These Are The Most Followed K-pop Groups You Need To Know Too

Are you following them?
By: Nina Shahriman
January 21, 2022

Korean pop music, or ‘K-pop,’ is catchy, lively, and full of energy that it’s impossible to not get addicted to when you get into it. K-pop has become a global sensation, with its artists breaking records thanks to toe-tapping techno rhythms, a crazy-colourful aesthetic, trend-setting apparel, and expertly choreographed videos. But if you’re new to the scene then who should you keep tabs on? With that, Glitz is listing out the most followed K-pop groups on social platforms Twitter and Instagram.

1. BTS

BTS, formerly known as the Bangtan Boys, is a South Korean boy band that has had considerable popularity since its debut in 2013. BTS made history as the first Korean band to perform at the American Music Awards in 2017 and as the first Asian group to win the American Music Award for Artist of the Year, with four No. 1 albums and six No. 1 singles. The group’s total net worth is reported to be $100 million, with each idol having a personal net worth of roughly $20 million.

This seven-piece boy band has taken the globe by storm and is perhaps K-greatest pop’s name. They have 43 million Spotify monthly listeners, have sold 16 million records, and were the best-selling debut artist of the decade. BTS topped the IFPI’s Global Artist Chart 2020, beating out some of the greatest names in the music business and demonstrating their global reach.

Twitter: 43.5M

Instagram: 59.1M

2. Twice

Twice was established as part of the Sixteen survival challenge. In October of 2015, they released their debut EP, The Story Begins. TWICE’s “Like Ooh-Ahh” music video has been seen 50 million times on YouTube, making it the most-watched debut music video for any K-pop group. They held their debut performance in 2017 and proceeded to gain popularity when their follow-up albums were published.

Twice’s video “Breakthrough” reached 100 million views in May 2021, making them the female group with the most music videos to reach that milestone. With the release of Taste of Love a month later, Twice shattered Fifth Harmony’s record for the largest first week for a female group EP.

Twitter: 9.5M

Instagram: 23.2M

3. Blackpink

Blackpink, a four-member K-pop girl group, made history by being the first K-pop girl band to perform at Coachella in 2019 and by becoming the highest-charting K-pop female group on the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200 for the second year in a row. The group has grown into partnerships with MAC Cosmetics and the Calm app and is known for its aesthetic and dance. Blackpink has even landed a Netflix documentary. Lisa, a member of the group, went solo in 2021 and published her debut album.

Twitter: 7.8M

Instagram: 44.9M

4. TXT

TXT (Tomorrow X Together) released their first EP, The Dream Chapter: Star, in 2019. After “Crown,” the EP’s lead track, became the most viewed K-pop debut music video in under 24 hours for a boy group, the music video for the EP’s lead single made history as the most viewed K-pop debut music video in under 24 hours for a boy group. They debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Emerging Artists list and were nominated for Best K-pop at the MTV Video Music Awards for the first time.

The Dream Chapter: Magic, their follow-up, landed at No. 3 on Billboard’s World Album list. TXT’s success continued when they were named Men of the Year Pop Icon by GQ Japan.

Twitter: 10.8M

Instagram: 11M


ITZY made history as the first and only K-pop girl group to earn a “Rookie Grand Slam,” or being named Rookie of the Year at all five major Korean music awards ceremonies when they debuted in 2019. With the release of their single “In The Morning,” they became the second South Korean girl group to score several hits on the Billboard Global 200.

Twitter: 4.4M

Instagram: 14.4M

6. Seventeen

Despite the group’s name, Seventeen is made up of 13 members who are divided into three sub-units: ‘Hip-Hop Unit,’ ‘Vocal Unit,’ and ‘Performance Unit.’ Over 2 billion streams and 10 million CDs have been sold by the former Seventeen Magazine cover stars. They began the year with a bang, being the first group to have two No. 1 albums on the Billboard Top Albums chart and being nominated for the Best K-pop award at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2021.

Twitter: 8.5M

Instagram: 8.7M

7. Red Velvet

The four-member K-pop female group’s first single, “Happiness,” was released in 2014. Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake became the best-selling album on South Korea’s Hanteo chart when a new member was introduced to the group in 2015. The Red Flavor was the group’s third chart-topping album, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard World Albums list in 2017.

They are the first K-pop girl group to debut with three No. 1 albums on the World Albums Chart. The members of the ensemble are Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo Global, and Tod’s ambassadors. Converse Korea has also signed them as an endorser.

Twitter: –

Instagram: 11M

8. GOT7

GOT7 launched their debut EP, Got It?, in 2014, and is known for combining martial arts and street dance into their live performances. Flight Log: Turbulence, the group’s second studio album, debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s World Albums list. In 2018, the trio partnered with Adidas for a one-of-a-kind performance of their track “Look.”

In April 2020, Got7 released their 11th EP Dye, which set new records for first-day and first-week sales. The group stated that their JYP Entertainment contracts had ended and that they would be leaving the organisation. Got7 released the song “Encore” in February of that year.

Twitter: 9.6M

Instagram: 7M