Kenzo Celebrates The Holiday With ‘’Boke Flower’’, Inspired By Nostalgic 1980’s Xmas Films

Inspired by the magical quirkiness of 1980s Christmas family adventure…
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
November 28, 2022

The Holiday Season is fast approaching, and KENZO and Artistic Director Nigo are celebrating with the Boke Flower, one of the graphic icons of the brand. A happy, bright gold version of the Boke Flower will be seen throughout the KENZO universe during the festive period—in shop windows and across the KENZO Christmas offer.

Boke Flower and KENZO logos in contrasting hues

Inspired by the magical quirkiness of 1980s family adventure movies, the KENZO Xmas selection conveys a spirit of fun and togetherness that echoes the seasonal mood. Nigo is sharing a fresh take on streetwear with pieces that bear XL logos, all-over prints and varsity touches. The Boke Flower is at the heart, but other key graphic elements of the brand rounds out the creative offering for men and women.

A macro version of the iconic Boke Flower is seen on the front of grey and white sweatshirts and sweaters, while grey and black sweatshirts feature a mini red Boke Flower on the chest. Intarsia sweaters in bold colours all feature deconstructed takes on the Boke Flower, which is also applied as an all-over print on a series of Xmas sweaters and cardigans for both men and women. 

Reminiscent of 1980s aesthetics.

In addition to the Boke Flower, the KENZO logo is also seen across the chest of a series of hoodies and sweatshirts in black and bright red and yellow. Christmas would not be Christmas without festive woollen hats, scarves and gloves, available as sets in either plain vibrant green or with multicolor stripes that are reminiscent of 1980s aesthetics.

KENZO Xmas selection conveys a spirit of fun and togethernes

Monochrome sneakers with rubber soles also heavily feature the Boke Flower and KENZO logos in contrasting hues. The “Jungle” leather goods line showcases fun, urban backpacks, bum bags and crossbody bags decorated with crests representing animals, little characters, the Boke Flower and KENZO logos.

The KENZO Christmas selection is now available in-store in Singapore and the rest of Asia.

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