this bag appeared in the collections was in the 1930s. Now, it’s an item from the Hermes Bag Collection 2021 that earns a spot in your wardrobe. Featuring Doblis calfskin, it’s a refine suede created by sanding the leather’s flesh side. Due to the delicate nature of suede, only very few skins can be used. It’s quite delicate and supple. It is naturally destined for clutches and small evening bags because of its beauty and the subtle colours that may be obtained.

5. Verrou Clutch

This unique clutch is an item from the Hermes Bag Collection 2021 that you will want. Especially if you’re someone who loves standing out from the crowd. The raw hide comes from India, as its name says. It is distinguished by its distinct grain, which is obtained through boarding. Rolling the leather against itself, grain against grain, to direct the grain is what this method entails. This can be done in a single direction to get thin lines or in multiple directions to get thicker lines.

6. Kelly Sellier 28 Bag

Hermes Bag Collection 2021

The Hermes Kelly 28cm handbag is a luxury bag classic. The Kelly 28 is exquisite in its pure lines and obvious elegance, and it comes with its own fairytale backstory to add to its allure. The “purist aesthetic” of the handbag, originally known as the Sac à Dépêches, was a departure from the more ornate, adorned bags that were popular at the time. Grace Kelly, the great actress, fell in love with the stylish bag at work in 1956. Later, she was caught carrying her purse to hide her baby belly. This was how the “Kelly bag” became a worldwide sensation like the celebrity herself. 

7. Hermes Clic-H 33 Bag

2012 was the first year that the Hermes Clic-H 33 Bag took the spotlight. But until today, it has become a staple in the Hermes Bag Collection 2021. This bag is in Evercolor calfskin with permabrass plated hardware. It also has a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. This leather is similar in suppleness to Evergrain calfskin and available in a wide range of “forever” hues! In time, the Hermes Clic-H 33 Bag softens and shines more.

8. Aline Bag

Hermes Bag Collection 2021

The ingenious and functional riding bags are designed to hold and carry saddles, boots, and brushes, making life easier for riders. These were the inspiration for the original Hermès purses, with their beautiful attractiveness. The Aline Bag is an item from the Hermes Bag Collection 2021 that you will surely want to have in your wardrobe. Not only is the casual sling bag convenient, but super stylish too. 

9. Bridado Backpack

The Bridado comes in two styles: a backpack and a cabas bag. It dares to alter and convert itself according to the needs of its wearer. With leather straps and an astute ring on the back that changes to become a backpack, it’s a great versatile piece to have. Other than that, it is comfortable thanks to its non-lined and ultra-supple leather that follows all your motions. It’s equestrian-friendly, with snap hooks and saddle stitching, and it commits to the day-to-day with agility. It’s a must-have item from the Hermes Bag Collection 2021.

10. Mors De Bride Bag

Hermes Bag Collection 2021

A lovely addition from the Hermes Bag Collection 2021 is this Mors De Bride Bag. The bridle, with its curb and rings, is a component of dressage horse-riding equipment. These are what inspired this new structural yet elegant evening bag. It transforms into a jewel clasp with powerful metallic lines that influence the contour of the bag. The central component rotates with a delicate twist to instantly open or seal the bag. The Mors de Bride bag is lined with lambskin for a plush interior and has a thin, adjustable shoulder strap for long, short, or cross-body carry in smooth or grained leather or precious skins.

11. Birkin 35 Fray Fray Bag

While Limited Edition Birkins are common. Hermes radically altering their classic design for a limited release is almost unheard of. The Birkin Fray Fray takes casual luxury to the next level. The body of the Toile H canvas goes all the way to the edges, which are hand-frayed and sealed with a Sellier stitch. This very lightweight bag is unlined and topped with Rouge de Cour leather and Palladium hardware. It’s an item from the Hermes Bag Collection 2021 that will surely complement any outfit!

12. Birkin 3 In 1 Bag

Hermes Bag Collection 2021

For someone who loves multipurpose bags, this item from the Hermes Bag Collection 2021 is a MUST! The Birkin 3 In 1 Bag may seem like a puzzle. But this traditional brown leather bag in Barénia Faubourg calfskin is chic and beautiful on its own. It features a removable canvas and leather pouch that may be used as a clutch. Other than that, the inside pocket functions as the bag’s iconic flap when linked together. In addition, the two components combine to make a trompe-l’oeil Birkin handbag. 

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