Embark On Fitness February With Marks & Spencer’s Newly Launched Plant-Based Foods

Fresh and frozen fruit and veggie!
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
February 24, 2022

Glitz is excited to discover that Leading British retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) unveils a vibrant vegan selection from their Plant Kitchen range, encouraging customers to invite more nutrient-rich ingredients into their lives along with their new activewear range, the Goodmove Spring 2022 to encourage customers to get moving and keep fit.

To kick off the year on the right note, M&S reveals their extensive Plant Kitchen for customers who are looking to eat healthy and “make abs in the kitchen”. Many of us know that eating less meat is better for our health and the planet, and with a little help from M&S’s game-changing Plant Kitchen range, there is heaps of inspiration to help customers discover ready-made plant-based meals in 2022. Many of their vegan products have been stamped the seal of approval from the iconic Eat Well sunflower, signifying that the items meet the evidence-based criteria in line with healthy-eating guidelines, accredited by the in-house nutritionists.

Marks & Spencer has also teamed up with leading organisation Meat Free Monday to encourage customers and their families to go plant-based for one day a week. M&S Nutritionist, Sophia Linn says “When it comes to tackling climate change, it can feel difficult to make a difference. But changing our diets to incorporate more plants is one of the simplest ways to reduce your carbon emissions. We’re thrilled to be teaming up with Meat Free Monday to help inspire customers to give it a go and make 2022 a more plant-based one.”

Suzanne Barnard, Senior Campaign Manager at Meat Free Monday says: “It’s great that M&S is supporting Meat Free Monday and inspiring people to eat less meat and dairy. Having at least one plant based day a week is a simple and fun way to help protect the planet.” The new Plant Kitchen’s launch will certainly help the cause; from Friday-night treats, cooking dinner from scratch, or grabbing lunch on the go, M&S is making it easier for customers and their families to incorporate more plant based foods into their diet without compromising on taste.

The retailer is also on a mission to prove that eating healthy can be delightfully simple on a
flexitarian diet, not only with the help of Plant Kitchen but also through influencing customers to
increase the amount of colourful and nutrient-rich ingredients on their plates, which includes
fresh and frozen fruit and veg.

Here are some of the exciting new products joining the range, available in stores and on the M&S Food App:

Plant Kitchen Cauliflower Popcorn
$12.9 // No chicken kiev $12.9
Gluten-free Salt & Vinegar
Rice Cakes $6.9 // Plant Kitchen Green Thai Curry &
Rice $12.9
Plant Kitchen Chorizo
Puppies $14.9 // Oat drink $6.9
Frozen blueberries $12.9 // Plant Kitchen 3 Cheese Stonebaked

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