Magnum Invites Pleasure Seekers To Explore ‘’Moments Of Escape’’ Through Its All- New Flavours

New decadent flavours inspired by iconic cities; Amsterdam, Tahiti &…
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
November 10, 2022

Vacation mode on! Renowned ice cream brand, Magnum, invites Pleasure Seekers on a multi-sensory voyage to experience its all-new Destinations Range as the travel season approaches! 

To celebrate, Magnum unveils its three NEW limited edition flavours; Chocolate & Cookie Butter, Passionfruit White Chocolate and Caramelised Chocolate & Cookie—which were influenced by the iconic city of Amsterdam, Tahiti, and Las Vegas. 

Three NEW Flavours

Chocolate & Cookie Butter transports you to the vibrant and historic streets of Amsterdam. Sink your teeth into a velvety vanilla custard ice cream along with cookie butter swirls that’s coated in Magnum’s delectable milk chocolate and crumbly biscuit pieces inspired by Speculaas.

Available in a multipack of four at $11.90 and impulse at $4.20

Passionfruit White Chocolate takes Pleasure Seekers to the bright tropical island of Tahiti. Refresh your senses with passionfruit swirled in creamy vanilla custard ice cream that’s coated in a cracking layer of white Magnum chocolate and a hint of toasted coconut.

Available only in multipack of four at $11.90

Caramelised Chocolate & Cookie resembles the bright golden lights and energetic city of Las Vegas. Unleash your taste buds on an exquisite white chocolate ice cream with luscious caramel swirls that’s encased in a decadent caramelised chocolate speckled with vanilla biscuit pieces.

Available only in impulse at $4.20

Create Your Own Scent With Magnum x Oo La Lab

This season’s flavours shows Magnum collaborated with local craft fragrance lab, Oo La Lab, to uncover their rich flavours and fragrances of Magnum Destinations. In honour of the release, Magnum calls you to join them for an immersive experience with an Oo La Lab Mixologist to experiment, create and discover your own personal scent choosing from a selection of limited edition Magnum notes. 

You can customise your very own Magnum Destinations-inspired fragrance for $88 and have a taste of the new limited-edition ice creams. Each 90-minute session runs from 14 November to 13 December 2022. Pleasure Seekers can find more information on the Oo La Lab website. **Limited slots are available.

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