Jade Stone 101: The Green Gem Is Believed To Have Healing Properties!

What do you exactly know about gemstones?
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
September 14, 2021

The collection of gemstones jewelry has long been celebrated for centuries around the world. But apart from its glittering, eye-catching beauties, what are other benefits that lie behind every piece of those jewelry? How powerful are they, really? Do each piece contain a strong meaning? There are still hundreds of other gemstones that are yet to be discovered and to be learned—but out of all, there is one particular stone that has always been the favourite of the gem-cult follower: The Jade Stone. 

If you’re a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’ll realize that the Time stone mimics the appearance and the colour of Jade stone. The thick green coloured stone, often glowing, is believed to carry a huge healing properties. One even said that the more often you wear the jade stones, the more peace and ‘’heal’’ the wearer starts to connect to. Hence, jade stone also gives an ability to gather tranquil wisdom while discarding negativity and seeing one’s true self. 

Here, Beauty Insider brings some insight on everything you need to know about Jade stone. What else is there hiding behind this beautiful green colour stone? Let’s find out! 

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Get To Know Jade Stone 

First and foremost, the word ‘’Jade’’, comes from the Spanish word, Piedra De La Ijada—which means ‘’the stone of the colic’’. It all started when the ancient Mayans and Aztecs first convinced that the pure jade stone could cure and dissolve the pain in the inside of your body. And as centerius went by, Chinese culture began to practice wearing jade commonly and as referred to the Chinese ancient, jade means ‘’roal gem’’, or ‘’yu’’. Here’s what you should know about jade gemstones. They came in two—jadeite and nephrite. But not until after the mid-1800’s were they considered to be the same stone. In current years, though two stones could be considered as ‘’Jade’’, they are both recognized to have a clear-cut healing agenda. 

But to compare between the two, jadeite is often rarer than nephrite. And jadeite is also more expensive and harder to discover, however they’re rich in a range of colours. For nephrite, they mostly stay in the green, yellow and white colour family—though some can even come in red. It produces a waxier, and oily appearance compared to jadeite, which is more glittery. And because nephrite is much more common and easier to find, they come at a much more affordable price.

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What Are The Meaning Behind Jade

As mentioned before, the jade stone has long been liked by the ancient Mayans and Aztecs because they believed that this green beauty could alleviate pain, especially in the side of the body. For the Chinese, jade is considered the symbol of prosperity, wealth, purity and beauty. Not only that, jade is also said to carry a huge healing property that can overall protect those who wear them, away from any sort of illnesses by absorbing negative energy that is trapped or hidden under your aura. Moreover, by getting closer to ‘’worshipping’’ the stone, it can also attract love, healing and courage. Thus, bring back balance and foster peace and harmony. Though, please bear in mind that going gemstone shopping does not guarantee or validate any of the claims above. It is all related to the metaphysical and alternative descriptions. Please do not ever use this information as a substitute for medical advice.

How To Take Care Of Jade Stone 

As mentioned before, jade stone is quite durable on the surface. That is why it is vital for you to keep them looking shining, clean and glistening, always. So you have to make sure you clean the surface regularly. We suggest that you use regular soap and lukewarm water and gently wipe the surface of the stone. Make sure they’re dried thoroughly after you clean them to avoid cracking or worse, rusting. Please avoid using ultrasonic cleansers or steamers to clean your stones as this will bring damage to its appearance. 

When it comes to storing your jade stone, wrap it gently with a cloth, and place them inside a big jewelry box. This will help to keep them away from dust, or being exposed to damage caused by other items. Again, please avoid using harsh chemicals like detergents or alcohol or even bleach. Just regular soap and lukewarm water would do. 

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How To Find The Best Jade In Store? 

Before you gather your stuff to search for the best jade in store please remember that not all jade is created equal like the others. In short, it could be a bit difficult to find a high quality jade available in the market. But, what we know for sure is that when it comes to choosing the jade stone of your choice, always analyze its vibrancy in colors, the translucent, and the smoothness of its texture. So remember these three things; colour, texture and transparency. To make it more clear, the most high quality jade depends on its colour. The most sought after jade colour is imperial jade. The others are kingfisher jade, apple jade and moss snow jade

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