Our Honest Joji’s Diner Review And Top Items You NEED To Get

No sugarcoating
By: agnes
March 15, 2022

If there’s anything we love, it’s hearty pancakes and classic American breakfast served in a retro American diner. Well, if your imagination is as wild as us, you can most likely already make out what we’re explaining. That’s right, Joji’s Diner is one of Singapore’s most aesthetic cafes. But not only do they have a mesmerising interior that brings you way back in time, they also serve some darn good food! In addition, the price tag on these dishes isn’t too hefty. It’s no wonder they’ve gained so much recognition and fame all throughout social media. Are you drooling yet? Well, if you are and want to know just what we think of this hot spot, here’s an honest Joji’s Diner review alongside the best items to order!

1. All Star Plate

Aptly named the All Star Plate, it’s a dish that’s most popular when it comes to our Joji’s Diner review. What you get on this plate is a generous mix of garlic toast, scrambled eggs, sausage and baked beans. But that’s not all, you also get cherry tomatoes, baked potato chucks wild mushrooms, and bacon – yum! Though the dish is much oilier than we expected, the flavours definitely did not disappoint. It’s truly a dish that’s impossible to resist, we will surely reorder this the next time again.

2. Smash Burger

Calling all pickle fans – if there’s one item you should order from our Joji’s Diner review, it’s this! The Smash Burger is like a double cheeseburger, but better. It features two beef patties, cheese and homemade aioli alongside a whole pickle. You also get a generous side of fries that are seasoned perfectly and has a good crunch to it too. If you prefer, you can request for your pickle to be sliced. But nothing’s better than biting into it whole and getting that hit of tang.

3. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A grilled cheese sandwich is the ultimate comfort food in America, and in our Joji’s Diner review, we highly recommend this. Through this dish, you really do get a taste of America and why they love a grilled cheese sandwich so much. However, if you’re looking for classic grilled cheese then this might not be for you. This is because Joji’s version includes beef chilli in the sandwich too. Nevertheless, we believe this addition really adds a kick to the sandwich!

4. Morning Wood

We have to admit that we love it when cafes don’t take their dish naming too seriously. Because truth be told, who doesn’t love a laugh when scanning through the menu? When we came across the Morning Wood, we definitely let out a chuckle – it was brilliant. But aside from the name, the dish on its own was huge (sorry not sorry) and tasted really good. The dish features 2 bratwursts on creamy mashed potato with a side of butterhead lettuce, portobello mushroom and sourdough. And boy, when we say this isn’t for the small stomach, believe it. 

5. Farmer’s Plate

Sometimes breakfast is complete with some smoked salmon and we’ve got the ideal dish for you in our Joji’s Diner review. The Farmer’s Plate features smoked salmon, garlic sourdough, portobello mushroom, and beef chilli. However, it’s not complete without scrambled eggs, bratwurst and butterhead lettuce – absolutely delicious! One thing that does not disappoint when it comes to Joji’s dishes is the variety you get in a single plate. Furthermore, other than the highlight of the dish, the smoked salmon, you should not dismiss the scrambled eggs too. Though it may sound simple, scrambled eggs are not easy to execute. However, the ones here are creamy, buttery, and super flavourful. We highly recommend it.

6. Chicken & Waffle

What’s a Joji’s Diner review without the classic southern Chicken & Waffle? This dish is something you cannot get at a lot of other places. Thus, it is why we definitely recommend that you try it here. Joji’s Chicken & Waffle may sound straightforward, but it still exudes amazing flavours and quality. The chicken is deep-fried in a savoury batter and seasoned with a bit of paprika. It sits atop the fluffy and buttery waffle, and a perfect fried egg tops it off. If you’re thinking that the dish is a little dry for your liking, fret not as they also provide some maple syrup on the side. Or you can do it like how the Americans do and dip it in some ketchup!

7. Chilli Dog

No American diner is complete without a hot dog dish, and Joji’s understands that. Therefore, in our Joji’s Diner review, we tried the Chilli Dog, a beautiful hot dog item that’s extremely flavourful. While we enjoyed how succulent and juicy the bratwurst was, we have to admit the bun was a bit more toasted than we prefer. But the fries made up for it, as we were dipping it in the chilli and eating it as it is. When it comes to Joji’s Diner, you can consume every dish in any way you like. Who’s to say what’s right or wrong?

8. Weiner & Hash

Do you remember the British classic of Bangers & Mash? Well, in our Joji’s Diner review, we got to try the American version – Weiner & Hash. Firstly, we love how they took a popular British dish and made it their own. And of course, it’s not an American diner if it isn’t deep-fried. What you get from Weiner & Hash is a beautifully grilled bratwurst and a fried homemade hash brown. To top it all off, you also get a sunny side up egg, which ties everything together as you slice through it and let the yolk ooze onto the hash. In terms of flavour, we would prefer a bit more seasoning. But we assume that Joji’s was allowing the ingredients to shine on their own, which we appreciate.

9. Blueberry Pancakes

The dessert options that we found in our Joji’s Diner review truly speaks American diner. You can get everything from the classic banana split to blueberry waffles. But we felt like the most American dessert you can find here is the Blueberry Pancakes. Pancakes are something that we cannot find often, which is why we order them every time we see them. Joji’s version of Blueberry Pancakes features a stack of buttermilk pancakes and a generous scoop of blueberry compote. On the side, you have some maple syrup and on top, a bit of whipped cream. Personally, we think there’s no need for the maple syrup as the compote is sweet enough. But for sweet tooth lovers, the maple syrup can definitely level it up.

10. Iced Chocolate

We’re ending our Joji’s Diner review on a high, a sugar high, that is! The Iced Chocolate is the ultimate guilty pleasure at Joji’s Diner. Thus, it’s a must-try for anyone visiting this cafe. While most iced chocolate out there is milkier, this one is more chocolatey. It’s as if instead of regular milk, Joji’s chose to use chocolate milk. But we’re not complaining. With a handful of mini marshmallows on top and a beautiful swirl of chocolate sauce, we will order this again in a heartbeat.

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