IRVINS Unveils Dangerously Addictive Truffle Potato Chips

By: Iffah Salleh
December 5, 2022

IRVINS is excited to introduce IRVINS Truffle Potato Chips, as they strive to create a unique identity and surprise foodies with innovative new flavours.

Irvin Gunawan, Founder of IRVINS said, “We sought to develop a ‘truffin’ addictive’ addition to our product line, adding an IRVINS spin to this sought-after product. Fresh truffles, sourced from Italy, are used in our secret recipe, which was perfected over 12 months.”

The truffin’ addictive chips, which have been in the making for a year, and fresh truffles sourced from Italy are the latest addition to IRVINS’ unique and trendy Dangerously Addictive line of products.

Following a series of research and taste testing, these truffles are praised for their gourmet qualities and are noted for their hazelnut-like scent. It has a strong umami taste profile that amplifies the overall richness of the truffle flavour, which is complimented by a dusting of aromatic parsley.

Thick-sliced Zig Zag potato chips are used for a tastier crunch feeling; the Zig Zag form further preserves extra truffle powder on the surface of the chip, producing greater richness of truffle scent with each mouthful.

IRVINS Truffle Potato Chips (70g) are sold in all Singapore stores for SGD 6. They are also available on Shopee, Lazada, and at certain supermarkets.

This product is not halal-certified but does not contain pork or lard.

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