Itadakimasu!! Here Are The Best Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

The best Japanese restaurants on the island when you’re craving…
By: Nina Shahriman
October 7, 2021

Can someone explain my cravings to me and why are mine always Japanese? There’s just something about eating this style of cuisine that has me opting for it whenever I can. However, one of my biggest problems is picking where I want to eat (read: drag my friends too) as the options seem endless. With that, Glitz has handpicked the best Japanese restaurants on the island when you’re craving a taste of the land of the rising sun.

1. Tokyo Soba

ADDRESS12 Gopeng St, #01-16 Icon Village, Singapore 078877
OPERATING HOURSEvery day (11:30am – 9pm)
CONTACT+65 6410 9353

This ramshackle soba restaurant isn’t the type of place you’d want to bring your buddies to. The modest cafe has a limited number of seats and serves freshly cooked soba in both hot and cold varieties. The noodles they serve are produced using 80% imported from Japan buckwheat flour and 20% ordinary flour for a silky, slurp-worthy texture. Moreover, it goes well with everything from spring onions, golden eggs and my favourite- tempura prawns!

2. Gion Dining (Halal)

ADDRESSZhongshan Mall, 20 Ah Hood Road, #01-19, Zhongshan Mall, 329984
OPERATING HOURS  Every day (11:30am – 10pm)

This Japanese fine dining restaurants offers a comprehensive menu with a wide range of tantalising delicacies to suit every taste. A pleasant and comfortable ambience will enhance your delicious eating experience. The tatami rooms can be reserved in advance by those who desire a little seclusion.

Additionally, if you’re dining with a bigger party, check out their ala carte buffet, which includes a complimentary meal for the fourth diner! You may even pick between the normal buffet and the lobster buffet, which is great for seafood enthusiasts.

3. Sumire Yakitori House

ADDRESS 80 Middle Road #01-88/89 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188966
OPERATING HOURS  Every day (11:30am – 10pm)
CONTACT+65 6338 9963 

Sumire Yakitori House is a well-known Japanese restaurants with over a hundred locations. It specialises in yakitori sticks and other Japanese restaurants favourites. Their Bugis Junction location is the brand’s first foray into the international market. If you go here, we recommend getting a bowl of tori ramen, salmon sashimi and chawanmushi. Additionally, the menu offers a wide range of options, making this the ideal place to satisfy all of your Japanese desires at once.

4. Nantsuttei

ADDRESS 181 Orchard Rd, #07-12/13, Singapore 238896
OPERATING HOURS  Every day (11:30am – 10pm)
CONTACT +65 6337 7166

It’s hard to talk about Japanese cuisine without discussing ramen. Nantsuttei is the place to go if you want a genuine bowl of slurp-worthy noodles. To whet your appetite, expect deep, rich pork broths overflowing with flavour and crisp ramen noodles.

Moreover, Nantsuttei’s bowls are made even more complicated and delectable with a slathering of black roasted garlic oil. When the urge for ramen comes, you’ll know where to go.

5. Omoté

ADDRESS 301 Upper Thomson Rd, #03-24A, Singapore 574408
OPERATING HOURS  Every day (11:30am – 10pm)
CONTACT +65 9450 1020

There’s usually a line at Omoté, and the majority of them come for the cheap Chirashi bowl. A heaping scoop of chopped seafood is placed on top of each bowl of sushi rice. Serve it alone or with premium-quality uni, fresh scallops, and other Japanese seafood imported from Japan. It’s finest served with a drizzle of the restaurant’s house-blend soy sauce, which was made specifically for the restaurant’s seafood.

6. Gyunion (Halal)

ADDRESS 138 Robinson Rd, #02-03 Oxley Tower, Singapore 068906
OPERATING HOURS  Weekday (12pm – 8pm), Weekend (Closed)

Gyunion offers an inexpensive yet authentic Japanese eating experience, despite the fact that halal Japanese restaurants is generally costly. Because the majority of their components are obtained straight from Japan, there is no doubt about the food’s quality. Their small and modest location may not be suitable for big parties, but their substantial portions are not to be missed.

Therefore, you need to try their trademark Gyudon or Gyumen, which comes with large portions of marinated beef and an Onsen egg on top. Moreover, their Cheezy Chicken, which combines delicious chicken with burned cheese, is not to be missed.

7. Tamashii Robataya

ADDRESS 12 N Canal Rd, #02-01 The Offshore building, Singapore 048825
OPERATING HOURS  Monday to Saturday (11:30am – 9:30pm) , Sunday (Closed)
CONTACT +65 6222 0316

In Singapore, donburis are plentiful. The majority are reasonably priced and satisfactory. But if you really want to burn some calories, go to Tamashii Robataya. It’s more renowned for its market-style robatayaki.

It’s a small menu with only five dishes, but we’re talking about high-end fare like grilled sea eel and foie gras, as well as saga beef, all topped with organic Japanese eggs. The Gyudon with A5 saga beef, truffle shavings, Akita Komochi rice, and a gorgeous golden, runny Onsen egg is a must-try.

8. Tonkatsu by Ma Maison

ADDRESS 333A Orchard Road #02-35 & #02-36 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897
OPERATING HOURS  Every day (11am – 10pm)
CONTACT+65 6733 4541 

When we have a strong need for deep-fried cutlets, we turn to Ma Maison’s Tonkatsu. The trademark cuts, of course, are fillet and loin, but there are also other surf-and-turf options like cheesy chicken roulades, giant prawns, and oysters. Moreover, to make yourself feel a little healthier, load up on your limitless refills of shredded cabbage. If you’re on a diet (like me), let this golden, crispy goodness be your cheat meal because it is oh-so delectable.

9. Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen (Halal)

ADDRESS  B1-135 (North Wing) Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038983
OPERATING HOURS  Every day (11am – 10pm)

If you’re looking for a real ramen experience, stop into Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen for a bowl of hearty, classic ramen. They spend hours slow-cooking their thick and delicious soup on boiling chicken bones, determined to make it the best it can be. The noodles are created with a unique flour blend that includes Hokkaido wheat, resulting in noodles with a rich texture and firmness.

Moreover, the meals here are not only delicious but also inexpensive. The Ichi-Smoked Duck Ramen, Ichikokudo Ramen, and Japanese Style Yakiniku Don are just a few of their favourite dishes, all of which are under $13!

10. Shirokane Tori-Tama

ADDRESS 11 Unity St, Singapore 237995
OPERATING HOURS  Every day (6pm – 11pm)
CONTACT +65 6836 5680

At Shriokane Tori-Tama, chicken reigns supreme. Located in Raffles Place, locals and Japanese cram the area for an authentic taste of the land of the rising sun. The menu helpfully provides pictures of the meat and organ parts, including more unusual morsels such as cartilage, tail, windpipe, and cockscomb. At $27 for seven sticks, Tori-sets Tama’s are a great place to start! There are also a few beef and pig skewers to round out the skewer’s menu.