MetaJam Asia 2022: Singapore’s First Digital Art and Experiential NFT Festival

Dive into the world of NFTs and the metaverse
By: Ria Mirano
May 11, 2022

Launched last 6 May 2022, MetaJam Asia 2022 is brought to you by Chain Debrief, INVADE, and Kult. It is Singapore’s first digital art and experiential event. The festival runs until 3 July 2022, where those who are interested in NFTS and the world of the metaverse will get to attend interactive discussions, activities and showcases. 

“We want to educate the Web 2.5 people about NFTs, so the event is actually geared towards people who don’t know where to start when it comes to the NFT space. But for those who already understand what NFTs are about, it’s a gathering spot for them to meet other creators,” says Jacky Yap, the founder of Chain Debrief.

The festival also culminates in a three-day summit in July and a two-day GameFi Asia event. 

Understanding the Rise of NFTs

Photo credit: MetaJam

The first part of the exhibition shows the history of NFTs. It is geared toward those who are new to the world of NFTs. Those who are unfamiliar with what NFTs are can better understand how they came to be, how they work, and their rise to prominence in the world today. 

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are more than just images you can see on the internet and represent the future for creative endeavours. Visitors are shown information about NFTs on their difference from your jpg-format found on the computer, the NFT jargon, and an extensive video explanation on NFTs and blockchain fundamentals.

There are two portions to this exhibition: 

  • FUNDAMETAS – An experiential space that explains the features and uniqueness of NFTs
  • META of Facts – A hallway of NFT historical milestones, facts, and more information about them

Visitors can interact within the exhibit; they are able to view the underlying codes on an NFT using a “magnifying glass” and as they walk through the space, certain blocks light up to reveal quotes and facts about NFTs.

Create Your Own NFT

Photo credit: MetaJam

Aside from interacting with the exhibition, the further you progress, the the importance of interactivity becomes increasingly apparent. MetaJam offers visitors an opportunity to create their own NFTs in the Token Jam area. 

The visitors are given a template with an outline for the profile picture and art materials to design, accessorise, and customise their own NFT. 

Once completed, they can upload the NFT online. The new NFT creators can then set their own price, the number of copies, and royalties for the NFT. They are also given educational content on the values of real-world NFTs and cryptocurrency wallets.

Explore the Work of NFT Artists

Photo credit: MetaJam

MetaJam also showcases the works of prominent NFT artists and content creators in the festival. Visitors can progress to the fourth segment of MetaJam: The Jam Session. Inside, you can see how the art of NFTs goes beyond limits and definitions.

NFTs are more than just visual art – they can come in different forms of art such as fashion, music, games, and so much more. 

The displayed works come from fashion NFTs from creative DAO, decentralised fashion brand MIRL, and comic artist Mr Kiasu. Visitors can certainly enjoy a variety of digital and physical displays of NFT collections. The collections include Karafuru, Enlightened Rats, KLOSH, and GRAYCRAFT to name a few. 

Photo credit: MetaJam

There is also an impressive display of an NFT Dress that is created by Migrants NFT using 4D tickets. It aims to raise awareness of the plight of migrant workers in Singapore and funds from this display will go to future funding for NFT projects on migrant workers.

Not to miss, there is also a screened display of online concerts in Decentraland by Bandwagon Asia, that features a Game-fi space from Salad Ventures.

Becoming an NFT

Photo credit: MetaJam

One of the key highlights of this festival is the final section – the experiential section. 

The visitors are able to interact with NFTs and the technology that surrounds them. They can also turn into pixelated versions of themselves – reminiscent of how NFTs first came to popularity as profile pictures.

Another display that visitors shouldn’t miss is the interaction with the top-selling NFT project, Bored Ape Yacht Club where an on-screen ape imitates their movements. 

Those who are more design-inclined are given the chance to upload their artwork on the interactive screen for all to see. Aside from that, they can colour and scan drawings and then uploaded them to see them flying around in spaceships – a direct reference to the #tothemoon trend for crypto and NFT investors.

There is also an amphitheatre for panellists and visitors to engage in discussions and exchange ideas – where visitors use tablets provided to take part in workshops. 

Finally, MetaJam also has its own merchandise shop where they carry shirts and towels for purchase. The shirts are produced by Pestle and Mortar Co in partnership with Karafuru, Tiger Pals and Wonderpals for the customised artworks. They also offer customisable t-shirt printing, available for NFT holders, that can be collected and printed on the spot.

Photo credit: MetaJam

The MetaJam festival can be enjoyed both by veterans and newcomers to the NFT space. It is a ground full of activities where everyone can learn about the underlying technology and nuances of NFTs and how creativity and technology can be combined. 

MetaJam 2022 is Singapore’s first NFT festival that has set a standard of what an event should be: interactive, educational, and inclusive.