The Hottest Balenciaga Bags To Add To Your Collection

Add these hot Balenciaga bags to your collection!
By: Cherelle Lim
October 29, 2021

Luxury bag enthusiasts, where are you? Do you know what are the hottest bags this year? We’re sure that you are caught up trying to locate that vintage Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbag. But, feast your eyes on Balenciaga. This luxury fashion house is still constantly churning out pieces that last. Whether it’s slippers, coats or bags, they are truly, “the master of us all”. We at Glitz love the fashion side of TikTok with all our heart and were extremely delighted when the trend of “What I would wear front row at a designer fashion show” started going viral. So many creatives showed their passion for fashion as they created and recreated looks for the different fashion brands. Blessing our eyes with gorgeous looks, fashion brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Versace and Balenciaga were gracing our screens. 

So, if you’ve finally given in to these TikToks and decided to invest in one of the luxury fashion brands, Balenciaga might just be the perfect fit for you. Especially in their bag department. Balenciaga has a wide variety of bags that are iconic and unique at the same time. Some are even staples you’ll wish you had in the future. So, here are the hottest Balenciaga Bags that you should probably own, to keep your outfits looking chic. 


Balenciaga is a Spanish luxury fashion house founded back in 1919. Currently based in Paris, France, Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga founded the fashion brand in San Sebastián, Spain before relocating in 1937 due to the Spanish Civil War. Balenciaga uses designs such as linear and sleek lines in many of their looks. Deviating from the hourglass frame Christian Dior popularised during the post-war era. Nonetheless, Balenciaga revolutionised women’s fashion in the 1950s. By the time the 1960s rolled around, Balenciaga had marked trademark styles such as the collar. Officially deviating from styles such as the “bracelet sleeves”, and straying from the collar bone. 

Best known for revolutionising women’s fashion with shapes such as the “ballroom hems”, the “semi-fit”, and the “sack dress”. All of which came out from the early to mid and end of the 50s. Today, Balenciaga is best known for new forms of footwear such as the sock sneaker. Upon debuting the  Speed Sock, it garnered much popularity among influencers and fashionistas. Besides that, Balenciaga is a luxury brand that has truly taken its place in the fashion world. 

Hottest Balenciaga Bags To Grab

1.  Balenciaga Hourglass Small Top Handle Bag

One of Balenciaga’s most popular bags to purchase is the Hourglass Small Top Handle Bags. Inspired by Balenciaga’s structural tailoring codes, this classic handbag is definitely a staple to have. Made from grained calfskin in Italy, this Balenciaga bag features the brands signature ‘B’ logo hanging from the flap. Simple, classic and elegant are just a few words that you can use to describe this bag. With sharp lines and a curved bottom, it gives this bag a sophisticated look that screams The Devil Wears Prada. 

Price: $3,450.00

Where to buy: Farfetch

2. Balenciaga Ville Tote

Whatever you have in your closet and whatever style you like, you always need a good neutral bag. Not only are neutral bags easy to pair with any outfit, but you can usually bring them to any event, casual or formal. The Balenciaga Ville Tote is perfect for this purpose. Although it comes in a wide range of colours, including Barbie pink, the neutral tones of black are what you are looking for. With a zipped-top and padlock charm, it ensures that nothing is getting in or out of your bag. For easy organisation, the inside features two more pockets, while the outside has a pocket slot. 

Price: $2,890.00

Where to buy: Harrods

3. Balenciaga Shopping XXS Tote

A shopping spree calls for a large tote bag to store all your new purchases! The Balenciaga Shopping XXS Tote is just the right size for that. This classic shopping bag with go with any outfit you put together thanks to its simple and minimalistic design. With the brand logo of Balenciaga stamped right in the centre, everyone will know who’s bag you’re carrying. Looking for a much more bolder colour? Don’t worry, as this tote bag comes in a variety of colours for you to choose from. 

Price: $1,550.00

Where to buy: Harrods

4. Balenciaga B Dot Cross-body Bag

A crossbody bag emits youthful energy, and is a simple statement bag that can enhance your outfit. Especially if you are wearing baggy on baggy, a simple crossbody bag is all you need to draw attention to your body. The Balenciaga B Dot Cross-body Bag is small and cute, making it suitable for day and night use. Its simple design also makes it look sophisticated and luxurious. Furthermore, this crossbody bag is available in a range of colours and textures. Whether you want a bold yellow to show off, or a classic crocodile effect, Balenciaga offers it all, along with adjustable straps! 

Price: $2,450.00

Where to buy: Harrods

5. Balenciaga Graffiti Bag


Get in tune with your punk rock side with the Balenciaga Graffiti Bag. This is an edgier and more urban version of the classic and original Balenciaga City bag. Showing off a much more motorcycle-chic look, it definitely attracts bad boys and leather jackets. This bag also became one of the fashion houses best street-chic accessories. Resembling graffiti street art, the bag uses multiple colours and shapes to recreate that underground look. 

Price: $2,380.00 (USD$1,765)

Where to buy: Rebag

6. Balenciaga City Bag


Speaking of classic, the Balenciaga City Bag is definitely one of the most popular. With many iterations, the city bag is a classic that many are after even today. Aside from that, the Balenciaga City Bag comes in an array of patterns and colours. Truly the best bag if you’re going for a tougher look. 

Price: $3,650.00

Where to buy: Harrods

7. Balenciaga Sharp XS Bag


Bol, compact and elegant, the Balenciaga Sharp XS Bag is a great day-to-day bag to carry around. Its refined design is also freely inspired by an open book. This leather bag is further enhanced with the signature Balenciaga logo. With a sleek and compact look, the bag also has detachable shoulder straps to switch up your look. Although the bag isn’t big, it is perfect for carrying all your essentials on a day or night out.  

Price: $1,409.00 (USD$1,045)

Where to buy: TheRealReal10

8. Shopping Phone Pouch Shoulder Bag


Stepping out for a jiff? Well, you can’t leave your phone but you aren’t bringing a whole lot of stuff either. So, the Shopping Phone Pouch Shoulder Bag from Balenciaga is a hot pick for just that! This mini bag is perfect for holding your phone, lipstick and a few cards. Simple and metallic, it gives off a whimsical look that preps you for lightweight travel. Perfect for when you need to stop by the convenience store for a while. 

Price: $1,290.00

Where to buy: Farfetch

9. Vanity XS Round Bag


Make a statement with the Vanity XS Round Bag. Instead of the usual square, rectangle shape, dive into the world of round bags! You’ll appear quirky and bold with the vibrance of the XS Round Bag. Besides, these are a go-to for a dramatic day. With a detachable shoulder strap, turn this into a handheld bag in just a second. Allowing you to switch it up from a day bag, to an evening chic bag. Thus, emitting that luxury feel with its Nappa lambskin lining. 

Price: $1,167.00 (USD$865)

Where to buy: Fashionphile

10. Ghost Medium Shoulder Bag


Elevate your outfit with the Balenciaga Ghost Medium Shoulder Bag. with a classic design, this shoulder bag is the perfect standard bag to have in your closet. Its simple and dated shape truly shines as it uses different textures to define clean and sharp lines. Seeming like a small feminine briefcase, this is a great bag to wear for professional events. Although slim and rigid, it fits your phone perfectly and emits luxury. It will complete your outfit and have you looking like you just stepped out from Gossip Girl. 

Price: $1,314.00

Where to buy: Farfetch

11. Balenciaga Cabas XS Tote


The Balenciaga Cabas XS Tote is a perfect casual bag to bring to brunch. Striking and quirky, it keeps up with the smart-casual style that Balenciaga champions. Using the contrasting monochrome of a black and white canvas, the logo can be spotted right in the middle. The detachable shoulder straps also make it convenient for when you want to switch up your style. 

Price: $1,390.00

Where to buy: Farfetch