Janice Wong, The Queen of Desserts, Reveals Valentine’s Most Underrated Flavour

We celebrate Valentine's Day by tapping into the art of…
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
February 8, 2023

The name Janice Wong is no stranger for the dessert lovers—both locally and globally. Emphasising heavily around artisanal desserts, bean-to-bar chocolates, and patisserie, Janice Wong is famous for her attention-grabbing culinary art creations and establishing a forward-thinking confectionery business that champions in technology and innovation. 

One could recall her first solo exhibition at Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki, which had a downpour of orchids, gum drops, sprinkles, and a vertical light landscape, or even a canopy covered with floating sugar diamonds for her Tiffany & Co. project. I think we all agree that Janice continuously mesmerises us with her delicious sweet treats

However, to honour the greatest day of Love this coming February 14th, Janice decided to introduce us to her yet another work-of-art, ‘’Heart of Eternity Sculpture’’, created for lovers to experience the epitome of romance and luxury. The masterpiece was sculptured by Janice using Pure Imagination Bean to bar Single Origin 70% Dark Chocolate from Sierra Nevada. 

Honestly speaking, you couldn’t discuss Valentine’s Day without the mention of chocolate (and flowers). It’s a romantic emblem built from faraway components. Hence, we decided to chat with the Queen of Desserts herself, Janice Wong, about her latest Valentine’s Day delectable delicacies. 

JW Valentines Day Heart of Eternity Sculpture

What do you have in store for the (chocolate) lovers?

There are many to choose from, but if I had to pick one, please check out my luxurious Heart of Eternity Sculpture, a show-stopping sculpture using Pure Imagination Bean to bar Single Origin 70% Dark Chocolate from Sierra Nevada.

We also have the Valentine’s Signature Bon Bons, featuring five new decadent flavours: Guava, Rose Berry, Figs Burnt Sage, Rosemary Lemon, Ruby Peach Thyme and Limoncello Pineapple. There’s also the Valentine’s Cake, which is an expertly crafted heart-shaped cream cheese mousse cake with layers of vanilla sponge and strawberry rose compote, hand-illustrated with artistic splashes of colour. 

What’s your favourite ingredient to play with for this Valentine’s collection?

For this year’s Valentine’s collection, my favourite ingredient to work with is definitely chocolate, and I incorporated floral notes into my creations. This year’s collection is slightly different as it features the use of fresh fruits like guava, along with the use of flowers.

In your opinion. What are the most underrated dessert flavours when it comes to Valentine’s?

It has got to be caviar. People tend to focus on more traditional flavours, like truffles and champagne, but caviar adds a unique and ‘sexy’ twist to the traditional dessert offerings. Its unique taste, with its blend of saltiness and umami, adds a luxurious touch to any dessert. The delicate flavour of caviar adds depth and complexity, making it a truly special ingredient.

JW Valentine’s Day Cake

What’s a ‘’weird’’ combination of ingredients that you’ve always wanted to experiment with?

I would say that one combination that I’ve always wanted to experiment with is incorporating more cheese and tea into my desserts. These ingredients offer a unique flavour profile and can add an unexpected twist to traditional dessert recipes.

As someone who follows your work of arts, it amazes me how successfully you manage to create such masterpieces, especially when it comes to special seasons. Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration for my work of art from my travels and exposure to different cultures. The diverse experiences and perspectives I gain from these adventures often play a significant role in my creative process and how I approach my projects, especially during special seasons.

L: Hearts and Roses Giftset, R: Valentines Signature Bon Bons

So, what do you enjoy about pastry that you don’t find in other culinary fields?

It stems from my passion for innovating in the world of dessert, chocolate, and pastry creation fuels my quest to master the balance of perfecting imperfection and embracing imperfection as perfection.

You’re noted as the ‘’Queen of Desserts’’ amongst the locals. How does it make you feel?

I am grateful for this label that has carried me through the past decade. However, I understand the importance of using my influence for positive change and making a difference. The title is a great recognition, but it’s crucial to use it to highlight good causes.

What’s next for Janice Wong?

I cannot reveal anything more now! But check out my Instagram at @janicewong2am for more exciting updates. In the meantime, I’ll be serving up pastries and sweet treats for the Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience thematic cafe!

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