Master Prata Review: Serving Authentic Crispy Roti Prata In Singapore

The original crispy prata
By: balqis
February 10, 2022

If there’s one food that the local Singaporeans can’t get enough of is definitely roti prata. This comfort food is considered a staple for many reasons. Besides, you can never go wrong with a plate of crispy roti prata and fiery curry gravy regardless of the time of the day. As a true Singaporean at heart, we’re always on the lookout for the best roti prata places in Singapore. One of the spots that the local people have been flocking over to is Master Prata. Known for its plethora of roti prata and affordable rates, this highly rated place should be on your next visit. If you’re looking for the ultimate Master Prata review, Glitz has you covered. 

Master Prata

It is believed that Master Prata is helmed by a man in which his father has previously sold roti prata at the famous Jalan Kayu. He was taught the original recipe of the crispy roti prata by his father and the restaurant still makes their own dough in accordance with the recipe. For guests who have enjoyed such dishes during the 90s, the crispiness on the outside and chewiness on the inside will surely make them reminisce of the original roti prata. Unlike other roti prata places in Singapore, Master Prata is known for its extensive list of roti prata with over 108 variants that suit every individual needs. For those who are truly a roti prata lover, a visit to Master Prata is definitely worth it. 

Master Prata Menu 


The first thing that comes to mind when people think of Master Prata is the smorgasbord of varieties from savoury to sweet.  With the plentiful option, you can select from plain crispy prata ($2.90), chocolate prata (,$3.30), maggi prata (8.50), Italian pizza prata (9.90),cheese prata ($3.30), Chip Chop Prata Egg or Kothu Prata ($9.90) to hot dog prata ($2.80). If it’s your first time visiting  Master Prata, we recommend you to try out the plain crispy prata which costs about $2.90 for two pieces. Honestly, it is one of the best roti prata that we ever tried out before.

Apart from the signature crispiness, the roti prata also has a fluffy texture that just tastes absolutely exquisite. With just one bite, you can certainly be sure that the dough is handmade and top-notch. Ask any loyal customer of Master Prata, you will find butter prata which cost $3.00 per plate on top of their list. The combination between chewiness and buttery aftertaste are a match made in heaven. If you decide to take it to the next level, we advise you to dip it in a curry gravy for a spicy kick. 

In need of a sugar rush to keep the adrenaline pumping? You will be glad to know that Master Prata offers a myriad of sweet roti prata. The fan favourite picks also include banana prata ($3.20), ice cream prata ($6.50), honey prata ($3.30), Horlicks prata ($3.30), strawberry prata ($3.30) and milk prata ($3.30). For those who prefer to relish their taste buds with a fiery spice, you can make your pick at the various selection of the roti prata sets which include line up like plain prata set with mutton curry ($8.60), plain prata set with mutton keema ($7.60), one egg and one plain prata set with chicken curry ($8.60), one egg and one plain prata set with chicken tandoori ($10.20) and plain prata set with fish curry ($8.20).

In fact, at Master Prata, they are prominently known for their various options of curries and side dishes which are considered as their specialities. If you can’t get enough of these dishes, simply make an order and you can select from fish curry ($4.90), mutton leg masala ($6.90), curry chicken ($4.90), kurma chicken ($5.90), mutton curry ($6.50) and mutton keema ($4.90).

One of the great things about Indian cuisine is that the dishes just simply excite your palate. So it is totally normal to have a sudden ravenous appetite. If you ever find yourself in need to indulge a plethora of dishes, we suggest that you opt for the murtabak chicken ($12) or vegetable murtabak ($12). On the contrary, people that feel extra adventurous will find Cheezy Chocolate Murtabak ($7.50), Murtabak Combo ($$12.90) and Cheezy Mutton Murtabak ($14) fulfilling for them. Additionally, Master Prata also offers roti john, thosai, chapati and even naan. 

Apart from the wide variety of roti prata, thosai and naan, make sure to try out their biryani set. Despite being specialised in roti prata, the mouth-watering biryani sets at Master Prata deserve equal attention too. Amongst the list of biryani sets available are briyani combo ($13.90), vegetable biryani ($7.50), chicken biryani ($8.50), mutton biryani ($8.90), fish biryani ($8.50), mutton leg biryani ($9.50), chicken liver biryani ($7.90), chicken tikka biryani ($9.50) and chicken kurma biryani ($8.90).

Aside from this single portion, you can also opt for biryani sets that are catered for multiple people. Besides, it is a perfect way to spend time with your loved ones while chatting over biryani sets. The Grilled Tandoori Briyani Platter ($19.90) and biryani combo ($17.90) are ideal for two individuals. Whereas the biryani dulang which is offered in two different portion sizes are suitable for those who dine for four or six people. 


At Master Prata, you can find all the essential beverages with over 30 options including limau ice ($2.50), bandung ($2.50), Horlicks (3.30), Nestlo ($5.50), longan ice ($3.00), lychee ice ($1.50), teh or kopi O ($3.10), Cham Cham ($2), bru coffee ($4.20), lemon soda ($3), teh O limau ($3.50), teh C or kopi C ($2.20) and kopi halia ($2.20). We recommend you to try out their teh halia or ginger milk tea which cost around $3.90 per glass. Oftentimes, you will notice that the majority of the customers order such a drink as it tastes delicious. Unlike other places we have been before, the ginger milk tea at Master Prata is created with a balanced concoction. The spicy ginger taste will surely help to wash it all down after you have eaten a lip-smacking roti prata with curry gravy. 

Master Prata Location 

You can opt to dine in at their branches or if you want to enjoy the dishes at the comfort of your own home, Master Prata also offers a delivery service. Click here for more details. 

My Master Prata

Address 321, Alexandra Road, #01-02 Alexandra Central. Singapore-159971
Opening hoursOpen daily: 10 am – 12 am
Contact details:+65 9336 1942

The Daily Prata

Address 604, Sembawang Road,#01-24/25, Sembawang Shopping Center.Singapore-758459
Opening hoursMonday to Saturday: 8 am – 10.30 pm. Sunday: 8 am – 10 pm 
Contact details:+65 9336 1942

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