Maximize Your Jewellery Collection With Maxi-Cash Gold, Specially Curated For Different Personality Types!

Brand new, modern gold and diamond jewellery specially curated to…
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
December 17, 2021

There is nothing better than seeing your collection of jewellery stacked up on top of your drawers! Oh, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, indeed. Either we chose to layer our necklaces to go full force glam for a dinner date, or opt for a simple pendant and a set of sparkly earrings to pair with our basic top and jeans, it is pretty obvious that women are in need of having to wear jewelleries almost every day. 

Though, for this Christmas season, Glitz by Beauty Insider suggest you to bold or go home, with Maxi-Cash’s Christmas’ Gold Collection and they are all *heart eyes emojis*. For a limited time only, from 18th November 2021 to 6th January 2022, Maxi-Cash will have exquisite gold and jewellery pieces specially curated to appeal to different personality types. 

Scroll down to find below which sparkly pieces would fit you the most. If you’re looking for something new this festive season, you’re in for the right time! Now, add them to your cart ASAP so you can turn heads at your office Christmas party! 

1. For the Fun-Loving You

From Left to Right: 999 PURE GOLD • Candy Charm (97754), from $284 • Christmas Wreath Pendant/Charm (96054), from $319 • Christmas Stocking Charm (96051), from $176 • Reindeer Charm (96215), from $126 • Candy Cane Pendant/Charm (96058), from $268 • Christmas Tree Charm (96052), from $172

What better way to soak in the Christmas spirit than to wear it as a charm? Shoppers can enjoy $10 off when they purchase any two Christmas charms or pendants. The Christmas charms or pendants come in the cutest form of 999 pure gold Christmas stocking, reindeer, candy canes and a Christmas tree. They are then topped off with vibrant spots of pink, red and green enamel to make the charms or pendants really pop!

2. For the Minimalist You

From Left to Right: 999 PURE GOLD • Bracelet (97432), from $950 • Ring (97430), from $555 • Necklace (97429), from $728  • Earrings (97431), from $805

If you’re looking for some clean and understated bling for your outfit, you can consider these 999 pure gold additions to your collection. This stylish combination of geometric gold circles are perfect for a day out shopping or a dinner gathering with friends.

From Left to Right: 916 GOLD • Bracelet (97743V3), From $1,192 • Bracelet (97743V1), From $847 • Bracelet (97743V5), From $914

The 916 gold link chain bracelet is a versatile style that elevates any outfit, whether you’re in the mood for something more casual or formal. This gold link chain bracelet has been fitted with a star shaped gold clasp to add a hint of fun to the look. If you want to give yourself a special treat, this bracelet comes in three different variations, the single link (pictured left), the double link (pictured middle) and the double-row link (pictured right). These creations will help you create your own distinctive look.

3. For the Elegant You

From Clockwise Left to Right: 916 GOLD • Huggies Earrings (96946V2), $369 • Huggies Earrings (96946V1), $349 • Ear Studs (93773), $219

If you are looking for a more sophisticated and classy chic look, a nice pair of gold earrings or bracelets can brighten up any outfit. You can also complement your style by wearing the 916 gold triangular studs that add character to any look with its textured surface. This festive season, accentuate your look with the intricately crafted heart or star huggies piece. The contrast in colours and design brings a fresh appeal to your holiday ensemble

4. For the Faithful You

From Clockwise Left to Right: • Yellow Gold Bracelet (97521), $388 • Yellow Gold Bracelet (97510), $358. • 916 Gold Ring (81807), $264 • 916 Gold Pendant (81984), $164 • 916 Gold Pendant (81875), $154

If you’re looking for jewellery that embraces your faith, you can consider these cross pendants that are jazzed up with diamonds or favour the classic gold. Designed to be worn every day, the cross bracelets are a perfect fusion of on-trend design and dainty. Maxi-Cash also offers cross earrings which make for a meaningful day to day accessory. 

5. For the Exuberant You

From Left to Right: Seoul Style Collection • Rose Gold Ring (97481), $448 • Rose Gold Ring (97495), $558 • Rose Gold Necklace (97482), $398 • Rose Gold Earrings (97483), $338

The rose gold collection offers a contemporary look. These rose gold pieces are embellished with glistening diamonds that brighten up any outfit and bring out the sparkle in your eyes. The diamonds on the rings are surrounded by textured curves to accentuate the bling. 

6. For the Glamorous You

From Left to Right: • White Gold Ring (97656), $788 • White Gold Ring (97654), $698 • White Gold Ring (97657), $448 • Rose Gold Ring (97539), $198 • Rose Gold Ring (97535), $308 • Rose Gold Ring (97534), $268

It’s more fun to wear rings when you can stack them and play around with how they look on your fingers. Maxi-Cash brings endless possibilities with this range of stackable rings that come in 14K rose and white gold. The rings come in designs that are sleek as well as fancy and elegant.  The stackable ring collection

7. The Time-Stopping You

From Left to Right: • Omega Constellation $4,828 • Omega Constellation $3,078 • Omega Constellation $3,358

Aside from brand new gold and jewellery pieces, you can also gift yourself with a luxury watch from the Omega Constellation collection. The iconic Constellation watch is steeped in history dating back to 1952. Today, the elegant and fashionable designs make for a powerful expression of individuality for the woman wearing it. Now is the time to indulge in these watches, as you can enjoy huge savings at Maxi-Cash. These Omega Constellation watches are priced between $4,388 to $6,888. You can also trade in your pre-loved luxury watches or bags for something new. 

Maxi-Cash’s Christmas collection and promo starts from 18th November 2021 to 6th January 2022 and is available in all Maxi-Cash stores and online. Visit for more information. 

This Christmas season, 10 Maxi-Cash outlets will offer a discount of 30 percent off all Omega watches. The participating outlets are located at Admiralty, Bugis, Clementi, Compass One, HarbourFront, Tiong Bahru, Lot 1, Tampines, and Lucky Plaza.

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