Marina Barrage Review: The Spot For Kite-Flying With Your Children

The best family activity
By: agnes
February 14, 2022

Did you know that family activities help increase happiness? In fact, according to research, a family’s emotional ties are strengthened when members participate in common activities. Those families who participate in group activities together have a stronger emotional bond and are better able to handle difficult situations as a family. Furthermore, it also builds relationships with your children, which is extremely important in the long run. This is because as they grow up to be teenagers, they are assured that they can trust you. Therefore, if you’re looking for a great family activity to do this weekend, may we suggest the Marina Barrage? Well, here’s a thorough Marina Barrage review so you know what to anticipate.

What Is The Marina Barrage?

Pic Cred: PUB Singapore

The Marina Barrage is a dam built across the Marina Channel between Marina East and Marina South in Singapore at the confluence of five rivers. Barrage construction began on 22 March 2005 and was completed on 31 October 2008; it is Singapore’s fifteenth reservoir and was first conceived in 1987 by the late Lee Kuan Yew. Recreation and flood control are among the benefits of this facility. In 2009, the American Academy of Environmental Engineers presented it with a Superior Achievement Award in recognition of its work. 

How To Get To The Marina Barrage?

It wouldn’t be a complete Marina Barrage review without a little guide on how to get there. The Marina Barrage is actually used as a link between the Gardens by the Bay with Bay East Garden. Therefore, you will be able to reach it by a short walk from Satay by the Bay. However, if you’re not in the mood to walk that day, you can also drive there. But we highly recommend taking the first mode of transportation, as you get to lock in a few steps. 

What’s In The Marina Barrage?

Well, one thing we wanted to highlight in our Marina Barrage review is the gallery. That’s right, the Marina Barrage is actually home to the Sustainable Singapore Gallery. The Sustainable Singapore Gallery presents a comprehensive picture of Singapore’s sustainable development in a modern and interactive setting. This 1,618-square-meter gallery is divided into six sections, designated as Zones A through F. Each of the zones focuses on a particular facet of Singapore’s sustainability. 

Marina Barrage Review
Pic Cred: Visit Singapore

Above the Sustainable Singapore Gallery is a rooftop garden, which is also something that caught our attention. This is where we highly recommend flying kites and bonding as a family in our Marina Barrage review. We say this because Marina Barrage is one of the best spots for kite flying in Singapore. While you will see people running, cycling, and even having a picnic, kite flying is a great family activity. Furthermore, there’s also a kite shop that can help you get all the equipment you need. 

Barrage Cove @ Marina Barrage

Kite Shop

Pic Cred: Barrage Cove

Kite flying is a popular pastime in Singapore, and one of the best places to do it is in Singapore’s Marina Barrage. Barrage Cove is a must-visit for kite flyers. The best kites are right here at your fingertips. There are a wide variety of well-designed and beautifully built kites for sale in Barrage Cove. The kites have been carefully chosen to meet the needs of both experienced and novice hobbyists. The knowledgeable crew can also help you choose the right kite for the circumstances you’ll be flying in. It’s a breeze to fly a kite at Marina Barrage’s rooftop garden because of the excellent wind conditions and the tested “fly-ability” of the kites in our collection.

Meet Uncle Lim

Visit with retired employee Uncle Lim in Barrage Cove. Uncle Lim is a talented landscape and event photographer, and he’s always ready to help. Since it opened in 2008, he’s taken a slew of photos of the Marina Barrage. On National Day, throngs of people congregate along the Marina Barrage to watch the fireworks show and hold weddings and photo shoots. For your picture sessions, Uncle Lim will tell you when the “Golden Hours” are and where the best angles are in the region.

Convenience Store

Marina Barrage Review
Pic Cred: Barrage Cove

While on the Gardens by the Bay route, make a pit stop at the Barrage Cove Gift store for a refreshing drink of Red Bull, 100 Plus, or any of the other ice-cold options. Parents need not be concerned if their children get soaked while playing in the Children’s Water Playground. There is a wide assortment of toiletries, towels, t-shirts, and slippers in Barrage Cove.

A picnic in the Marina Barrage is an excellent idea. Make sure to visit Barrage Cove as well. Everything you’ll need for a picnic is right here. Choose from a wide variety of snacks and beverages, as well as ice cream and all the other essentials for a picnic, such as picnic mats.

Souvenir Shop

Make sure to pick up a Water Wally as a memento of your time at the Marina Barrage. It’s great news for Water Wally fans to know that you can now buy key chains and soft toys of the PUB’s official mascot Water Wally. Water Wally can be seen in several positions, including in a kayak. Barrage Cove is Singapore’s exclusive distributor for Water Wally products.

Marina Barrage

Address: 8 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018951
Operating hours:Mon-Thurs 8am–9pm | Fri-Sun 8am–10pm
Contact details:+65 6514 5929


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