PSG’s Kylian Mbappé Drops ‘’Deadbolt’’, A Signature Series With Oakley

Oakley celebrates the excellent sportsman’s milestone with outstanding design
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
January 19, 2023

1998, what a significant year that was—France secured their first world championship on home soil. That same year, an urban legend began to circulate about a newborn who would soon reclaim the honour. Oakley recognised this warrior and made a Signature Series eyewear to honour him.

Today, Kylian Mbappé and Oakley unveil the latest Team Oakley football star’s trademark design, Deadbolt, which Kylian hand-picked to flawlessly blend the realms of sport, technology, and flair. A daring sunglass with an outlandish design that reflects Kylian’s drive to break the mould and question the ordinary, something he has accomplished throughout his career and personal life. 

The star notes, “When I first joined Team Oakley, we spoke about the ways in which we wanted to bring our shared desire to inspire the next generation to life over the course of our partnership. My hope is that this first collection will do just that by reminding young people everywhere that the world’s best athletes and musicians and artists all started with a dream.” 

Deadbolt’s striking and modern black and gold colouring is inspired by the coveted Ballon D’Or trophy, France’s most coveted football prize. It features a Satin Black frame composed of quality titanium that mixes lightweight luxury and refinement off the field, as well as PrizmTM Lens Technology.

Only 1998 pieces of this limited-edition Signature Series Deadbolt will be available for purchase as a nod to both Kylian’s birth year and the year his nation won the World Cup as the host state.

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