Mrs Singapore Universe 2022, Evone Lim Believes That ‘’Beauty is Beyond Skin Deep’’

‘’Accept new challenges and believe that dreams do come true!’’
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
December 28, 2022

In May 2022, Singapore finally crowned its new Mrs Universe, Evone Lim. After more than 2 years of putting the Grand Finale on hold, owing to Covid-19 breakdown and lockdowns, the competition was noted as the longest in history. 

However, the spirit of the show must continue, and ERM Singapore successfully commemorates the pageants by embracing their knowledge, dynamism, and beauty. According to Evone herself, “The (timeline) actually gave me more time to prepare.’’ The Virgo queen was committed to attending every session—carefully balancing her busy schedule and being a mom of two—she chose to manage her time and mindset equally as well as gaining her whole family’s support. 

Mesmerised by her beauty, talent, kindness and eagerness to make a change, Glitz reached out to Evone Lim, the winner of Mrs Singapore Universe 2022 to get up close and personal. 

Image courtesy: Evone Lim

Hi Evone. Congratulations on being crowned Mrs Singapore Universe 2022, how does it feel to wear the crown? 

The moment when I was crowned, I felt a sense of accomplishment to have achieved another goal. Whenever I’m wearing the crown, I feel confident with a mission to fulfil.

Share with us your journey that led to joining this pageant? 

Since I was young, I have liked to set goals for myself every year to be able to lead a purposeful life with no regret. Towards the end of 2019, I noticed the Facebook posts by ERM Singapore with interesting pageant activities. I then set a resolution to join in 2020, with a purpose to breakthrough and explore the unknown through a different life experience.

Carrying the ‘’Mrs Singapore Universe’’ title is not just on name. How do you plan to use the platform to make a change?

I would like to gather more community partners and volunteers to support me in increasing awareness on domestic violence, promote love for family & care for the community. I also wish to encourage more women to walk out of their comfort zone to accept new challenges and believe that dreams do come true!

Image courtesy: Evone Lim

How do you deal with the preparations and the pressure of competition?

I was committed to attending every session. My main preparations include managing my time and mindset as well as gaining family support. I am grateful that my husband has been supportive and encouraged my 2 children to cheer on me, alongside my parents and seven siblings. I conditioned myself to temporarily forget the fact that I have never learnt proper dance steps in the past, and visualise a new version of myself on the dancefloor. 

Over the years we’ve seen the rise of women empowerment around the industry—so does the term ‘beauty with brains’. How do you wish to bring forward the movement as Mrs Singapore Universe?

Knowledge is power! As I am committed to lifelong learning, I wish to encourage women to be proactive in learning and to actively seek wisdom through insights and appreciation for life. Ultimately, I want them to make informed decisions and take intelligent actions.

Image courtesy: Mrs Singapore Pageant

What was the life changing experience you’ve encountered ever since you joined the pageant? 

There are various positive changes such as better health and improved physical appearance. The most significant life changing experience for me is the wisdom gained through a series of dedicated coaching and selfless sharing from ERM queens. Cheryl Ho, (Mrs Singapore Universe 2014) said the crown is not the end goal, the journey and influences thereafter make the pageant worthwhile. Beauty is beyond skin deep. My participation in charitable activities has strengthened my mission and vocation to serve the community.

Speaking of beauty, what’s your personal beauty practice or self-care?

Mental health with a positive mindset and stress management! Physical health through appropriate rest & exercises, healthy food & supplements. 

What’s one life advice you would share to young women out there? 

Embrace change, constantly evolve to be better versions of yourselves each day!

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