These Are The Best Selling Items At MUJI To Achieve A Japandi Aesthetic

complete your Japandi aesthetic at MUJI, the minimalist haven
By: Nina Shahriman
July 20, 2022

Since entering the market in the late 1980s, MUJI, Japan’s leading lifestyle company, has revolutionised how the Japanese do business. The brand has amassed hordes of devotees both nationally and abroad because of its high-quality goods, muted colours, and straightforward, simple packaging. It’s understandable why so many people adore MUJI goods, which have long been renowned for their excellence, adaptability, and simplicity. With that, Glitz is listing out the best items you can get to complete your Japandi aesthetic at MUJI, the minimalist haven.

1. Monthly Planner

When you get a classy monthly planner, you will undoubtedly want to start following a programme. You’ll be one step ahead of the game in keeping to your schedule with the help of this MUJI monthly planner. This is absolutely one of the items to buy at MUJI for you if you enjoy diaries and planners!

Unlike other planners, it is a schedule book without pre-written dates and months. This provides you with the freedom to enter your own dates and begin using them whenever you choose, rather than being constrained by the planner’s date.

2. Red Cedar Shoe Keepers

No matter how long it has been since you last wore your favourite shoes, your best chance is to use one of these MUJI items to keep them looking brand new. More so given because the majority of us are extreme homebodies who prefer to stay inside than venture outside. In addition to keeping your shoes in their original form, they also act as a natural deodorant and bug repellent thanks to the red cedar fibre!

3. Water Pitcher

This 1-litre water pitcher is made for cold-brew tea, which is popular in Japan during the hot summers. You can store it either horizontally or vertically, so it fits perfectly in any refrigerator. In addition to using it as a tea pitcher, you may make fruit-infused water to remain hydrated and mark the changing of the seasons. Please use this product as intended—that is, with cold water only.

However, consumers appreciate utilitarian things like stationery and bath towels. Pick and purchase a handful of these goods for yourself or for friends and family back home the next time you’re close to a MUJI store.

4. High Moisture Toning Water

If you haven’t thought about MUJI’s skincare selection, you absolutely must. They have such a wide variety of excellent skin-friendly items. Their paraben- and alcohol-free sensitive skincare line is available. If you have sensitive skin that struggles with dryness, it is the ideal solution for you because it contains no artificial colours or perfumes. 

It is wonderful toning water that hydrates your skin without robbing it of its own moisture. Additionally, it has a variety of substances that preserve the skin, including hyaluronic acid, grapefruit seed extract, and purslane extract.

5. Ballpoint Pens

These gel pens are likely to be a hit with anybody, stationery enthusiast or not. The water-based ink of gel pens glides easily across the surface of the paper. They are available in ten vivid hues, ranging from hot pink to seafoam green to pitch black.

The cap of some of their ballpoint pen has a unique rubber that allows you to massage the ink. Without fear of the paper being harmed or destroyed, you are free to write and erase as frequently as you choose. It works well for everything, including making to-do lists and completing homework.

6. Clothes

You’ve come to the ideal place if your personal style revolves around classic simplicity and seeming effortlessly elegant but never careless. After all, MUJI clothing is known for its versatile quality fabrics, neutral tones, and sleek shapes. We’ve also had our sights set on their Linen Series in addition to their standard basic tees and collared shirts! With heat- and moisture-wicking capabilities, their clothing is ideal for hot, muggy days, which are all too typical in our Singaporean weather.

7. Organic Cotton Blend Face Towel

The face towel in particular, which is offered in three distinct textures and a range of sizes, is popular with buyers. Because of their long, strengthened threads, these organic cotton towels are incredibly absorbent and strong enough to resist multiple pieces of washing. This series of lightweight, quick-drying thin towels are ideal for the gym bag or for vacation. The thick towels are fluffy and more absorbent, while the medium towels are suitable for daily usage.

8. PP Boxes

The MUJI PP Box is available in a variety of sizes and forms to fit your needs, including file boxes, desk organisers, and storage sets with stacked drawers. It is constructed of polypropylene (PP), as its name indicates, a strong yet flexible plastic that is heat-resistant and readily recyclable. It makes sense that it’s one of the most well-liked MUJI goods for storage and maintaining cleanliness in your house!

9. Aluminium Card Case

Everybody carries around a number of cards, including their credit cards, membership cards, shopping cards, business cards, and more. It is not practicable to carry them all in our wallets at all times. Finding the proper card in a bundle might result in you wasting a lot of time. Additionally, carrying those cards makes your wallet bulkier.

Purchase the 25-sheet metal card case from MUJI; it enables you to save your cards without mucking them up and wasting a lot of time looking for the proper one.

10. Butter Curry

Since it was added to MUJI’s culinary menu, the Butter Chicken curry has been a favourite among both young and old consumers. Ghee, clarified butter that offers the ideal amount of authenticity, is used in MUJI’s superior chicken to maintain the curry’s real Indian heritage. The tomato foundation is complemented with a fragrant mixture of herbs and spices.