Cindy Lim Crowned Mrs Singapore World 2022 Shares Her Journey And Passion To Battle Mental Health

Meet Cindy Lim Mrs Singapore World 2022
By: Cherelle Lim
February 28, 2023

With its spectacular finale held on 16th September 2022, we finally have our Mrs Singapore World 2022, Cindy Lim. The pageant has brought together many wonderful and strong women from different backgrounds. A community in and of itself, Cindy Lim shares her journey throughout the pageant with Glitz. Recounting the memories she’s made, the people she’s met and the passion to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health that many of them share.

Not just a pageant, Cindy notes that ERM offers a platform for women to not only discover themselves but to build an uplifting community. Below, she shares the challenges faced, the winnings and the desire to contribute to the mental health community. 

How does it feel to win the title of Mrs Singapore World 2022?

source: Mrs Singapore World

To be crowned Mrs Singapore World 2022 was an amazing end to an incredible journey! It was truly an honour to work alongside numerous talented and beautiful women to spread the message of ERM and play our part in eradicating the silence and stigma surrounding mental health. I was also honoured to receive 6 prestigious awards: Beauty with a heart, Charity Queen, Community Ambassador, Most Popular, Most Photogenic, and Best Dressed. Winning this title was not only an accomplishment I’ll forever remember and cherish, but it also played a crucial part in initiating my journey towards finding self-love. 

What do you hope to achieve with the title of Mrs Singapore World 2022?

My journey is far from over; winning this title was never an end goal for me. Thus, I hope to use this platform through ERM to inspire other women to discover their own purpose and vision, as this pageant has done for me. I used to suffer in silence from depression, “kowtowing” to the stigma of holding up a facade in the face of difficulty and not reaching out to others. But I want to share the power of being vulnerable and that sometimes, it is ok not to be ok with you. 

I wish to lead by example and use my own experiences to encourage other women to stand up for themselves and take charge of their mental well-being. If I can do it, you can do it too! We don’t have to suffer in silence, and we certainly don’t have to deal with it alone. With this title, I hope to be able to build a community of women who uplift and help each other as we are all in this together. 

What was your journey like preparing for the pageant? Were there any struggles or doubts?

Being a novice in pageantry, the learning curve was quite steep. Taking the first step seemed more like a leap and I was incredibly hesitant at first. There were times when I questioned myself. Even during the pageant, It was hard balancing time with my family. At times I became totally subsumed in the process, which resulted in a lot of sleepless nights. But my daughters were so supportive of me, and even helped me with certain aspects of the pageant! Like putting my thoughts into words, which gave us an opportunity to develop closer bonds.

My friends were also imperative in my journey, helping me raise over $10,000 for SAMH. As such, I am so glad I stuck through and gave this pageant my all. It was a lot of hard work, but this journey was so rewarding for me in other areas as well–especially in terms of my self-growth. I was able to meet like-minded others who had been through similar issues, and this empowered me to push on. Motivating me to focus on my advocacy of mental wellness and be a voice for the voiceless. 

How have ERM Singapore and the Mrs Singapore World Pageant changed your life?

This pageant has most definitely been fruitful in terms of my relationships. It has helped me reconnect with many old friends, develop closer bonds with my daughters, and create new valued connections with like-minded individuals like the ERM Queens and other pageant contestants. It has opened my eyes to what is possible when we work towards a common purpose and goal. This journey has given me a new sense of purpose while also opening new doors for me to pursue. Such as collaborating with others to support mental well-being and ways to raise awareness and resources for this much-deserved cause. Through ERM, I was fortunate enough to represent Singapore on the world stage in Las Vegas in December 2022. Proudly entering the semi-finals, placing top 16, and even attaining the Manish Vaid Designer Choice SwimWear Award, the Publication Award, and the Fabulous Face Award! 

What lesson have you learned from participating in ERM Singapore’s Mrs Singapore World Pageant that you now live by?

The most important takeaway I have learned from my time in the Pageant is one of community and self-growth. Putting yourself in a space where you have to push yourself and be vulnerable at times helped with my own development. The key to this was to pull on the amazing human capital we have around us and to reach out and connect with others on a meaningful level. Although it may seem contradictory, having a supportive and nurturing community is conducive to facilitating self-growth and tackling mental health issues. It’s easier to work together than to suffer alone. 

Are you still in touch with the other participants from the pageant? If so, have any of them impacted your life as well?

source: Mrs Singapore World

Yes, of course. This pageant was not a solo journey, but one shared with numerous other contestants. They were with me during the highs and the lows, through stress and hard work. I have developed strong bonds with them and hope to keep in touch indefinitely. My desire to build a strong and uplifting community actually stemmed from my experience with them, where everyone supported each other. Listening to their experiences, to their passions and drives, only motivated me to work harder. With this title, I am not only carrying my own story but all of theirs as well. As such, you can see I have my work cut out for me! 

What do you think ERM Singapore does best regarding hosting pageants? 

ERM is able to effectively pull on their long years of experience and wide range of contacts in the community and business to help run a successful pageant. All with a key focus on integrity, empowerment and character building. The wide range of ways contestants are assessed allows for a diverse range of women to participate and the main event on the night itself was a real spectacle! I’d encourage people to join in and see for themselves what the event is like to see the amazing women showcased in such a classy and meaningful way. 

What’s one thing or project you’d like to do while holding the title of Mrs Singapore World 2022?

I’m hoping to combine two things that are dear to me – animals and mental health. My cats have played such a momentous role in my mental well-being. I want to help start-up therapeutic centres and sessions revolving around animals such as cats or goats. For example, goat yoga. It sounds funny but is a legitimate form of stress relief being used to good effect! I believe my title will help garner more support surrounding this endeavour and open many doors in terms of opening up different approaches and opportunities to collaborate with therapy clinics in new ways. Thus, allowing us to work together and create something beneficial for our community. 

Lastly, who would you recommend to join Mrs Singapore Pageant 2023? Do share some advice to cheer on the upcoming contestants as well! 

I believe that anyone can and should join Mrs Singapore Pageant 2023! The opportunity to participate in such an inclusive pageant is really something that encourages immense personal self-growth. Mrs Singapore is catered to married women, hence the sisterhood developed throughout this pageant is so much more intriguing, empowering and nurturing. It also allows you to express your own individuality, expand your personal skills, and understand yourself better through the range of events: like the culinary competition, the stage performance, and of course the main event – the Q&A section. Everybody is unique, and this pageant really allows women to be proud of their own individuality and shine. You should always be true to yourself. Now is the time to turn your dream into reality! 

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