Mizume Japanese Dining Concept Review: The Best Dishes For A Taste Bursting Of Umami

one of our favourite Omakase in Singapore
By: Nina Shahriman
January 11, 2022

When we talk about craving Japanese food as a legit thing we suffer- we are not lying. Our taste buds are always tingling for a taste from the land of the rising sun but who says you have to leave the comfort of our island to get it? Scattered around Singapore are numerous spots for Japanese food such as an Omakase. Thus, Glitz is talking about one of our favourite Omakase in Singapore which is none other than Mizume Japanese Dining.

Omakase refers to a beautifully produced supper chosen by a top sushi chef, which translates to “respectfully leaving another to determine what is best” in Japanese. Omakase is a fantastic eating experience for a variety of reasons. Customers may sit at the sushi bar and engage directly with the sushi chef, unlike at less personal restaurants.

Observing the executive chef and his or her years of preparation is a wonderful experience in and of itself. A spectacular culinary performance is made possible by smooth knife skills, rice shape, and precision blow torch technique. The chefs’ personal experiences and recommendations contribute to the intimacy of the eating experience.

Here are some more great Omakase spots around Singapore.

About Mizume Japanese Dining Concept

Established in 2020, Mizume is located in Hong Kong St. and although it is still considered new, it has already become a neighbourhood favourite. The meal is of a high calibre, but not without a dash of whimsy and a few surprises. The cooks, like the servers, are there to serve but are also friendly and engaged. You’ll fall in love with the sashimi and sushi, plus they also serve traditional favourites like rice dons and noodles.

At an Omakase, one vital aspect that has people lining up for is the experience with the chef. The stellar talent behind the counter at Mizume is none other than Chef Lawrence. As a long-time veteran of Japanese fine dining, he has the skills and experience to charm his way with customers with ease. From all their reviews, it’s hard to miss any customer experience that doesn’t compliment Chef Lawrence.

What To Get At Mizume Japanese Dining Concept

Wagyu beef rice with onsen egg

This Japanese rice bowl is the epitome of comfort food, and the silky onsen egg oozes into everything. The steak was well-complemented by the sauce, which had a hint of sweetness to it. The mild brown surface of each medium-rare beef slice contrasted nicely with the luscious delicacy inside. Be warned: it’s really addictive.

Omakase dining

How can you go to an Omakase and not go for the Omakase? As the speciality at Mizume, you shouldn’t miss out on this experience. For 2, its prices at $268 and includes

  • 2 kinds of seasonal appetisers
  • 5 varieties of sashimi
  • Seasonal grilled fish
  • Abalone stew with vegetables
  • 12 pieces of sushi and maki
  • Clear/Miso soup
  • Dessert

Where To Find Them

Address: 41 Hongkong St, #01-01, Singapore 059680

Operating hours: Monday to Saturday (12pm – 10pm), Sunday (closed)

Contact: +65 6227 5188